A show about health, fitness, success, and…of course…REAL FOOD
Welcome to Wise Eats, where we’re dishing up recipes for fitness, success, and life. This is a fitness and nutrition show, but it doesn’t end there. It’s a show about love, gratitude, passion, accomplishing goals, achieving success, and improving your life.

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Complete Podcast Episode List

Episode 1: The Pilot – Recipes for Fitness, Success, and Life
Episode 2: My 90lb Weight Loss Story
Episode 3: Christmas Special – This Day in Diet History 12-24-18
Episode 4: 10 Tips for Weight Loss and Health Improvement
Episode 5: New Years’ Resolutions, Back to the Future, Holiday Hangover, TDDH 1-6-19
Episode 6: The Best Workout Program for You
Episode 7: Island Fever, Fitness Tips for Vacation, TDDH May 2019
Episode 8: 10 Fat Loss Tips, Weight Cut Results Part 1
Episode 9: How I Lost 15.6lbs, 12 Fat Loss Tips, Weight Cut Results Part 2,
Episode 10: Abusing Protein Powder, Fasted Walking, Sleep, and Recipe of the Week
Episode 11: 4th of July Recap, Fireworks, Squats, Recipes, Sun Exposure Benefits, Cell Phone Addiction & More
Episode 12: The Wise Eats Diet Plan Part 1 – Change Your Diet, Change Your Life
Episode 13: Keto, Macros, Supplements, My Daily Diet Routine, 7 Tips
Episode 14: Graduating College, Ice Baths, Dolce Diet Certification, MAPS Anabolic Review, My Injured Squirrel Story, Fat Guy Files October 2009
Episode 15: Halloween Special – Top 10 Horror Movies, Fun Facts, Best Candy/Costumes, A Scary Story & MORE
Episode 16: Dolce Diet Certification Review, Just Say NOOOvember, Giving Up Whey Protein & More!
Episode 17: Wise Eats Thanksgiving Special – Fun Facts, Fat Guy Files & 10 Turkey Day Health Tips
Episode 18: Weight Loss, Saying No & Weight Lifting with Mrs. Wise Eats
Episode 19: Going from Bones to Bulk with Bryan Parady
Episode 20: GOAL SETTING: 8 Tips & My Goals for 2019-2020
Episode 21: Surviving a Pandemic: 10 Tips to Boost Physical/Mental Health

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