Fat Loss Articles

Are you interested in losing some body fat and need to know where to start? You’ve come to the right place! I used to be in the exact same position. Back in 2009, I weighed 270lbs and got down to 183lbs in less than one year! And I didn’t do it with any fancy gimmick diets or weight loss supplements. I did it through calorie restriction and exercise. Truthfully, I wasn’t even eating very healthy back then. But, I was disciplined with my calorie intake most of the time, exercised consistently, and lost a dramatic amount of weight as a result. Today, I’m focused on staying lean, building muscle, and living an optimized lifestyle. Now, I want to use my experience and knowledge gained over the years to help others achieve their fitness goals.

Here are the articles I’ve written so far related to fat loss. They chronicle my 90lb weight loss and methods I’ve used over the years to burn body fat and gain strength. I plan to add many more articles to this page. If you have any specific questions or comments, please contact me, so I know exactly the type of information you want me to write about. Thanks for visiting…you’ve made a wise choice!

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