Episode 26: Q&A – Weight Loss, Calorie Surplus for Muscle Gain, Progressing Rep Ranges

In Episode 26, I answer a few questions about weight loss, increasing calories for muscle gain, progressing in rep ranges, and more!

Episode Timestamps

  • Wise-Eats.com/Episode26 for the show notes, YouTube video, and more! (0:00)
  • Changing up the format a little today and doing some Q&A! (0:20)
  • Question 1: How did you get started with your fitness journey? (1:00)
  • Diet journaling and shifting from calorie counting to food quality (1:00)
  • Question 2: How long have you been lifting weights? (3:15)
  • Making the mistake of prioritizing cardio over lifting weight (4:00)
  • Question 3: How many calories do I need for a muscle building surplus? (4:30)
  • Question 4: How did you progress rep ranges with MAPS Anabolic? (5:20)
  • Figuring out your rep ranges as a beginner (6:30)
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  • Blooper Reel (7:20)

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  • MAPS Anabolic (Workout program from Mind Pump)

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Episode 26

Welcome to Episode 26 of the Wise Eats Podcast! We’re changing up the format today with a quick episode where I answer a few questions from followers of the show. Discussing weight loss, increasing calories for muscle gain, progressing in rep ranges, and more! If you want to submit questions, e-mail WiseEatsPodcast@Gmail.com, @WesWiseFitness on Instagram, or drop a comment in the YouTube video. Let’s get to it!

Question 1: What did you do to start your weight loss journey?

The single biggest factor that contributed to my 90-lb weight loss and life transformation was starting a diet journal. By tracking everything I put in my body, I was more accountable for my actions and it helped fuel me to keep making progress toward my weight loss goal. Once I finally decided that enough was enough and I was ready to change my life, journaling was the tool that helped keep me on track. Although now I can eat intuitively based on my how I feel and my goals, I still enjoy diet journaling, so it’s a habit I maintain today.

There’s no one motivation formula that works for everyone. Counting calories worked great for me, but it won’t work for everyone. If you’re struggling with your fitness, you must make the commitment, discover positive habits that light a fire inside you, keep fighting, keep educating yourself, and you will accomplish your goals eventually. Just hang in there and stick with it!

Question 2: Do you think I should do a full 500 calorie surplus as a beginner or should I just run a 200-300 surplus until I stall to minimize fat gain? I maintain on 2000 calories but I’m pretty lean and not much muscle (from Collin on YouTube).

I would start with 2-300 calories and see how your body responds. If you’re making gains in the gym and have plenty of energy, then that’s perfect! If you’re not, then I’d give the cals a bump up. You also have an advantage because your starting this bulk already lean, which is the perfect spot to be in when you’re ready to put on some muscle.

Question 3: How long have you been training just curious?

Let’s see. I’m 37 years old now. Consistently lifting it’s been roughly 7 years unless you count me doing a random bench press set in my basement because I wanted to be a Hulkamaniac. Then it would be 27 years! 😊 I trained off and on for many years but never really got consistent until I hit my late 20’s early 30’s. I spent too many years prioritizing cardio over weights, which was a mistake.

Question 4: Do you remember how you progressed during maps Anabolic (my first bulk and I want to progress efficiently so I don’t get fat) did you start with the lowest reps in the rep range and once you hit the higher rep range then up’d the weight and went back down to the lower end of the rep range?

This is exactly how I did it. If I’m performing at the upper end of my target rep range, I will increase the weight on my next set anywhere from 1-10lbs depending on the exercise. If I’m at the lower end of the rep range or my form is off, I will consider dropping the weight on my next set or workout. Thanks for the questions, Collin!


I truly appreciate everyone who is listening, watching, and submitting questions. That’s gonna do it for a quick, new-look edition of the Wise Eats Podcast. Have a great day and make wise choices!

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