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I’m Wes Wise from Back in 2009 I lost 90lbs and in this video I tell you exactly how I did it.

At that time, my lifestyle was the worst of the worst. I barely exercised. I ate junk food every single day. I drank soda with every meal, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, and drank alcohol multiple times a week. I was on a one-way path to nowhere fast.
Finally, I woke up one day and realized it was time to WISE UP. I was 270lbs and ready to make a change. So, I set a goal to lose weight, and was determined not to fail. So, how did I do it?

Step 1 was starting a diet journal. I wrote down all of my meals and calories. I used a calorie calculator to figure out my daily needs and ate 2-500 calories below that number. This created a calorie deficit, which is essential for weight loss. To lose weight, you need to take in less calories than your body burns. Tracking your meals is a great way to accomplish this, and it can be tedious, but I promise you it works. I still do it to this day in order to accomplish my fitness goals more quickly.

Step 2 was exercise. I did a lot of running mixed with some weight training. Today, I lift weights 5-6 days per week and believe it’s the most effective form of exercise for burning body fat and achieving a lean physique.

Step 3 was changing my diet. Throughout the weight loss I was still having lots of processed diet foods, junk food, alcohol, and cheat meals several times a week. As long as I restricted calorie intake during the week, I allowed myself to fly off the rails on the weekend. Not a very healthy way to go about losing weight, but it worked. Overall, I was taking in less calories than my body needed, so I lost weight. Eventually, I started to prepare more meals at home and quit drinking pop, but still ate very poorly throughout the initial weight loss.

Through calorie counting I lost 1-2lbs per week. I would weigh myself at the same time every Monday and record my weight each week. Over time, the weight loss was consistent. I dropped from 270 to 180lbs over the course of 1 year. You can see many before and after pictures in the YouTube video.

There was no rocket science involved in my weight loss experience. Losing weight comes down to discipline, a little effort, and eating below your daily calorie requirements. Assuming you have no pre-existing health conditions, calories in vs calories out works. The more disciplined you are with your calorie intake, the faster you will see results.

If you think you need some magical diet fad, or a pill, or a bunch of expensive supplements, it’s time to WAKE UP. If weight loss is what you truly want, make it a goal and get after it!

I’m no nutritionist or fitness expert. I’m just a normal guy who decided it was time to get healthy and lost 90lbs. If I can do it, you can do it. It’s time to start caring about your health. If weight loss is your goal, I can say from experience that calorie restriction will get the job done. Now, if your goal is to build an athletic physique and achieve optimal levels of health, that’s a whole different story that goes far beyond calorie counting and weight loss. I will get more into that in future videos, so make sure you subscribe and turn on notifications so you never miss an opportunity to Wise Up.
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It is within you to take control of your health. Start today with one wise choice. Small changes now add up to major benefits in the future. Thanks for watching!

My 90lb Weight Loss Video

How I Lost 15.6lbs: 13-Week Fat Loss Challenge Final Results


Fat Loss Challenge Final Results

Below are the final results of my self-imposed “fat loss challenge”. I released Part 1 of this article when I was six weeks into the cut, where I updated progress and offered 10 fat loss tips. To read that original article, go to:

Age: 34
Height: 6’0
Start Date: 4-2-18
End Date: 7-3-18
Duration: 3 Months, 92 Total Days

Total Weight Loss: 15.6lbs
Starting Weight: 198.6lbs
Ending Weight: 183.0lbs

Average Calories/Day Prior to Cut: 3,500-4,000 (Muscle Building Surplus)
Average Calories/Day During Cut: 2,400-2,700 (Weight Cutting Deficit)
Average Calories/Day Final 3 Weeks: 2,200-2,400 (Adjusted for Additional Weight Cutting)

Overall Thoughts
I finally called an end to the fat loss challenge at 92 days. While the cut lasted much longer than anticipated, I’m satisfied with the results, having lost an average of 1.2lbs per week. I could have achieved similar results in shorter time if I had stayed more disciplined with my calorie intake but throwing in an occasional cheat meal, date with the wife, or family event was worth it. For most of the cut I felt amazing, experienced minimal cravings, lost virtually no strength, and enjoyed some pretty epic cheat meals.

You can see the breakdown of every meal I had during this cut over at The good and the bad!

How I Did It
Step 1: Established a goal to lose body fat.
Step 2: Calculated my daily calorie/macronutrient needs to maintain weight based on activity level (about 2,700 calories per day) using an online TDEE calculator.
Step 3: Ate slightly less than my daily needs in order to create a calorie deficit (2,400 Calories, 40g Fat, 240g Protein, 278g Carbohydrate).
Step 4: Ate real, whole foods and drank plenty of water. Limited toxins, added sugar, and cheat meals as much as possible.
Step 5: Tracked every meal and stayed as close to daily calorie and macro requirements as possible.
Step 6: Lifted weights five days per week to retain/grow muscle while losing weight
Step 7: Watched the bodyfat melt away week by week!

It all comes down to energy balance. How many calories does your body burn on a daily basis? How many additional calories does it burn based on your activity level? When you combine those two numbers to get your total daily energy expenditure (TDEE), you have a pretty accurate estimate of the calories you need in a day to maintain your current weight. From there, it’s simply a matter of taking in slightly less calories in order to lose weight, or taking in slightly more to build your body up. From there, it’s simply a matter of dedication and consistency.

Why I Ended the Cut
I realized it was time to stop cutting when I was feeling more noticeably drained throughout the day. The combination of 13 weeks of uninterrupted weight lifting (which is too long with no break) and calorie restriction definitely started taking a toll on my mental and physical energy. On the next cut I plan to be more disciplined so I can get it over with as quickly as possible or take a week off from the calorie restriction to give my body some rest, then get back to it the next week. For now, I’m back to a slight calorie surplus for weight maintenance and muscle building.

The Diet

Goals per Day
Total Calories: 2,400
Protein: 240g
Fat: 40g
Carbohydrates: 278g

2,400 calories per day was the goal. Some days I was spot on, others I was way over. You don’t have to be perfect in order to get results. Just try your best and continue to get better. If you’d like to see my daily calorie and macro nutrient intake throughout this cut, go over to

Here are a few sample meal days in no particular order. These are the same foods I would eat on a regular basis even if I wasn’t cutting. I didn’t overhaul my normal diet to lose weight, I simply lowered the amount of total calories consumed in order to create a calorie deficit, which resulted in weight loss. I eat the same real, whole foods no matter if I’m trying to lose or gain weight. You can see my complete weight loss diet journal here.

Sample Day #1
Pre-Breakfast: Black Coffee w/ MCT Oil
Breakfast: Scrambled Eggs, Egg Whites & Energy Bowl
Lunch: Chicken Salad – 5oz Chicken, Spinach, Liquid Aminos, Raisins, Mulberries, Spices
Pre-Workout: Black Coffee
Post Workout: Frozen Banana, Chocolate Protein, Cinnamon, 8oz Rice Milk, 5g Creatine
Dinner: 5oz Chicken, Vegetable Blend (Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrot) w/ Spices, Feta Cheese
Pre-Bed Snack: Greek Yogurt with Frozen Raspberries, Stevia

Sample Day #2
Breakfast: Protein Smoothie with Whey Isolate, Spinach, Spirulina Tablets, Frozen Berries, Flax Seed or Walnuts, Almond Milk
Lunch: Chicken Salad w/ 5oz Chicken, Spinach, Liquid Aminos, Raisins, Mulberries, Spices, Olive Oil or Hemp Seed
Pre-Workout: Rice Milk w/ Whey Isolate and Oat Bran
Post Workout: Frozen Banana, Chocolate Protein, Cinnamon, 8oz Rice Milk, 5g creatine
Dinner: Chicken Salad with Onion, Shredded Almonds, Sweet Potato
Pre-Bed Snack: Chocolate Casein Pudding with Almond Milk, Stevia, Cinnamon

Sample Day #3
Wise Eats Energy Bowl
Mid-Morning: Coconut Oil w/ Black Coffee
Lunch: Salad w/ Spinach, Chicken, Balsamic Vinegar, Pickles, Olives
Pre-Workout: Protein Smoothie with Frozen Fruit, Almond Milk
Post-Workout: Whey Isolate, Creatine, Rice Milk
Dinner: Chicken, Broccoli with Onion, Pine Nuts, Liquid Aminos, Spices
Pre-Bed: Chocolate Casein Smoothie with Cacao Powder & Stevia

Sample Day #4
Breakfast: Fast – Black Coffee Only
Mid-Morning: Wise Eats Energy Bowl
Lunch: Salad w/ Spinach, Chicken, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Pickles, Olives
Pre-Workout: Coffee
Post-Workout: 140g Blueberry, 8oz Coconut Water, 50g Whey Isolate, 28g Mulberry, 5g creatine, Cinnamon, Stevia
Dinner: Chicken Wise Rice with Salsa
Pre-Bed: Plain Low-Fat Greek Yogurt with Mango and Mulberries

The Workouts
I’ve done many different workout programs over the years. P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, UFC Fit, kettlebell routines, and various weight lifting split programs. The program I followed this time centered on heavy compound movements (squat, deadlift, bench press, overhead press, etc.) for low reps, and it’s definitely become my all-time favorite routine. Not only were the workouts shorter and easier, they got results, were enjoyable, and made me feel incredible. Working in the 4-6 and 8-10 rep ranges with 2-3-minute rest between sets, my schedule for the week looked like this:

Monday: Chest (Barbell & Dumbbell Bench Press, Incline Bench, Face Pulls)
Tuesday: Back (Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Rows)
Wednesday: Shoulders (Military Press, Lateral Raises, Bent-Over Rear Deltoid Raises)
Thursday: Legs (Barbell Squats, Leg Press/Lunges, Romanian Deadlifts)
Friday: Upper Body (Incline Bench, Bicep Curls, Close Grip Bench, Bicep Curls, Triceps Press)
Saturday, Sunday, Any Other Time: Rest, Stretch, Walking, Biking, Foam Rolling, HIIT

You can see a complete archive of my workouts, exercises, weights, and reps during this 3-month weight loss over at

Some Exercise Tips

  • High intensity cardio workouts feel amazing and they’re really good for your overall health, but weight lifting offers the best bang for your buck when it comes to fat loss and improving your body composition.
  • My weight lifting sessions averaged 40-70 mins. Cardio no more than 20-30mins per session.
  • If you’re going to lift weights, watch videos online to help you learn proper form if you’re unfamiliar with the exercises. I’m constantly evaluating form and trying to improve and avoid injury. I’d much rather lift less weight with good form than lift heavy with sloppy technique.
  • Try to stay consistent with your exercise schedule, but don’t beat yourself up if you miss a workout. Especially if you’re feeling sore and need rest. Just make up for it the next day. I would sometimes skip a day during the week depending on how I felt and make up for it on the weekend.
  • The specific workout program I followed for this cut was Mike Matthews’ Bigger Leaner Stronger. I’m a big fan of his content and recommend his work if your looking to get lean and strong. This has been the most effective exercise program I’ve used so far and one that I will continue using in the future.
  • If you’re brand new to exercise, focus on bodyweight movements at first. If you can’t even do push-ups or pull-ups, it’s probably too early to start throwing weights around. Focus on quality bodyweight movements like burpees, bodyweight squats, jumping jacks, lunges, and core routines. Do some light activities that you enjoy like walking, biking or jump rope. Just get out there and get moving. You don’t have to break yourself down for an hour in the gym just to get an effective workout. Move your body for 10 minutes when you first wake up. Set aside a small portion of your lunch break to work in some physical activity. I believe resistance training is the most beneficial form of exercise you can do, so try to work it in eventually, but it’s not the only way to make progress with your fitness.

Key Takeaways:

  1. If I Can Do It, You Can Do It. I’m not a certified personal trainer or nutritionist, yet. I’m not a bodybuilder or training for some competition. I’ve never even played sports. I used to be 90lbs overweight, smoked a pack of cigarettes a day, ate fast food every day, and was a borderline alcoholic. I abused my body on a daily basis with no regard for my future health or longevity. But, I turned it all around, and today I’m in the best shape of my life, all while working a full-time job and going to college. If I can start from the bottom and work my way up, you can too. I promise.
  2. Meal Prep. Honestly, I spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen but cut corners everywhere I can. At the start of the week, I’ll usually make a huge batch of the energy bowl to have for at least a few days’ worth of breakfast. For salads, I’ll prep two at a time to have for today and tomorrow’s lunch. I’ll also prepare large portions of chicken, potatoes, and rice all at once to have on hand for quick and easy meals, whether it’s lunch or dinner. Just add vegetables, spices, healthy fats, and you’re ready to go with a healthy, well-balanced meal. I always make extra food so the wife can have some, as well (Pro tip, guys).
  3. No Fad Diets Necessary. Not Paleo, not keto, not Atkins, not any other fancy diet plan or innovative formula that helped me do it. Essentially, the strategy I used to lose weight is the same strategy I used back in 2009. Eat based on my energy requirements, exercise consistently, limit intake of toxins, and try to consume healthy foods in wide variety as much as possible.
  4. Supplements. Since I’m lifting heavy weights, I take 5g of creatine per day, which is the clinically effective dosage. This is a highly studied supplement that is proven to naturally stimulate muscle growth. Aside from creatine, I take caffeine in the form of black coffee, which naturally boosts metabolism and provides a good kick before a workout. I also surround my workouts with a whey protein isolate to support fat loss and muscle protein synthesis. Other dietary “supplements” I take intermittently are broccoli sprouts, dulse, kelp, greens powder, spirulina, and MSM powder. Finally, I take fish oil, vitamin D, and a multivitamin. None of these are required when you’re having a wide variety of healthy foods in your diet, but I like to cover my bases just in case. The bottom line on supplements is that you truly don’t need any of them and most are just marketing junk and poison. You can do just fine by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. Worthwhile supplements such as the ones I’ve listed here simply help you achieve your goals more quickly and conveniently.
  5. Timing of Meals. On average, I ate four main meals per day every 2-3 hours, not including my pre and/or post workout shakes. I fasted for the first couple hours of every day, creating about a 12-hour feeding window each day. I usually had a low-fat, moderate carb, high protein snack right before bed every single night. Timing of meals is not nearly as important as total calorie intake. If you’re fueling yourself slightly less than your body’s requirements and creating a calorie deficit, you will lose weight regardless of when you eat.
  6. Cheat Meals. Outside of the normal days when I decided to enjoy a few hundred more calories than I was allowed, I pretty much had one main cheat meal every week. Sometimes, they involved going out to eat with my wife. Sometimes, it was a family gathering. Usually, it was something home cooked like a delicious steak dinner or an extra serving of chicken wise rice. A couple times, it was straight up beer with a burger and fries or pizza. The key is, I limited it to only one meal. I didn’t let it turn into a day or weekend or full cheat week like I used to. Enjoy just that one meal and get back to normal. A few other good tips are to try to stick to a high protein, low-fat cheat meal if possible and to save up your calories throughout the day when you know that special meal is coming. Have high protein, low carb, low fat snacks in preparation for that meal, which will help you prevent your total calorie intake from going through the roof.
  7. Accelerating Fat Loss. After losing an average of 1lb per week in the first six weeks, I was able to lose an average of 1.3lbs per week in the second half of the challenge. The biggest change I made was incorporating more low intensity, steady state cardio through walking and biking. My calories and macros stayed the same, but I increased energy expenditure. In addition to the added cardio, I stayed within my 2,400-calorie limit more often, which also accelerated results.
  8. Strength Gains. I gained strength consistently in my workouts during at least the first half of the cut and felt great despite taking in less calories than I was expending. It wasn’t until the last few weeks where I experienced a drop-off in strength gains and energy levels. At that point, I knew it was time to call an end to the fat loss and give my calorie intake a bump up (2,200/day up to 2,700/day).
  9. Clean Eating Doesn’t = Weight Loss. This cut took so long, in part, because I had a needless amount of weight to lose. Despite my past experience with successful weight loss, I still eventually fell into a clean eating trap where I was easily eating 3,000-5,000 calories per day, including excessive amounts of dietary fat. I figured since I was lifting weights and building muscle, I could just eat as much nutrient dense food as I wanted. Wrong. Sure, I was eating healthy, but was also taking in way more calories than I actually needed in order to build muscle. This resulted in the accumulation of excess body fat. Being too far above or below your daily energy needs can significantly hinder your progress or result in a body type you don’t want. Just because food is healthy doesn’t mean you can eat as much of it as you want and not gain extra weight. Bummer, I know.
  10. Counting Calories. This doesn’t mean eating 100 calorie snack packs or carefully portioning out your Doritos. The quality of your food is just as important as the calorie content. If I had to pick one or the other, I would focus on food quality over quantity. But both are important. It’s critical to be mindful of the things you’re putting into your body. Specific ingredients, total calories, macronutrient amounts. Once you control these things and understand them, changing your body becomes a matter of routine, math, and proper dietary choices. Some experts debunk calorie counting, but I can say for sure that it has worked wonders for me, both in my original 90lb weight loss and this most recent cut. Regardless of whether counting is optimal for you, you need a general understanding of what is going in and what is coming out. I highly suggest this strategy if you want to achieve results faster than average.
  11. Tracking Progress. Track your weight. Track your meals. Track your calorie intake. Track your workouts. Yes, it’s a time commitment, but that feeling of knowing you’re in control and making progress becomes addictive. Plus, it’s a lot harder to move forward when you’re not sure where you’ve been. Evaluate your performance and strive to keep getting better. To gain strength and improve physique, focus on making progress on your exercises over time. Record the amount of weight used and number of reps performed. You may be shocked at how fast you gain strength, especially if you’re just getting started. If you did more this time than you did last time with proper form, chances are you’re doing everything right. If you’re not making progress, something is likely off with your training, diet, or rest routine.
  12. Recalculate Calorie/Macronutrient Needs. So, you’ve been to You’ve calculated your daily calorie needs, started eating based on your individual energy expenditure, and are at least making an attempt to exercise at least a couple days a week. Inevitably, thanks to your hard work and dedication, you’re going to add lean mass and/or lose body fat. As you diet and begin to lose weight, you’ll eventually need to recalculate your daily calorie needs and macronutrient amounts to continue losing weight, depending on how overweight you are. At the beginning of this fat loss challenge, 2,400 calories/day was what I needed to lose weight at a starting weight of 190lbs. As my bodyweight decreased, that number dropped to 2,200 calories/day. Now, I’m slowly increasing calories to maintain weight and build some strength. Keep in mind that your daily calorie requirements will change over time as your body and exercise habits change.
  13. Cardio. For the first six weeks, I barely did any of it. For the second six weeks, I averaged roughly two sessions per week, but they were usually fasted walking and biking. I live 6 miles from work and am able to get there on my bike in 25 minutes. Not only can I get a moderate intensity fasted workout by biking, I save on gas and miles. Rethink the way you travel. If you go somewhere frequently that is within a couple miles, why not walk or ride a bike? If you sit at a desk at lunchtime, why not go for a walk instead? Simple, easy, and wise ways to burn calories and save money. Aside from walking and biking, I worked in some active recovery with short ab routines, stretching, foam rolling, and a couple random HIIT routines with a stationary bike or kettlebells.
  14. Post-Cut Diet & Training. Calories increasing from 2,200 per day to about 2,700 per day currently. After I declared the cut over, I enjoyed an extra 500-1000 calorie meal, but resisted the urge to go totally crazy and fall back into an extended calorie surplus. After cutting, your body is highly susceptible to gaining fat very quickly if grossly overfed. It’s important to “reverse diet” by slowly increasing your calorie intake to avoid putting the body fat right back on. I’m now eating right around my TDEE, which will allow my energy levels to return to normal and start gaining some strength back in my workouts. After taking a week off from lifting to rest and de-load, I’m back to weight training 5 days per week. I will test this out for a few weeks, see how I feel, then possibly start another cut to see if I can get even lower than 183.0 while retaining as much muscle as possible. As long as I continue to feel good and perform well, that’s the most important thing.

I hope there’s something you can take away from this weight loss experience to help improve your personal health going forward. Make one positive change today and it will add up to major benefits in the future! If there’s anything you feel I have left out or you have additional questions/comments, please let me know. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Now get out there and make some wise choices!

Eating for Fat Loss – My 15.6lb Weight Loss Challenge Meals – Complete List

Here are the exact meals I ate during my 13-week weight cut in which I lost an average of 1.2lbs per week.

Fat Loss Challenge Final Results
Age: 34
Height: 6’0

Start Date: 4-2-18
End Date: 7-3-18
Duration: 3 Months, 92 Days

Starting Weight: 198.6lbs
Ending Weight: 183.0
Total Weight Loss: 15.6lbs

Average Calories/Day Prior to Cut: 3,500-4,000
Average Calories/Day During Cut: 2,400-2,700

Macro Goals/Day
Protein: 240g
Fat: 40g
Carbohydrates: 278g


Note: The cut started on 4/2/18, but I didn’t start tracking my meals in this format until the 17th. A similar meal plan was followed on the missing days.

Wise Eats 13-Week Cut Meal History – PDF Format


Tuesday Calories Fat Protein Carbohydrates
4/17/2018 Breakfast Bowl w/ 30g Whey Isolate 590 13 47 73
Chicken Salad & Sweet Potato 540 25 38 38
Oats/Protein/Coconut Water 370 3 44 45
Oats/Protein/Coconut Water 325 3 44 34
Coconut Oil Coffee 120 14 0 0
Rice Mix w/ Greens & Salsa + Apple 415 5 38 54
Chocolate Peanut Butter Pudding 430 17 49 38
2790 78 259 282
4/18/2018 Wednesday
Egg Whites & Breakfast Bowl 635 15 47 72
Oats/Protein/Rice Milk 420 5 45 52
Oats,Hemp,Chocolate Protein 350 9 41 54
Tuna/Avocado Salad 680 32 68 29
Power Greens w/ Turkey & Salsa 460 22 49 21
Yogurt, Blueberry Apples 430 0 47 62
2975 83 297 288
4/19/2018 Thursday
Egg Whites, Breakfast bowl 595 14 39 72
Oats/Protein/Rice Milk 420 5 45 52
Turkey/Avocado Salad 665 39 57 28
PB Choc Protein Smoothie 375 5 45 43
Chicken, Spinach, Apple, Salsa 260 2 34 27
Greek Yogurt & Blueberry 335 0 51 42
2650 64 270 262
4/20/2018 Friday
Breakfast Bowl w/ 32g Whey Isolate 605 13 49 74
Protein Smoothie 475 13 40 54
Rice, Beef, Broccoli 615 20 46 62
Turkey/Avocado Salad 695 40 59 32
Yogurt-Blueberry 280 0 38 32
Levels Vanilla Whey 15g 65 1 12 2
2735 87 243 255
4/21/2018 Saturday
Scrambled Eggs 265 10 36 2
Breakfast Bowl New 375 13 13 64
Superfood Smoothie 605 13 42 87
Cheeseburger Fried Rice 405 20 26 40
Chocolate/Peanut Butter Smoothie 390 7 42 43
Greek Yogurt, Blueberry, Cinnamon Apple 450 1 57 58
Chocolate/PB Pudding 350 8 46 25
2840 71 261 318
4/22/2018 Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites – 260g + 5g Yeast 280 9 37 4
Breakfast Bowl New 375 13 13 64
Protein Smoothie 630 6 45
Blueberry-Protein Smoothie 370 6 39 50
Chocolate Post Workout Smoothie 437 9 48 44
Chicken, Onion, Rice, Greens 305 10 35 24
Chocolate-PB Pudding 290 7 43 16
2687 58 260 201
4/23/2018 Monday
Protein Levels Vanilla Whey 173 3 32 4
Breakfast Bowl New 375 13 13 64
Ground Turkey w/ Greens, Salsa, Feta, Rice 660 25 50 53
Pre-Workout 40g Oats, 33g Isolate, 16g Chocolate, 8oz Mile 460 6 50 54
Choc-Banana Smoothie Post Workout 410 4 40 56
Chicken, Rice, Onion, Turkey, Greens 425 14 38 38
Yogurt, Orgain Protein, Blueberry 395 3 54 45
2898 68 276 312
4/24/2018 Tuesday
Breakfast Bowl w/ 30g Orgain 475 16 26 76
Chicken, Spinach, Apple 440 15 43 39
Chicken Salad with Feta & Pickles + Almonds & Greens Powder 380 15 41 23
Oats/Protein/Rice Milk 400 5 45 48
Post Workout Chocolate Smoothie 545 7 59 67
Greek Yogurt, Blueberry, Orgain 380 3 51 44
2620 60 265 297
4/25/2018 Thursday
Eggs, Tuna Salad w/ Sweet Potato 730 27 76 41
Chicken Salad w/ Olives, Mulberries, Hemp 415 10 40 41
Pre Workout Promix, Chocolate, PB, Oat Bran 510 8 56 58
Post Workout Chocolate-Banana Smoothie 410 6 49 44
Greek Yogurt, Blueberry, Orgain 395 3 52 48
2460 53 272 231
4/26/2018 Friday
Scrambled Eggs 275 10 37 2
MCT Oil 125 14 0 0
Breakfast Bowl New 385 8 13 64
Chicken Salad 255 7 36 12
Sweet Potato (Cooked in Coconut Oil) 150g 258 8 4 44
Pre Workout Protein, PB, Rice Milk 390 6 49 36
Rainin’ Blood & Molson Canadian @ Park Bar 600 0 0 150
Protein Smoothie 305 7 42 20
Greek Yogurt, Pineapple, Orgain 395 3 52 48
Chocolate-PB ProteinPudding 417 17 48 30
3405 81 283 406
4/27/2018 Saturday
Cheat Meal- Supino’s Pizza, Vivio’s Drinks 4810 140 279 628
4/28/2018 Sunday
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 274g 265 10 36 2
Breakfast Bowl New 385 8 13 64
Orgain Vanilla Protein 30g 75 3 8 8
Blueberry-Banana Protein Smoothie, Coffee x3 432 5 41 63
Protein Smoothie 30g Hemp, 30g Chocolate, 8oz Rice Milk, 28g Mul 408 9 37 59
Chicken Wise Rice 650 25 46 69
Chocolate Protein Pudding with Cacao, Maca 332 6 45 25
2547 65 227 290
4/30/2018 Monday
False Finish Eggs 325 9 42 9
Breakfast Bowl New 385 8 13 64
Chicken Salad 432 11 40 44
Sweet Potato 132g 227 7 4 39
Superfood Protein Smoothie 381 6 45 46
Chicken Salad with Rice & Pickles 287 2 33 34
Mango Greek Yogurt 415 3 53 50
2452 45 230 286
5/1/2018 Tuesday
False Finish Eggs 325 9 42 9
Breakfast Bowl New 385 8 13 64
Red Skin Potatoes 305 10 6 47
Chicken Salad with Pineapple 414 2 35 66
Oats/Protein/Rice Milk w/ Isolate & Chocolate 460 6 50 54
Post Workout Casein Smoothie with Banana & PB Powder 320 6 41 28
Mango, Greek Yogurt, Orgain 415 3 53 50
2624 45 240 316
5/2/2018 Wednesday
Breakfast Bowl New 385 8 13 64
Orgain Vanilla Protein 30g 100 3 13 13
Breakfast Bowl New 385 8 13 64
Protein Levels Vanilla Whey 30g 130 2 24 3
Coconut Oil Coffee 10g 85 10 0 0
Chicken-Pineapple Salad 593 13 39 117
Oats/Protein/Rice Milk w/ Isolate & Chocolate 460 6 50 54
Casein, Banana & Milk Post Workout 275 5 35 26
Chicken 5oz, Onion 100g, Apple 164g, Greens 85g 290 2 33 41
Greek Yogurt Fage 0% 227g 130 0 23 9
2833 57 243 390
5/3/2018 Thursday
Superfood Protein Smoothie with Walnuts, Orgain 580 22 49 51
Chicken Salad with Pickles, Eggs, Rice, Feta, Greens Powder 403 16 35 30
Almond Butter, Apple, Protein w/ PB Powder 830 41 61 62
Protein Natural Whey Chocolate 33g 260 5 48 6
Greek Yogurt, Raspberries, Blueberries, Orgain Protein 368 2 47 45
Protein Promix Chocolate Casein 39g w/ Creatine 145 1 26 7
2586 86 265 201
5/4/2018 Friday
Superfood Protein Smoothie – Walnuts, Banana, Blueberry 680 24 51 71
Chicken Salad – Kidney Beans, Mulberries, Balsamic, Feta 523 8 46 72
Coconut Oil Coffee 10g 85 10 0 0
Pre Workout Isolate, Chocolate, Oats, PB Powder, Rice Milk 433 7 52 44
Post Workout 50g Chocolate, 8oz Rice Milk, 18g PB, 70g Banana 452 9 47 49
Chicken Salad w/ Goji, Apple, Rice 458 2 37 97
Greek Yogurt, Orgain, Cinnamon 250 2 41 21
2881 61 274 353
5/5/2018 Saturday
MCT Oil Coffee 125 14 0 0
False Finish Fried Eggs, Ezekiel Cinnamon/Raisin w/ Thrive Honey 545 10 48 62
Superfood Smoothie w/ Spinach, Walnuts, Mulberries, Blueberry 727 25 52 80
Pre Workout Isolate, Orgain, Coconut Water 262 3 38 27
Post Workout Chocolate Banana Smoothie 452 9 47 49
Chicken Salad w/ Apple, Mulberries, Rice 455 2 36 84
Greek Yogurt with Cinnamon & Orgain 520 2 88 39
3086 63 310 341
5/6/2018 Sunday
MCT Oil Coffee 125 14 0 0
False Finish Fried Eggs 325 9 42 9
Breakfast Bowl New 484 8 15 88
Protein Smoothie with Blueberry, Mulberry, Rice Milk, Spinach 452 5 44 64
Chocolate Smoothie w/ Coconut Water, PB Powder, Cacao 396 6 47 39
Chicken, Apple, Onion Salad 410 5 37 61
Jack Fruit 110g 105 1 2 25
Greek Yogurt, Orgain, Cinnamon 249 2 41 21
2546 49 227 307
5/7/2018 Monday
Breakfast Bowl New 484 8 15 88
Protein Isolate Promix 33g 125 1 30 2
Coconut Oil 14g 120 14 0 0
5oz Chicken Salad with Eggs & Aminos 408 11 45 55
5oz Chicken Salad with Feta, Kidney Beans, Mulberries, Balsamic 523 8 46 72
Chocolate Protein Smoothie with Cacao, Coconut Water, PB Powder 372 6 44 36
Greek Yogurt, Orgain, Mulberries 399 3 53 48
2430 49 232 301
5/8/2018 Tuesday
Breakfast Bowl New 484 8 15 88
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 274g 265 10 36 2
Coconut Oil 14g 120 14 0 0
Sardine Salad with Spinach, Mulberries, Olives 342 13 29 36
Pre Workout Blueberry Protein Smoothie 382 5 40 50
Post Workout Chocolate-Banana Protein Smoothie 394 7 34 54
Chicken, Spinach, Apple, Olive Salad 304 4 36 35
Greek Yogurt 366g, Cinnamon, Stevia 209 0 37 15
2500 61 227 279
5/9/2018 Wednesday
Breakfast Bowl New 484 8 15 88
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 274g 265 10 36 2
Chicken-Spinach Salad with Apples, Feta, Balsamic 345 8 42 41
Pre-Workout Base 20g Oat, 33g Isolate, 16g Choc, 12g PB + Rice Milk 433 7 52 44
Post Workout Banana 91g, Blue 140g, Isolate 33g, Orgain 20g 525 7 42 83
Chicken, Broccoli, Olive Oil, Feta, Aminos 380 19 39 14
Greek Yogurt w/ Cinnamon, Stevia 707g 405 0 72 28
2837 57 297 300
5/10/2018 Thursday
Blueberry Protein Smoothie with Hemp, Spirulina 551 12 51 75
Breakfast Bowl New 484 8 15 88
Vanilla Whey 33g 135 2 25 3
Chicken, Pickle, Mulberry, Spinach, Olive Oil Salad 450 16 41 34
Pre Workout Oats, Isolate, Choc, Rice Milk 399 6 49 40
Post Workout Mulberry 42g, Blueberry 70g, 8oz Rice Milk, 33/20 485 5 45 74
Greek Yogurt w/ Stevia & Strawberry 230 0 33 21
2734 49 258 335
5/11/2018 Friday
Breakfast Bowl New 484.08 7.84 14.56 88.29
Scrambled Eggs w/ Moringa, Dulse, Yeast 325 9 42 9
Chicken, Power Greens, Rice, Pickles, Hemp Seed, Balsamic 406.5 8.25 40.2 37.75
Sardines & Apple 310 13.4 26.78 24
Pre-Workout Blueberry, Protein, Coconut Water 335 2.5 39.9 44.4
Post-Workout Mango, Mulberry, Coconut Water Smoothie 400 2.5 41.4 59.9
Cod, Broccoli, Feta 256 6.7 35.35 15.8
Greek Yogurt w/ Orgain 197 2 31.4 17.4
2714 52 272 297
5/12/2018 Saturday
Scrambled Eggs w/ Moringa, Dulse, Yeast 325 9 42 9
Ezekiel Bread Cinnamon Raisin 240 0 9 54
MCT Oil 120 13.5 0 0
Blueberry Protein Pre Workout Smoothie 460 7.75 41.9 62.9
Post Workout Choc-Banana, Mulberry Smoothie 455 8.06 40.51 58
Sardines, Broccoli, Jasmine Rice 437.5 15.05 38.1 43.25
Tuna, Chicken, Avocado, Power Greens, Rice 481.5 12.75 59.1 31.75
Raspberry Greek Yogurt 260 2 32.4 29.4
2779 68.11 263.01 288.3
5/13/2018 Sunday
Protein-Spinach Smoothie 475 12.5 40 53.4
Breakfast Bowl 100g 160.00 2.60 3.00 29.00
Mother’s Day Cheat Meal – Sausage/Pork, Salad, Baked Beans 1200 55 60 90
Fresh Fruit, Keto Chocolate Cake, Ricotta Cookie
Chocolate Protein Smoothie 546 17.19 57 49.7
Greek Yogurt with Raspberry, Orgain, Mulberry 379 2 45.2 49.1
2760 89.29 205.2 271.2
5/14/2018 Wednesday
Scrambled Eggs w/ Dulse, Yeast 325 9.5 42 9
Breakfast Bowl New 460 11.3 12.8 77
Chicken, Broccoli, Avocado, Salad with Jasmine Rice 467.5 13.95 42 45.55
Almond Butter, Apple, Isolate 500 25.55 38.75 34.1
Blueberry-Banana Smoothie with Isolate, Hemp, Orgain, Moringa 444 9.7 53.96 57.4
Chicken, Power Greens, Rice, Artichokes 309 5.22 35.48 28.1
Greek Yogurt, Raspberry, Orgain 309 2 42.2 33.1
2814.5 77.22 267.19 284.25
5/15/2018 Tuesday
Superfood Protein Smoothie 320 6 31 44
Breakfast Bowl New 460 11.3 12.8 77
Scrambled Eggs with Dulse, Yeast 325 9.25 42 9
Chicken Salad with Avocado, Rice, Power Greens 407.5 13.25 36 34.25
Blueberry-Banana Protein Smoothie 394 8.2 45.66 47.1
Tropical Fruit-Protein Smoothie Post Workout 502 7 45.4 75.7
Chicken Salad with Onion, Shredded Almonds, Sweet Potato 501 14.15 43.26 67.37
2910 69 256 354
5/16/2018 Wednesday
Superfood Smoothie 486 14.15 71.76 54.5
Breakfast Bowl w/ 30g Orgain 560 14.3 25.4 89.6
Chicken, Spinach, Avocado, Pickle, Greens Powder, Hemp Protein 402 18.08 41.93 29
Pre Workout Banana-Blueberry Smoothie 361 7.2 41.46 42.9
Pot Workout Strawberry-Banana Protein Smoothie 401 8.1 44.56 50.4
Cod & Broccoli 161 0.7 27.1 13.5
400g Yogurt, Raspberry 290 0 41.7 27.9
Proten Pudding with Peanut Butter Powder, Stevia, Apple 310 3.69 42.58 28.6
2971 66 336 336
5/17/2018 Thursday
Breakfast Bowl New + 20g Orgain + 6g Coconut Oil w/ Coffee 577 19.3 21.2 85.4
Chicken Salad with Sauerkraut, Olive Oil, Artichokes, Hemp Protein 452.35 23.5 47.425 23.525
Sweet Potato (Cooked in Coconut Oil) 150g 258 7.95 4.29 44.4
PreWorkout Blueberry-Banana Smoothie 330 3.91 48.02 31.54
Post Workout Chocolate, Banana, Cacao, Hemp Protein, PB Powder 562 12.5 57.96 63.5
Texas Roadhouse – New York Strip, Baked Potato, Broccoli, Carrots 1020 35 60 110
3199 102 239 358
5/18/2018 Friday
Smoothie with Avocado, Banana, Blueberry, Isolate, Hemp, Greens 510 17.15 51.42 55.5
Breakfast Bowl New 585 11.8 42.8 79
Chicken Salad with Artichokes, Hemp Protein, Olive Oil, Sauerkraut 452.35 23.5 47.425 23.525
Sweet Potato (Cooked in Coconut Oil) 150g 332 10.2 5.5 57
Apple-Blueberry Post Workout Smoothie 385 5.46 48.5 42.04
Spinach, Chicken, Onion, Broccoli, Feta 372 11.27 46 31.6
Greek Yogurt & Raspberry 172.6 0 23.71 17.52
2809 79 265 306
5/19/2018 Saturday
MCT Oil Coffee 125 14 0 0
Blueberry-Banana Protein Smoothie – Delicious! 472 7.26 43.81 74
Chocolate Smoothie Post Workout 545 6.65 59.4 67.44
Breakfast Bowl New W/ 30g Orgain 560 14.3 25.4 89.6
Chicken Wise Rice with Power Greens, Onion, Feta, Pine Nuts 650 24.6 46.4 69.4
Blue Moon w/ Oranges, Hemp Beer, New Amsterdam 1197 0 0 299.25
Sorrento Pizza, Hard Boiled Eggs, Greek Yogurt w/ Raspberry/Strawberry 1250 50 60 140
Simply Naked Popcorn 780 42 12 96
5579 158.81 247.01 835.69
5/20/2018 Sunday
Blueberry Protein Smoothie 452 11.95 72.3 41.6
John’s Omelette with Feta, Hashbrowns 1400 65 55 100
Chicken Salad w/ Onions, Feta, Pickle, Aminos 500 26 40 30
Greek Yogurt w/ Raspberry & Stevia 300 0 43 29
2652 103 210 201
5/21/2018 Monday
Blueberry-Protein Smoothie w/ Spinach, Spirulina, Hemp Seed 385.515 11.475 46.5075 31.2075
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 410 9 23.65 57.2
Chicken Salad with Egg, Pickle, Hemp Protein 305 9.5 43.23 21.2
Coconut Oil 10g Coffee 85 10 0 0
Blueberry, Banana, Isolate, Almond Milk 360 4.71 48.41 36.79
Post Workout 50g Chocolate, 12oz Coconut Water, 18g PB, 28g Mul 486 6.25 48.96 62
Greek Yogurt, Raspberry, Goji, Mulberry, Apple 494 0.2 43.9 79
2526 51 255 287
5/22/2018 Tuesday
Superfood Protein Smoothie w/ MCT Oil Hagen Coffee 485 20.53 53.91 49.65
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 410 9 23.65 57.2
Chicken, Spinach, Mulberry, Pickle, Hemp Seed, Balsamic, Hemp Prot 513 13.2 58.03 54.33
Post Workout Protein, Oats, Rice Milk 471 7 49.3 54.18
Greek Yogurt, Raspberry, Blueberry 279 0 38 29
Casein Pudding with Mulberry, PB Powder, Almond Milk, Cacao 330 7 37.5 31.5
Greek Yogurt with Apple 257 0.2 33.2 32.5
2745 57 294 308
5/23/2018 Wednesday
Protein Smoothie with Tropical Fruit, Moringa, Spirulina, Orgain 366 6.45 45.21 44.15
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 410 9 23.65 57.2
Coconut Oil 10g 85 10 0 0
Spinach, Chicken, Mulberry, Raisin, Kelp, Dulse, Hemp Protein 405 4.18 46.1 50.27
Pre Workout Tropical Fruit, Isolate, Stevia, Cinnamon, Mulberry 313 4.25 35.25 40.25
Post Workout Chocolate Protein Smoothie 396 6.25 45.96 41
Normandy Vegetables with Chicken, Feta, Aminos 464.2 12.064 55.8255 44.52
2439.2 52.194 251.9955 277.39
5/24/2018 Thursday
Scrambled Eggs, Breakfast Bowl, Coconut Oil Starbucks 760 28.5 59.65 58.7
Chicken Salad with Kelp, Dulse, Raisins, Balsamic, Hemp Protein 402.25 4.18 40.87 54.24
Pre Workout Smoothie 313 4.25 35.25 40.25
Post Workout Chocolate Smoothie w/ Banana, Almond Milk 445 10.3 48.05 46.75
Stir Fry with Normandy Vegetables, Chicken, Pickle 352 6.5 40.4 30.56
40g Casein, 28g Mulberry, 10oz Almond Milk, Cinnamon, Stevia 273 4.75 30.25 29.25
2545 58 254 260
5/25/2018 Friday
Coconut Oil 7g 60 7 0 0
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 410 9 23.65 57.2
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 274g 265 9.5 36 1.5
Spinach, Chicken, Raisin, Kelp, Dulse, Aminos, Pickles 281 1.5 37.23 26.73
Tropical Fruit Protein Smoothie Pre-Workout 313 4.25 35.25 40.25
Chocolate Smoothie Post Workout 364 10 47.21 25.75
Normandy Veggies, Chicken, Onion 333.76 4.7208 43.7072 35.1568
Sweet Potato 150g 208 4.36 3.85 39.9
Casein Bedtime Smoothie w/ Mulberries, Stevia, Cinnamon 323 6.25 36.25 33.25
2557.76 56.58 263.15 259.74
5/26/2018 Saturday
Blueberry-Banana Protein Smoothie 389 6.45 46.21 46.15
MCT Oil Coffee x 2 168 18.8 0 0
Red Eye Minha’s, Breakfast Bowl 480g 680.0 15.3 41.1 93.0
Blueberry Protein Smoothie, Coffee with Stevia & Almond Milk 360 8.45 38.21 43.15
Ribeye Steak Dinner with Normandy Veggies, Sweet Potato AMAZING 979 69.41 75.24 46.79
Strawberry 450g 150 1.35 3.15 36
Greek Yogurt, Raspberry, Chocolate Casein 484 0.77 76.8 39.09
3210 121 281 304
5/27/2018 Sunday
Smoothie with Banana, Blueberry, Spinach, Almond Milk, Protein 451 12.22 45.774 45.34
Breakfast Bowl w/ Protein Blah! 422.10 9.62 25.82 57.76
Chocolate Protein Smoothie w/ Goji Berry 693 4.67 57.144 106.8
Chicken Salad with Mushrooms, Hemp Seed, Mulberries, Good!! 438.35 8 45.025 46.025
Sweet Potato New 150g 208 4.36 3.85 39.9
Chocolate Protein Smoothie with Coconut Water, Cacao Nibs 363 12.14 43.7 26
Greek Yogurt w/ Blueberry & Raspberry & Stevia 247 0 33.8 28.7
2822 51 255 351
5/28/2018 Monday
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 274g w/ Onion, Yeast, Dulse 383 9.75 45.25 27.1
Sweet Potato New 150g, Greek Yogurt Bark 238 5.36 5.3 43.7
MCT Oil Coffee 20g 168 18.8 0 0
Blueberry Protein Smoothie Pre-Workout 308 4.02 36.42 34.97
Chocolate Protein Smoothie Post Workout 489 12.71 46.92 52.1
Cast Iron Chicken Breast with Olive Oil 497 19.7 55.2 32.6
200g Greek Yogurt Bark 338.56 11.132 16.7716 43.7276
Greek Yogurt w/ Blueberry & Raspberry, Choc Casein, Apple 580 4.2 69.6 66.7
3002 86 275 301
5/29/2018 Tuesday
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 274g w/ Onion 340 9.85 39.5 28.5
Breakfast Bowl w/ Protein Blah! 422.10 9.62 25.82 57.76
BCAA’s & Post Workout Oats, Protein 279 3 48 17.38
Red Robin Chicken Teriyaki Burger w/ Fries, Onion Rings, Blue Moon 2700 106 69 338
Greek Yogurt Bark, Mulberries, Grapes 740 24 36.5 95
Casein Pudding, Apple, Pudding Delicious! 365 6.75 43.7 35.8
4846 159 263 572
5/30/2018 Wednesday
Coconut Oil Coffee10g 85 10 0 0
Scrambled Eggs, Egg Whites, Yeast, Dulse, Dried Onion, Spices 335 9.55 42.47 11.37
Sweet Potato 206g 285 5.97 5.27 54.7
Chicken, Spinach, Pickle, Raisin, Greens Powder, Hemp Protein 337.35 5.18 44.395 34.565
Post Workout Chocolate Smoothie 500 13.24 47 54.7
Skillet Chicken, Veggies, Sweet Potato, Grapes 689 16.55 57.72 78.315
Greek Yogurt, Casein, Raspbery, Cinnamon, Stevia 354 0.77 53.8 30.09
Late Night Casein Pudding, Yogurt, Mulberries 543 5.8 76.31 49.17
3128 67 327 313
5/31/2018 Thursday
Scrambled Eggs, Egg Whites, Yeast, Dulse, Dried Onion, Spices 335 9.55 42.47 11.37
Breakfast Bowl w/ Protein Blah! 422.10 9.62 25.82 57.76
Chicken, Spinach, Sardine, Pickle, Raisin, Salad 388.35 13.25 43.975 44.025
Sweet Potato New 150g 208 4.36 3.85 39.9
Smoothie w/ Protein, Spinach, Flax Seed, Spirulina, Banana, Blueberry 429.35 10.75 45.92 42.955
Chicken, Dried Onion, Spinach, Spices, Jasmine Rice 382.355 4.38 42.976 38.6325
Greek Yogurt, Choc Casein, Raspberry, Cinnamon, Stevia 400.41 5.054 55.228 33.66
2566 57 260 268
6/1/2018 Friday
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 273.5 11.5 24.15 14
Breakfast Bowl w/ Protein Blah! 422.10 9.62 25.82 57.76
Promix Vanilla, Creatine, PB Powder, Rice Milk 428 8.19 43.79 59
Chicken, Spinach, Apple, Mulberry, Spices 365.355 1.45 37.376 50.0325
Sweet Potato New 150g 208 4.36 3.85 39.9
Smoothie w/ Protein, Ban/Blue, Spriulina, Spinach, Camu, Ginger, Beet 466.35 7.06 48.19 60.625
Spinach, Rice, Sardines, Garbanzo Beans 394.9 13.01 34.3 34.78
Casein Pudding with PB Powder, Cinnamon, Stevia 290 6.55 43.3 16
Greek Yogurt & Mulberries 272 0 35.8 33.7
3120 62 297 366
6/2/2018 Saturday
Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites 273.5 11.5 24.15 14
Breakfast Bowl New 300g 376.67 4.30 9.81 73.62
MCT Oil Coffee 10g 84 9.38 0 0
Protein Smoothie with Spinach, Oat Bran, Blue/Banana 445.35 8.22 45.5 54.245
Coconut Water w/ 50g Promix Vanilla Whey 243 2.94 36.75 21.29
Post Workout Chocolate, Banana, Rice Milk Smoothie 388 5.42 40.41 44.83
NY Strip Steak, Broccoli, Sweet Potato, Delish But Overcooked 2:45 837.5 48.5385 48.95 54.2
Chocolate Protein Smoothies w/ Coconut and Cashew Butter 940 37 74 90
3588 127 280 352
6/3/2018 Sunday
Sunday Eggs w/ Onion & Yeast, Breakfast Bowl, MCT Hagen 912 23.68 53.55 107.64
Super Smoothie 455.00 8.38 50.17 52.71
MCT Oil 10g Starbucks 90 10 0 0
Chicken, Spinach, Pickle, Mulberry, Aminos, Balsamic, Garbanzo, Swt P 610.4 6.62 47.18 90.73
Wise Eats Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe 576 11.97 84.65 37.53
Greek Yogurt Kirkland 310g 182 0 32.8 12.7
Totals 2825.40 60.65 268.35 301.31
6/4/2018 Monday
Starbucks w/ Coconut Oil, Eggs/Onion/Yeast, Breakfast Bowl New 300g 850.67 22.81 47.07 102.6
Chicken, Spinach, Salsa, Apple, Hemp Seed, Sweet Potato 629.9 13.68 45.9 79.26
Coconut Water 8oz, 50g Vanilla Promix, Blueberry, Onnit PreW, Grape 397.00 3.13 39.50 59.42
Post Workout Chocolate Protein, Coconut Water, Banana 310 2.85 38.66 32.79
Greek Yogurt, Apple, Mulberry, Vanilla Protein 577.00 2.08 92.27 51.63
2765 45 263 326
6/5/2018 Tuesday
Breakfast Bowl, CocoHagen, Vanilla Protein 597.00 16.30 34.81 80.62
Chicken, Spinach, Garbanzo, Apple, Feta 424.9 8.4 45.61 40.69
Pre Workout Vanilla Protein, Coconut Water, Almond Milk, Blu/Mulb 388 5.94 40.25 49.79
Post Workout Vanilla Protein and Coconut Water 291 2.94 36.75 33.12
Chicken Breast, Dried Onion, Feta. Pickle, Yeast 334.00 12.25 37.75 13.50
Wise Eats “Chocolate Ice Cream” 532.41 11.424 77.188 34.77
2567 57 272 252
6/6/2018 Wednesday
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Vanilla 415g + MCT Oil Coffee 688 19.74 37.44 98.03
Chicken, Broccoli, Rice 335 2.48 39.76 39.44
Post Workout Protein, Rice Milk 457 7.1 51.28 53.06
Chicken, Spinach, Mulberry, Feta, Beans, Hemp Seed 392.4 7.5 46.53 33.43
Watermelon 1260g 340 1.6 6.8 84
Cod 11oz 220 0 49.5 0
Greek Yogurt, Mulberry, Chocolate Casein, Cacao, PB Powder 780 10.5 111.68 65.44
3212 49 343 373
6/7/2018 Thursday
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Vanilla Promix 300g 440.44 7.56 27.32 71.53
Eggs 335g 307 11.5 37.5 6
Chicken, Spinach, Great Northern Beans, Feta, Ham, Spices 401.4 11.5 50.03 20.93
Pre-Workout Blueberry, Protein Isolate, Rice Milk, Coconut Water 333 3.6 30.9 47.73
Post Workout Chocolate-Banana Smoothie 433 6.54 37.56 55.94
Chicken Wise Rice w/ Chicken, Ham, Dried Onion 569 16.035 46.05 54.6755
Greek Yogurt with Mixed Berries 345 0 43.2 43.4
2829 57 273 300
6/8/2018 Friday
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Vanilla Promix 300g 440.44 7.56 27.32 71.53
Eggs 335g 307 11.5 37.5 6
MCT Oil 15g 125 14 0 0
Chicken Wise Rice with Ham, Spinach, Feta, Northern Beans $$ 570.4 11.88 53.95 56.78
Superfood Smoothie 478.4 7.46 58.55 51.552
Sardines & Apple 322 12.688 25.386 30.492
Chocolate Casein Pudding 465 11.7 48.728 46.07
Greek Yogurt & Watermelon 488 1.192 47.066 78.48
3196 78 298 341
6/9/2018 Saturday
MCT Oil 10g 84 9.38 0 0
Eggs w/ Dried Onion & Spinach 372 11.5 41 18.25
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Vanilla Promix 300g 440.44 7.56 27.32 71.53
Protein Smoothie with Flax, Spinach, Spirulina, Blueberry, Banana 447.4 12.12 67.77 41.95
Protein Smoothie with Blueberry, Mulberries $$$ 388 5.94 41.75 49.29
Dried Cherries, Mulberries, Dates 570 1.5 6 111
Chocolate-Banana Post Workout 294 2.79 36.11 31.94
Chocolate-Greek Yogurt Protein Ice Cream 260 4.5 40 16
Chocolate Protein Greek Yogurt Ice Cream 319.41 9.084 43.728 19.77
Late Night Binge – Choc Pudding, Yogurt/Fruit, Goji Berry 1640.6 14.89 146.55 238.34
Totals 4815.85 79.26 450.23 598.07
6/10/2018 Sunday
Eggs w/ Dried Onion & Spinach 372 11.5 41 18.25
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Vanilla Promix 300g 440.44 7.56 27.32 71.53
Sardine Salad with 32g Feta, 50g Garbanzo, 130g Sardine 401.40 21.33 41.47 12.53
MCT Oil Starbucks 10g 84 9.38 0 0
Cod Fillets & Broccoli Fried Rice 516 13.5 38.82 59.76
Chocolate Protein Ice Cream 605 6.72 66.56 72.27
Greek Yogurt & Strawberry 165 0.3 23.7 17
2584 70 239 251
6/11/2018 Monday
MCT Oil 7g 59 6.57 0 0
Scrambled Eggs w/ 4 Eggs Dried Onion, Whites – 671g 310 11.5 37.5 6
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 300g 412 5.6 27.1 62.6
Sardine Salad with Garbanzo, Feta, Hemp Protein, Greens Powder 480 23.76 50.3 30.5
Protein Smoothie with Blueberry, Mulberries $$$ 388 5.94 41.75 49.29
Post Workout Chocolate-Banana Protein Smoothie 369 5.79 40.11 42.94
Cast Iron Chicken with Fried Rice 535 11.3 51 54
Chocolate Casein Pudding 405 5.59 42.55 49.94
Middle of the Night Binge – Yogurt, Casein Protein, Goji, Strawberry 700 6.6 83.8 78.2
3658 83 374 373
6/12/2018 Tuesday
MCT Oil 10g 84 9.38 0 0
Scrambled Eggs w/ 4 Eggs Dried Onion, Whites – 671g 310 11.5 37.5 6
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 300g 412 5.6 27.1 62.6
Chicken, Spinach, Garbanzo, Pickle, Almond, Sunflower Seeds 400.4 15.88 44.03 21.53
Pot Workout Berry Protein Smoothie with Promix & Mulberry 448 7.09 42.67 60.29
Chicken Fried Rice 460 7 34 65
Greek Yogurt, Mulberries 325 0 38.5 45
2439 56 224 260
6/13/2018 Wednesday
MCT Oil 7g 59 6.57 0 0
Scrambled Eggs/Whites with Dried Onion 358 11.5 37.5 18
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 300g 412 5.6 27.1 62.6
Post Workout Vanilla Protein & Rice Milk 458 8.35 38.915 60.09
Protein-Berry Smoothie with Spinach, Spirulina 413 5.94 46.75 47.79
Chicken Fried Rice w/ Beets 463 4.57 35.45 63.8
Vanilla Protein Smoothie with Banana 251.2 5.096 34.385 23.011
Greek Yogurt w/ Mango & Mulberry, Cinnamon, Stevia $$$ 495 0 59.16 64.92
2909 48 279 340
6/14/2018 Thursday
MCT Oil 6g 59 6.57 0 0
Scrambled Eggs/Whites with Dried Onion 358 11.5 37.5 18
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 300g 412 5.6 27.1 62.6
Chicken, Spinach Salad with Feta & Garbanzo 300.4 7.88 43.03 12.53
Fruit-Protein Smoothie 396 6.69 42 49.54
Post Workout Banana, Mulberry, Protein Shake w/ Coconut Water 318 4.344 32.956 47.932
Spinach, Sardines, Jasmine Rice & Mixed Vegetables 455.4 20.88 33 33.23
500g Greek Yogurt with 56g Mulberries 465 0 56.5 61.7
2764 63 272 286
6/15/2018 Friday
MCT Oil 18g 150 16.8 0 0
Scrambled Eggs, Whites, Dried Onion – 580g 1/2 Serving 323 9.25 34.5 17.5
Breakfast Bowl New w/ Protein 300g 412 5.6 27.1 62.6
Sardine, Spinach, Jasmine Rice 423.4 16.5 33.23 33.23
Smoothie with Protein, Walnuts, Spirulina, Spinach, Frozen Berries 551.35 25.69 50.27 36.315
Orleans Hawaiian Pizza 1800 78 96 180
Blue Moon Draft 600 0 0 150
Greek Yogurt with Chocolate Casein 423 0.64 75.4 27.4
4683 152 317 507
6/16/2018 Saturday
Scrambled Eggs, Whites, Dried Onion – 580g 1/2 Serving 323 9.25 34.5 17.5
Breakfast Bowl 420g 478 9.18 14.49 86.03
PreWorkout Banana, Pineapple Protein Smoothie 360 6.89 39.56 42.54
Post Workout Pineapple Protein Smoothie 533 5.44 44.25 83.79
Crab Cakes, Colossal Shrimp, Peas, Spinach 753.4 31.11 53.86 61.36
Greek Yogurt, Chocolate Casein, Mango/Blueberry Madness 502 1 82.3 39.7
2949 63 269 331
6/17/2018 Sunday
336g Scrambled Eggs, Whites, Onion, 10g Yeast 413 6048 44 24
Garden of Life Protein Smoothie, Strawberry, Watermelon 499 14.47 45.96 55.12
Father’s Day Feast – Beef Brisket, Pulled Pork, Beans, Fruit, Broccoli 1750 90 95 140
Amazing Chocolate Crunch Smoothie with Banana, Mulberry 518 8 49.82 66.22
3180 6160 235 285
6/18/2018 Monday
336g Scrambled Eggs, Whites, Onion, 10g Yeast 413 1606 44 24
MCT Oil Hagen 10g 84 9.38 0 0
Breakfast Bowl New 340 6.5 10.3 61.2
Chopped Spinach, Pork, Pickles, Spices, Aminos 270 12.42 29.6 8.23
Pre-Workout Blueberry Smoothie 318 2.35 31.9 47.73
Post-Workout Chocolate-Banana Smoothie 373 4.71 30.92 53.98
Pork, Onion, Normandy Veggies 421 19 38.92 30.58
Greek Yogurt with Casein Protein 205 0.51 36.36 12.6
2424 1661 222 238
6/19/2018 Tuesday
MCT Oil 9g 75.6 8.442 0 0
Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Onion 295 9.45 36.3 16.4
Breakfast Bowl New 340 6.5 10.3 61.2
Pork, Spinach Salad with Rice, Aminos, Kelp Powder 405.4 10.56 28.23 44.63
Mixed Fruit Protein Smoothie Pre-Workout, Bucks & Hagen 311 6.1 33.15 37.98
Chocolate Smoothie Post Workout 385 3.74 44.504 45.96
400g Greek Yogurt w/ 40g Chocolate Casein, Stevia, Cinnamon 380 1 67.42 23.1
2192 46 220 229
6/20/2018 Wednesday
MCT Oil 7g 59 6.57 0 0
Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Onion & Yeast Seasoning 335 9.45 40.3 20.4
Breakfast Bowl New 340 6.5 10.3 61.2
Spinach, Kale, Sardines, Feta Cheese, Greens Powder 383.4 20.8 39.83 12.23
Pre Workout Blueberry Protein Smoothie 298 5.94 38.75 28.29
Post Workout Chocolate Smoothie 370 6.74 45.504 35.96
Chicken, Sweet Potato, Veggies 422.65 5.5584 40.328 50.6347
Pre-Bed Protein Pudding 190 1 26 18
2398 63 241 227
6/21/2018 Thursday
MCT Oil Coffee 11g 90 10 0 0
Scrambled Eggs w/ Turmeric, Sweet Potato 585 17.04 43 57.8
Chicken, Spinach, Kale Salad with Hemp Seed, Pickle, Turmeric 303.4 8.25 39.48 14.73
Blueberry-Mulberry Protein Smoothie 358 2.94 39.25 48.79
Pre-Bed Chocolate Protein Pudding 418 6.7 52.6 37
Chicken Salad 303.4 1.25 36.98 34.23
Potato 200g 181.35 3.714 3.945 33.915
Watermelon 280g 85 0.4 1.7 21
2324 50 217 247
6/22/2018 Friday
MCT Oil 9g 76 8.5 0 0
Scrambled Eggs w/ Turmeric, Sweet Potato 585 17.04 43 57.8
Post Workout Rice Milk, Whey, Hemp Protein 319.5 9.11 24.47 47.588
Chicken Salad with Sweet Potato 433.88 5.8716 38.061 55.524
Garden of Life Protein Smoothie with Spinach, Spirulina, Blueberry, Waterm 531 8.3 50 73.6
Chicken, Normandy Vegetables, Onion 286.25 1.675 39.325 34.85
Mount Clemens Fireworks Re-Feed – Yogurt, Blueberry, Mango, Straw/Apple 1089 1.3 86.8 190.4
Bedtime Pudding 373 6.14 46.64 33.42
3694 58 328 493
6/23/2018 Saturday
MCT 12g Hagen Coffee 105 12 0 0
Protein Smoothies 358 2.94 39.25 48.79
Scrambled Eggs, Apple 358 2.94 39.25 48.79
Matt-Christina Wedding Kielbasa, Potatoes, Jager, Brisket, Mac & Cheese 1500 90 50 120
Auggie’s Blue Moon & Oberon 850 0 0 50
Greek Yogurt, Chocolate Protein, Raspberry, Mulberry, Goji 1113.3 4.35 112.32 156.1
4284 112 241 424
6/24/2018 Sunday
Scrambled Whites – 1 Full White, 4 Eggs, 40g Dried Onion 671g Total 773 22 83 42
Blueberry-Protein Smoothie 339 3.36 42.08 38.94
Apple 182g 95 0.3 0.5 25
Perch, Potato Early Dinner 440 5.64 47.07 55
CocoCups Prep Peanut Butter, Cacao, Coconut Oil 100 6 0 11.5
Tuna, Avocado Salad 347.4 9.445 46.85 19.91
Chocolate Smoothie 533 5 48.82 76.22
2627 52 268 269
6/25/2018 Monday
Scrambled Whites – 1 Full White, 4 Eggs, 40g Dried Onion 671g Total 370.74 10.62 39.65 20.11
White Potatoes 200g 177 3.61 3.84 33.1
Perch, Avocado, Spinach, Kale, Garbanzo, Pickle, Aminos, White Potatoes 505.4 11.67 50.22 48.09
Post Workout Banana, Berry, Protein Smoothie with Mulberry 528 5.59 44.17 82.29
Chicken Wise Rice 345 3.6 23.8 53.82
Greek Yogurt, Chocolate Casein, Cacao Nibs 466 8.75 73.48 26.73
2392 44 235 264
6/26/2018 Tuesday
Scrambled Whites – 1 Full White, 4 Eggs, 40g Dried Onion 671g Total 370.74 10.62 39.65 20.11
Breakfast Bowl 252g 312.35 6.44 9.73 40.94
Chicken Salad 369.9 2.13 46.03 38.28
Post Workout Smoothie 425 6 40 69
Chicken Wise Rice, Salsa 373 4.25 35.2 41.55
Chocolate Protein Smoothie with Hemp & Mulberries 345 9.5 43 29
2196 39 214 239
6/27/2018 Wednesday
Whole Scrambled Eggs with Dried Onion 335.50 18.25 21.00 19.50
Breakfast Bowl 300g 372.29 7.67 11.6 48.79
Chicken, Spinach, Pickle, Moringa, Garbanzo, Aminos 369.9 2.13 46.03 38.28
Post Workout Blueberry Smoothie 420 9.5 41 59
Chicken Wise Rice with Turmeric 295.0375 1.672 31.30175 42.17525
Potatoes White Cooked in 30g Grass Fed Butter 150g 133 2.72 2.89 24.87
Chocolate Protein Smoothie with PB Powder and Hemp Protein 348 10.14 50.14 20.42
2274 52 204 253
6/28/2018 Thursday
Whole Scrambled Eggs with Dried Onion 335.50 18.25 21.00 19.50
Breakfast Bowl 300g 372.29 7.67 11.6 48.79
Chicken, Spinach, Pickle, Garbanzo, Salsa 367.9 2.13 40.03 43.78
Post Workout Blueberry Smoothie 447 9.59 41.28 65.9
Chicken, Rice, Onion, Bone Broth, Miracle Noodles, Garlic 298 4.316 42.154 27.5
140g Potato 124 2.52 2.69 23.13
Greek Yogurt & Chocolate Casein 380 2 67.7 21.9
2325 46 226 251
6/29/2018 Friday
Breakfast Bowl 397g w/ 40g Hemp Protein 600 15.48 30.05 80.48
Chicken, Spinach, Rice, Salsa 294.9 1.68 37.13 29.82
160g Potato 142 2.91 3.09 26.6
Post Workout Chocolate Smoothie 510 10.8 48.65 69.5
Chicken Salad with Pickle, Salsa 279.35 2.375 43.645 19.025
Chocolate, Peanut Butter Ice Cream with Cacao Nibs 465 9.31 68.52 30.36
2291 43 231 256
6/30/2018 Saturday
Scrambled Eggs with Dulse, Dried Onion, Potatoes, Watermelon 722.5 26.11 29.94 97.07
Superfood Smoothie with Blueberry, Banana, Hemp, Moringa, Spirulina, Beet 536 10.595 51.87 75.95
78g Sweet Potato, 250g Strawberry 180.5 0.75 3.505 42.62
Chicken Salad, Hemp Seed, Pickle 371.4 8.6 58.53 9.73
Greek Yogurt, Chocolate Casein, Peanut Butter Powder 450 4 75.7 27.4
Apple 100g 52.5 0.14 0.28 13.86
2313 50 220 267
7/1/2018 Sunday
Greek Yogurt Protein Smoothie w/ Blueberry & Spirulina 420 4 57 47.5
Sweet Potato Brownie 100g & Sip of Sam Adams New England IPA / Pineapple 335 18 6.2 35
Brown Rice Pasta, Chicken, Rao Marinara Sauce w/ Apple 568 11.62 29.53 89
Chicken Salad with Delmonico Steak, Normandy Vegetables, Mushroom 703.4 28.1 65.65 36.71
Chocolate, Greek Yogurt Smoothie with Banana, Almond Milk, PB Powder 496 7.7 69.36 39.2
Greek Yogurt, Choc Casein, Mulberry, PB Powder 447 4 69.3 34.7
2969 73 297 282
7/2/2018 Monday
450g Breakfast Bowl w/ Hemp 693 18.195 35.82 93.285
Chicken Salad, Almonds, Pickle, Balsamic, Sweet Potato 516.4 12.86 42.58 58.13
Pre-Workout Blueberry-Protein Smoothie w/ Mulberries 358 2.94 39.25 48.79
Post Workout Chocolate-Banana Smoothie 362 9.45 44.82 32.5
Greek Yogurt 402g w/ 25g Chocolate Casein, Cinnamon, Stevia 329 1.32 58.52 19.86
2258 45 221 253
7/3/2018 Tuesday
450g Breakfast Bowl w/ Hemp 693 18.195 35.82 93.285
Chicken Salad with Spinach, Pickles, Balsamic, Raisins 424.4 1.5 41.08 57.08
Sweet Potato 190g 265 5.54 4.89 50.7
Pre-Workout Bluberry, Coconut Water, Hemp, Mulberry Smoothie 335 4 33 51.5
Post Workout Chocolate Smoothie 362 9.45 44.82 32.5
Cashew Butter, Watermelon, Strawberry, Apple 521.5 17.72 9.64 94.58
Greek Yogurt with Chocolate Protein, Peanut Butter Powder 429 4 72 26
Goji Berry, More Yogurt, Cinnamon, Mulberry 584.3 0 40.6 106.5
3614 60 282 512

Exercising for Fat Loss – My 15.6lb Weight Loss Challenge Workouts – Complete List

Below are the exact workouts performed during my 13-week weight cut in which I lost an average of 1.2lbs per week:

Fat Loss Challenge Final Results
Age: 34
Height: 6’0

Start Date: 4-2-18
End Date: 7-3-18
Duration: 3 Months, 92 Days

Starting Weight: 198.6lbs
Ending Weight: 183.0
Total Weight Loss: 15.6lbs

Average Calories/Day Prior to Cut: 3,500-4,000
Average Calories/Day During Cut: 2,400-2,700

Macro Goals/Day
Protein: 240g
Fat: 40g
Carbohydrates: 278g

I’ve done many different workout programs over the years. P90X, Insanity, Body Beast, UFC Fit, kettlebell routines, and various weight lifting split programs. The program I followed this time centered on heavy compound movements (squat, dead lift, bench press, overhead press, etc.) for low reps, and it’s definitely become my all-time favorite routine. Not only did it get results, the workouts were also enjoyable and made me feel incredible. Working in the 4-6 and 8-10 rep ranges with 2-3-minute rest between sets, my schedule for the week looked like this:

Monday: Chest (Barbell & Dumbbell Bench Press, Incline Bench, Face Pulls)


Tuesday: Back (Deadlifts, Pull-Ups, Rows)

Wednesday: Shoulders (Military Press, Lateral Raises, Bent-Over Rear Deltoid Raises)

Thursday: Legs (Barbell Squats, Leg Press/Lunges, Romanian Deadlifts)

Friday: Upper Body (Incline Bench, Bicep Curls, Close Grip Bench, Bicep Curls, Triceps Press)

Saturday, Sunday, Any Other Time: Rest, Stretch, Walking, Biking, Foam Rolling, HIIT

5 Biggest Game Changers for Physical Transformation

I was recently asked for one specific thing that was a game changer for my health transformation. After taking a moment, I came up with healthy smoothies as my answer, but it really got me thinking about the other changes that have made the biggest impact on my level of health and fitness. It was impossible to keep it to just one, but I did limit it to a short list of absolute game changers that helped me lose 90lbs, achieve optimum health, and build a lean, muscular physique.

1) Changing Mindset from Weight Loss to Muscle Gain

Most people are focused solely on weight loss, just as I was, and it’s easy to fall into the outlook of eat less, exercise more. But actually, the reverse of this philosophy is true. Proper fueling and energy expenditure are what you should be focused on. How many calories do you need in a day to maintain your weight? How many do you need to gain muscle? Lose body fat? You can get estimates of these numbers using a calorie/macro nutrient calculator. If you haven’t done this, chances are you’re not eating enough calories, which can wreck your metabolism and promote the retention of body fat. Or, you’re eating too many calories, which will cause unnecessary weight gain. Find out your daily needs, figure out where you’re at, and you may be surprised at what you find. Instead of weight loss, focus on getting stronger so that your body becomes efficient at burning body fat. In order to achieve this, I recommend adopting a strength building routine involving lifting weights. Resistance training is far more effective at changing body composition than cardio. Instead of wasting away for hours on a treadmill, do some weight training with compound exercises like the squat, dead lift, bench press, and overhead press. You’ll be getting lean and strong in no time.

2) Making Smoothies

From day one, smoothies were a major aspect of my weight loss journey. Today, they’re simply a way of life. You can literally drink your way to better health. I will have generally 1-2 per day, but sometimes as many as four. I initially started with a $30 blender from Wal-Mart. Today, I use Blend-Tec, which ranges from $200-$300, but is worth every penny. Smoothies are a quick, easy, and delicious way to get vital nutrients into your diet. Here is a list of the smoothie ingredients we use frequently:

  • Purified Water, Ice
  • Almond Milk, Rice Milk, Coconut Water, Kefir
  • Berries (Raspberry, Blueberry, etc), Banana, Apples (Fresh or Frozen)
  • Mulberries
  • Spinach, Kale
  • Cucumber, Beets, Carrots
  • Oat Bran
  • Grass Fed Whey Isolate (Hormone/Antibiotic-Free, Naturally Sweetened)
  • Creatine (Weight Training Supplement)
  • Casein Protein
  • Cacao Nibs, Cacao Powder
  • Coconut Oil, MCT Oil
  • Flax Seed, Hemp Seed, Chia Seed
  • Avocado, Almonds, Cashews, Coconut
  • Spirulina Tablets
  • Green Superfood Powder Blend (Chlorella, Wheat Grass, Etc.)
  • Carob Powder, Camu Powder, Maca Powder, Moringa
  • Stevia, Xylitol (Natural Sweeteners)
  • Cinnamon

Mix and match based on this list of ingredients or come up with your own. A great place to start is the Wes Sider Smoothie for optimization or the Fully Charged Chocolate Smoothie for dessert. When it comes to produce, we generally buy organic. It’s usually cheaper to buy frozen over fresh, but we mix and match depending on what’s on sale or in season. I always switch up ingredients, but the smoothie recipes I have listed on are a great place to start.

What are you putting in YOUR smoothies? Shoot us an e-mail or leave a comment down below.

3) Hydrating Properly

Adequate hydration increases energy, reduces appetite, promotes weight loss, and increases muscle strength, among countless other benefits. The first thing I do every day is drink a tall glass of high quality water and stay fully hydrated the entire day. Generally, 1-2 gallons per day total. If I’m running to the bathroom every hour to pee, I’m winning. Once you eliminate pop, milk, energy drinks, and other junk fluids, drinking water becomes natural, and your body instinctively craves it above all else.

It’s not only the amount of water you drink, but the quality of your water. Tap water and even some bottled waters expose you to the hazards of added chemicals and pollutants. Purchase a filter or buy water directly from a facility that does purification. In the past, I have used a Pur filter, but these commercial filters usually only mask the taste of poor quality water and do nothing to remove contaminants. After ditching the Pur, I began buying water from a reverse osmosis facility. Today, we use a Berkey filtration system in our home. For a more in-depth look at exactly how I drink water, check out the Wise Eats “Always Workin’” Water recipe video.

4) Being Able to Work Out Anywhere

Building a home gym made getting fit much more convenient and helped me stay consistent with my routine. You don’t have to waste gas, time, and precious motivation driving to the gym in order to execute a quality workout. Initially, I started with a few sets of dumbbells and P90X or UFC Fit. Now, I’ve built an entire home gym that I’m constantly adding to. Here is a list of items I have:

  • Dumbbells
  • Pull-Up Bar
  • Adjustable Barbell Rack ($100 on Amazon)
  • Barbell & Weight Plates
  • EZ Curl Bar
  • Jump Rope
  • Workout Mat
  • Kettlebells
  • Foam Roller

That is more than enough to get a complete workout and jumpstart the recovery process.

What’s in YOUR home gym? Comment below!

If you do prefer to work out at a gym, look for one that is close to home or work. Prepare meals and shaker bottles with protein and supplements in advance so you’re well fueled and not tempted to buy junk convenience foods. Pack a bag with everything you need in advance so you have no excuses not to show up.

Outside home and the gym, build movement into your routine no matter where you are. Go outside and get some sun. Go for a walk, ride a bike, or stop reading this article right now and do some push-ups or bodyweight squats. I am not afraid to do bodyweight squats right in the bathroom wherever I’m at if I need an energy boost or want to burn some calories. Bring some weights and a mat to work so you can exercise on your lunch break. Any time you’re feeling stressed, find a place to do some quick push-ups or pull-ups. You’ll work that anxiety out and be feeling like a new person in no time! Just because you don’t have 30-60 minutes to dedicate to a workout, doesn’t mean you have to do nothing. 1 minute of effort is all you need to get started. Make progress from there.

5) Listening to Podcasts and Audiobooks

I credit much of the knowledge I’ve gained over the years to podcasting, which has changed my life for the better. Through this medium I’ve found many mentors including Mike Dolce, Shawn Stevenson, John Lee Dumas, Mike Matthews, Joe Rogan, Ben Greenfield, Brock Armstrong, Monica Reinagel, and many more. The subject matter is not limited to exercise and nutrition. You can find podcasts on news, business, sports, entertainment, virtually any subject you’re interested in. You can listen right off of your phone while driving, working around the house, or completing some otherwise mindless activity. Podcasting has been a true game changer for my life as a whole as well as helping me get fit. I’ll actually be launching the Wise Eats podcast later this year, so stay tuned for that!

Honorable Mentions
6) Finding a Coach

I’ve never used a personal trainer or nutrition coach, so my coach was Google. Through trial and error, I learned a ton about proper diet, exercise, recovery, and thriving lifestyle habits. If you have the means, seek a reputable coach who can help you assess your current physical condition, set some goals, and help you get started. If I had a one-on-one coach years ago, I could have achieved my physical transformation much more quickly. Having someone with knowledge and experience that you look up to for motivation is critical. If you don’t have that person yet, find them.

7) Using Intermittent Fasting & Fasted Cardio

Intermittent fasting is a fat loss tactic I’ve adopted recently to help aid in calorie restriction. There is research supporting the idea that restricting your hours of eating can have some great health benefits resulting in fat loss and increased energy. In the first few hours of the morning, I feel more alert and focused when I don’t eat right away. Fasting for a little while at the beginning of the day helps keep my thoughts clear and burn stored fat. While I enjoy walking any time of the day, I especially love going for a brisk walk in a fasted state first thing in the morning. It’s highly effective for fat loss and one of my favorite forms of low-intensity cardio.

8) Focusing on Sleep

Some say physical fitness is 80% exercise and 20% diet. Others say it’s 20% diet and 80% exercise. I say it’s equal parts diet, exercise, and rest. Once I finally made sleep a priority in my life, my fitness results and overall health improved dramatically. The higher your quality and duration of sleep, the more mental, physical, and emotional energy you’ll have to perform at your best. At a bare minimum, I shoot for 6 hours a night, but operate best at 7-9 hours. Here are a few of the strategies I implement to improve sleep quality. There’s good science behind many of them, although I won’t bore you with the details. Inspiration for this section, in part, came from Shawn Stevenson’s book “Sleep Smarter”:

  • Exercise earlier in the day – Too close to bedtime can inhibit sleep
  • No caffeine at least 6 hours before bedtime
  • Sleep in a very dark room (We use blackout curtains)
  • Rise and fall with the sun to take advantage of your natural circadian rhythms
  • Avoid alcohol
  • Avoid junk food
  • Get as much natural sunlight exposure as you can
  • Supplement with magnesium and vitamin D (or multivitamin)
  • Drink hot tea (Helps with food cravings, too)
  • Go to bed around the same time every night – Even on weekends
  • No large meals just before bed – Light, nutritious snacking only
  • Foam rolling or massage just before bed
  • Remove all electronics from the bedroom, including TVs and cell phones
  • Avoid using blue light emitting devices (TV, cell phone, etc.) at least an hour before bed
  • Read a book until your eyes won’t stay open anymore
  • Physical touch with another human being before sleep
  • Meditation or deep breathing just before sleep and/or just after waking

These are most of the strategies I use to get the deepest, longest sleep possible. The more you sleep, the faster you recover, the more you can work out, the better you will feel and perform, the more you’ll be able to work out and feel great and look great. You get the idea.

Are there any techniques YOU utilize to improve the quality of your sleep? We’d love to read them! Post in the comments below.

These factors have been absolute game changers in helping me lose 90lbs, build muscle, and improve quality of life overall. I hope you’re already incorporating one or more of them into your own life. If you’re not, it’s time to wise up!!! Thanks for reading.

For more health and fitness tips, stay tuned to And if you’re not a member of Wise Choice Nation, sign up now free!

12 Lessons Learned from 90lb Weight Loss

If you’ve been to, you know that I lost 90lbs back in 2009. It was the start of a major lifestyle change in which I became passionate about nutrition, fitness, building lean muscle, preventing sickness, and optimizing energy levels. Today, I want to share the biggest lessons and tips from that initial weight loss experience, and how you can apply them to your own fat loss goals:


1) Embrace Your Need for Change.

In order to improve your health, you must want it for yourself. Think of the reasons you want to lose weight or build muscle. Don’t let weight loss be some idea that’s out there floating in space. Make it tangible. Will losing 20lbs help you interact better with your kids, make you a better worker, leader, friend, or family member? Think of the reasons you want to change and it will help you solidify that goal. Making the commitment is the first step

2) Set A Specific Fitness Goal.

At 6ft, 270lbs, my original goal was very simple: lose weight. After the weight loss, my goals changed. I was skinny, but still sick and unhealthy. At that point, my goal turned toward body composition and building lean muscle. Assess your current physical condition and figure out exactly where you want to go. Then, make it a goal to finally get there, no matter what!

3) Losing Body Fat Is A Numbers Game.

Calories in, calories out. Assuming you have no pre-existing health conditions or metabolic deficiencies, weight loss is very simple. You need to achieve a caloric deficit in order to lose body fat. A calorie surplus is needed to sustain or grow muscle over time. Use a calorie/macronutrient calculator to find out what your daily needs are. I’ve provided my favorite below. Remember, these are just approximations. At 6ft, 200lbs with an active lifestyle, here’s what my caloric needs look like:

Maintain Weight: 2,925 calories per day
Gain Weight: 3,510 calories per day
Lose Fat/Sustain Muscle: 2,632 calories per day
Lose Fat: 2,340 calories per day

I prefer to lose fat while sustaining as much muscle as possible. Eating too few calories will burn up valuable muscle, which slows your metabolism and hinders long-term progress. Weight loss of about 1lb per week is a sustainable pace that will help ensure long-term results. As long as you’re eating slightly less calories than required, you will lose weight. If you’re lifting weights with proper form, making progressions, and eating slightly more than you’re expending, you will gain muscle. It’s that simple.

4) Start A Diet Journal and Count Calories

This step can be as complicated or simple as you make it. Use an app on your phone, track on a spreadsheet, or write longhand like I used to back in the day. This will help you monitor calorie intake, stay accountable, and wise you up toward the foods you’re currently eating. A kitchen scale will help you measure portion sizes. Counting total daily calories is a great place to start.

When it comes to macronutrients (protein, fat, and carbohydrates), there’s no need to obsess over counting every gram, although it helps when you want to accelerate fat loss and build muscle. I could’ve achieved my current level of fitness much faster if I had been more strategic with my eating and drinking habits over the years. The more disciplined you are with your diet, the faster your results will come.

A good rule of thumb is to make sure you’re getting high quality protein with every meal (usually 30-50g per meal). This will ensure healthy weight loss while preserving lean muscle. Add a moderate amount of healthy dietary fat (which, in my experience, is very easy to go overboard on). The rest of your meals should consist of high quality carbohydrates, which will fuel athletic performance and boost physical and mental energy levels.

Instantly receive a full list of recommended protein, fats, and carbohydrates via e-mail when you subscribe to Wise Choice Nation!

5) Get Educated About Diet and Exercise.

Do some research about the things you’re putting in your body. Every single thing you eat or drink is either fueling progress or hindering it. Give your body the raw materials it needs to repair and grow efficiently, and you will reap the benefits.

When it comes to exercise, form and safety are paramount. Study proper form through trusted sites like There are quality videos for literally any exercise you can imagine. Once you understand how to perform compound movements properly and get some confidence doing them, you can get consistent with your training program and make steady progress.

6) Get Moving.

Discover forms of exercise that you enjoy and will perform on a regular basis. You can workout at home, work, or a local gym. Hire a personal trainer, join a fitness class, or just get outside and go for a walk or run or bike ride. You don’t have to buy expensive equipment or spend hours wasting away on a treadmill. A dumbbell and a YouTube video are all you need to get started. My favorite workout regimens, past and present, will be available soon at Currently, I enjoy weight lifting 5-6 days per week mixed with some high intensity interval training 1-3 days per week (usually performed with kettlebells or UFC Fit full-body dumbbell/bodyweight training). Once you find an exercise program that you’re passionate about, working out is never a chore. It becomes part of your routine; something you can’t function without. You show up because you’re motivated to get better every single time and know that you won’t function at your best without it. Feeling amazing becomes the norm; getting in shape is just a byproduct.

7) Track Your Progress.

Use a fitness journal to record exercises and weights. Monitor your bodyweight daily and/or week-to-week. When tracking your weight, don’t be disappointed if your results aren’t immediate or consistent. For weight loss, aim to lose 1-2 pounds per week. For muscle gain, look to make progress over time by making small improvements each workout. Slightly more weight each time or more reps with good form. Record your performance, reflect on your progress, and celebrate your accomplishments. Realize that it’s a marathon, not a sprint. If you stay consistent, you will see results.

8) Eat Real Food.

Total calorie intake and macros are important to fitness, but I believe nutrient quality is even more important to overall health. Replace fast food or processed convenience foods with home prepared meals from fresh ingredients. Pay attention to nutrition fact labels, and try to eat minimally processed, organic foods as often as possible. Lean proteins like chicken, fish, and whey protein powder. Nutrient-rich carbs like oat bran, quinoa, and sweet potato. Fresh fruits and vegetables as close to their original source as you can get them. Meats that are organic or sustainably raised. Food has tremendous power over your health and fitness, so take it seriously. It can make or break your motivation, consistency, and progress.

9) Drink Only Water.

Okay, this is a bit of an exaggeration. Tea, coffee, coconut water, rice milk, and almond milk are also acceptable beverages, but you get the idea. The bottom line is to eliminate pop, juice, energy drinks, and most other processed beverages. They’re usually science-based chemical concoctions that are going to lead to imbalances and long-term health complications. I used to drink 20oz or more of soda per day for most my life, so I get it. Quitting that was one of the hardest mental struggles I’ve ever overcome. Trust me, once you finally eliminate soda from your diet, you’ll wonder why you ever drank it in the first place.

A complete list of Wise Eats approved foods, beverages, and supplements are sent instantly via e-mail when you subscribe FREE to Wise Choice Nation!


10) Limit Yourself to One Cheat Meal Per Week Or Less.

Throughout my 90lb weight loss, I cheated on my diet a ton. Cheat meals, cheat days, even full cheat weeks. Calorie restriction sustained my weight loss, not consistent healthy eating. Over time, however, I was able to improve my diet and focus on eating clean, which helped me build muscle and start to get really fit. You don’t have to eat perfect all of the time to lose weight and get in shape. Focus on your goals, try to eat healthy the majority of the time, treat yourself in moderation, and always get back on track after a cheat meal.

11) Plan Meals in Advance.

It’s time to get in the kitchen. Remove processed junk foods and other unhealthy snacks from your kitchen. If it’s not in your house, you can’t eat it, so stock your cabinets with wise choices. Make large batches of food to have ready for quick, convenient, well-balanced meals. Make enough breakfast to have leftovers for days. Bring healthy snacks like nuts and fresh fruit to have on hand at work. Prepare shaker bottles full of protein for those moments when you’re stuck needing a meal. The more you prepare, the greater your chances for success. Stay away from vending machines and restaurants. You possess sole responsibility for every single thing you put into your body. Own that role and do good things for yourself.

12) Kick Your Bad Habits to Make Room for Good Ones.

Quit smoking and take more deep breaths. Replace soda with filtered lemon water. Less sitting, more walking. Pack a healthy lunch instead of buying fast food. Stop feeling tired and sick. Start feeling energized and upbeat. Less negativity, more compassion and kindness. Watch less TV, read more books. Look at your cell phone less, sleep a little more. Reduce processed snacks, eat more vegetables. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Focus less on your problems and more on things you’re grateful for. Small changes today add up to life-altering results in the future.

Develop a lifestyle that will eliminate body fat, build muscle, and optimize your life for good. Do it for yourself, but also do it because there is someone out there who needs you to be around for a long time. Avoid sickness, boost your mood, increase energy levels, and fight depression with a longevity-based lifestyle. Through proper diet and exercise you can improve your mental capacity, productivity levels, and motivation to get better in other areas of life. Stick with to help get you there, and feel free to send any questions you may have along the way. To keep up on the latest updates, articles, recipes and more, join our free newsletter, Wise Choice Nation. Thanks for reading. Make Wise Choices!


10 Fat Loss Tips & Six-Week Challenge Results

Note: Before/after pics were taken in the evening, fully hydrated and fed.

10 Fat Loss Tips & Six-Week Challenge Results

Six weeks went fast! The fat loss challenge is by no means over, but I did say six weeks in my original post, so here’s an update. I didn’t get quite the results I wanted but did make some progress and lost a decent amount of weight in that time. I also made consistent strength gains in all of my major lifts (bench, squat, dead lift, overhead press), which was pretty surprising. I also learned some valuable lessons that are going to help me do even better in the next six weeks, and hopefully help you do the same. Read on.

Age: 34
Height: 6’0

Start Date: 4-2-18
End Date: 5-14-18

Starting Weight: 198.6lbs
Ending Weight: 193.2lbs
Total Weight Loss: 5.4lbs

Average Calories/Day Prior to Cut: 3,500-4,000
Average Calories/Day During Cut: 2,500-2,700

Macro Goals/Day
Protein: 240g
Fat: 40g
Carbohydrates: 278g

1) I Expected to Do Better
Total weight loss of 5.4lbs is not as much as I hoped for in six weeks, but it’s still nearly a full pound per week. My biggest downfalls were lack of cardio and inclusion of cheat meals (more on that later). Ultimately, slow and steady weight loss is the goal to keep a sustainable, healthy weight. A crash diet resulting in drastic weight loss will burn valuable muscle and contribute to metabolic deficiencies. That said, I lacked some dietary discipline during this cut and could’ve achieved results much faster.

2) Eating Clean Does Not Guarantee Weight Loss
Although I have tracked my meals every day since 2009, I’ve gotten away from strict calorie/macronutrient counting over the past couple years and focused mainly on quality of nutrients. Eventually, this led to excessive caloric intake (3,500-4,000 per day) and accumulation of excess body fat, which is why I decided to start this six week cut. Sure, I’ve been lifting weights like a madman and gaining muscle but didn’t need nearly that many calories in order to acquire the muscle I desired. Had my calories been around 2,500-3,000 per day, I could have still gained muscle without adding so much body fat in the process. It’s valuable to count calories so you know where you’re at. Calculate your baseline needs and adjust from there based on your goals to gain or lose weight.

3) Dietary Fat is Healthy, But Too Much Leads to Weight Gain.
Grass fed butter. Avocado oil. Almonds. Coconut oil. Cashew butter. Dietary fat has tremendous health benefits, and it’s delicious. But when it comes to losing weight and eating fat, tread lightly. Fat has the highest calorie content out of all the macronutrients at 9 calories per gram. It is also the nutrient most easily converted into body fat. Leading up to this challenge, I was consuming 100-200g or more of dietary fat per day under the assumption that it was clean eating and good for me. During this challenge, I limited my intake to 40-60 grams per day on most days, and this had a major impact on my ability to restrict calories and shed body fat.

4) Intermittent Fasting Helped.
By putting off breakfast for a few hours in the morning, you can get a cognitive boost and utilize the many benefits of low intensity fasted cardio (walking, other light activity). This will also assist you in keeping total calorie intake down. I love the way I felt in the morning during that fasted period, so intermittent fasting is a strategy I will continue to use going forward.

5) I Was Never Starving
I used to think that eating needed to be restricted to the point where I was physically uncomfortable in order to lose weight, but that’s just not the case. During this cut, I averaged 6-8 meals per day at about 2,500 total calories. There were definitely times when I wanted to eat more, but I never felt truly deprived of anything during the cut.

6) I Did Almost No Cardio
I focused strictly on heavy, compound weight lifting 5 days per week. What little cardio I did do involved low intensity bike riding, walking, core workouts, and stretching. To accelerate results in the future, I will incorporate 2-3 high intensity cardio sessions per week. This should help get results much faster.

7) “Workout” Less, Lose More
Calorie restriction alone is enough to ensure weight loss, but exercise is still a critical component. 1-2-hour training sessions are unnecessary to build muscle and lose body fat, which is what I was doing previously. 30-60 mins of focused weight training with proper form and challenging weight are all you need to get strong and lose body fat. Short, intense cardio sessions lasting 20-30 mins are all you need to complement that schedule. Rest, recovery, sleep, walking, stretching, foam rolling, yoga, etc. are just as important as strenuous physical exertion.

8) I Had Epic Cheat Days and Still Lost Weight
I usually try to limit myself to one cheat meal per week, if at all. Most of the time, I just eat like I normally do because I love real food. During this cut, I wanted to exclude all cheat meals, but failed. Enjoyed three significant cheat meals during the six weeks. Back-to-back date nights with the wife involving beer and NY style pizza, then most recently a Mother’s Day feast with the family where I pretty much ate what I wanted but still had the cut in the back of my mind. Most other times, I adhered to my allotted calories and macros every single day.

9) Carbs Are NOT Your Enemy
Sweet potato, fruits, vegetables, jasmine rice, steel cut oats. Carbohydrates fuel your workouts and provide valuable energy but have been bastardized by profit-seeking firms that are usually selling poisons and ineffective diet fads. Make sure you’re eating enough carbohydrates based on your activity levels. I had around 278 grams of carbs per day throughout this cut and felt great doing it. Keto…eat your heart out.

10) Can’t Expect Results Overnight.
Fitness is a lifelong journey. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. One rep higher than your last workout. 10 seconds faster or 1 mile longer than before. Stay consistent, and you will see results. Small deposits in your physical bank account now add up to huge dividends later. Stay committed, keep making progress, and you will see results in time.

These results have only motivated me to keep going and do even better. I will report my progress at the end of the next six weeks and continue to share the biggest lessons learned. I hope you can take some of these fat loss insights and apply them to your own life. Health is wealth, so start making some wise choices! Please contact me with any questions, comments, or suggestions. I want to produce the best possible content to help people get healthy and feel great because that’s how we should all be living. Thanks for reading.