Wes Fit HIIT #1 – 30 Minute Full Body HIIT Cardio Workout

Welcome to the Wes Fit HIIT Workout Series!

This is a full body, high intensity workout that will improve strength, stamina, and cardiovascular endurance. It is very challenging but it’s going to make you feel AMAZING.

Equipment needed: Workout mat and 1-2 sets of dumbbells.

If you’re looking to build muscle, burn body fat, and transform your body, this is the workout for you! We’re also improving mobility, endurance, stamina, and actively recovering.

HIIT workouts like this, in combination with a consistent weight training regimen, are what every human needs to achieve their best body ever and peak health. I used to be 90lbs overweight and addicted to junk food, drugs, and alcohol, so it’s my mission to share my story and inspire others to make wise choices in their own lives. If I can turn my life around, you can too!

For more on my transformation story, head over to WiseEats.com/MyStory.

This workout is inspired by UFC Fit, the exercise program that got me to fall in love with fitness. Big shout out to my coach, Mike Dolce, for his constant motivation through the years. 10 years ago, his program taught me discipline, consistency and hard work. The workouts made me feel incredible, got me in awesome shape, and now I want to pass that gift onto others with the Wes Fit series.

Practice Makes Perfect!

I suggest watching the video ahead of time to get familiar with the exercises, so you know what to expect. If there’s a movement you can’t do, don’t worry, it’s ok to modify. Do your best and move on – but don’t give up! Your goal should be to complete this work out all the way through, because every able-bodied human should be able to do this routine.

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Audio only link: https://traffic.libsyn.com/wiseeats/Wes_Fit_HIIT_1.mp3

This workout is about 30 minutes total. We’re doing 3 rounds, 4 exercises per round, each repeated twice. We end the workout with a 60-second finisher and a cooldown to stretch and recover. Feel free to pace yourself and take extra breaks as needed, you’re gonna need them!

HIIT #1 Routine

Warm-Up – 30 Seconds Each

  • 1) Squat Hooks
  • 2) Lunge Backs to Plank
  • 3) Alternating Hip Dips
  • 4) Push-Up w/ Sideways Plank
  • 5) Wide Leg Burpees
  • 6) Side to Side Toe Touches

Round 1 – 4 Exercises Each Round, Repeated Twice

  • 1) Multi-Directional Push-Ups
  • 2) Squat/Arnold Press
  • 3) Shot Blocks
  • 4) Front Kick/Rear Elbow

Round 2

  • 1) Dumbbell Push-Up w/ Tricep Kickback
  • 2) Sumo Squat w/ Upright Row
  • 3) Mule Kicks
  • 4) Punch Punch Elbow Elbow

Round 3

  • 1) Thrust with Chest Fly
  • 2) Forward Lunge w/ Tricep Kickback
  • 3) Plank Moguls
  • 4) Muay Thai Combo (Punches & Knees)

Finisher – 60 Second Strike & Sprawl

Cool Down – 15-30 seconds per pose

  • 1) Standing Reach-Ups
  • 2) Reaching Floor Sweeps
  • 3) Hip Flexor Stretch w/ Reach Up & Tricep
  • 4) Cobra Stretch
  • 5) Child’s Pose

If you completed this workout, let me know in the comments! I designed this workout myself and created the video from scratch, so I’d love to know your thoughts!

This is the first of four videos in this series. I also have more workout videos and a fitness entertainment podcast over at WesFitness.com. Thanks for being here and I hope you love this workout!

Take care, have a great day, and make wise choices.

HIIT #1 Track List (YouTube Audio Library)

  • Tied Up – Silent Partner
  • Jon’s on Fire – Silent Partner
  • Jack’s Garage – Midnight North
  • Donors – Letter Box
  • Black Vulture – Silent Partner
  • Good for Nothing Safety – Twin Musicom
  • Time Piece – Silent Partner
  • Duck in the Alley – TrackTribe
  • Target Practice – Riot
  • Sun Spots – Silent Partner
  • Loitering – Riot
  • Stomp It Away – Silent Partner
  • Micro Fire – Silent Partner
  • Impala Returns – Hanu Dixit
  • Get Tough – TrackTribe
  • Work Week – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena
  • Reckless Shred – Biz Baz Studio
  • DC Love Go Go – Silent Partner
  • Hitting the Streets – JR Tundra
  • Fire Breather – Silent Partner
  • Rock Tune – Audionautix
  • Heading West – Audionautix

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