Episode 27: This Day in Diet History September 2020 – 2009 Diet vs Today

In Episode 27, we dish up another edition of This Day in Diet History, where we take a look at my embarrassing diet journal entries of the past, compare them with today, and provide a little entertainment in the process.

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Episode Timestamps

  • Wise-Eats.com/Episode27 for the show notes, YouTube video, and more! (0:00)
  • My favorite segment! This Day in Diet History (0:20)
  • Live sports are back! Football, UFC (0:45)
  • Going back in time to compare my 2009 diet journal entries with 2020 (1:20)
  • September 12, 2009: Down 50lbs despite eating total garbage! (2:00)
  • Calories in vs calories out for weight loss (2:00)
  • Checkers/Rally’s, Binging on Burger & Fries, Booze, Dairy Queen, Pizza Hut (2:30)
  • The healthier options I having back then when I first got started with weight loss (3:30)
  • My diet in 2020 is way different! No alcohol and only real food (4:20)
  • Berkey water filtration system, Kirkland Mixed Nut Butter (4:20)
  • Putting fish in my breakfast salad? WHO DOES THAT? (5:00)
  • One of my favorite lunch/dinner recipes: the chicken mix (5:15)
  • Pre & Post Workout Meals (6:15)
  • Two of my all-time favorite healthy desserts! (6:30)
  • Chocolate protein pudding with frozen banana will change your life! (7:00)
  • Learn from my mistakes! If my 2009 diet sounds like your diet right now, it’s time to wise up! (8:00)
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  • Blooper Reel (9:10)

Recipes Mentioned in This Episode:

Power Oatmeal: Wise-Eats.com/PowerOatmeal
Fully Charged Chocolate Protein Smoothie: Wise-Eats.com/FullyCharged
Chocolate-Banana Frozen Protein Pudding: Wise-Eats.com/ProteinPudding

Articles/Brands/Products Mentioned in This Episode:

  • Big Berkey Water Filters
  • Kirkland Mixed Nut Butter
  • Checker’s/Rally’s
  • Dairy Queen
  • Pizza Hut
  • UFC

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Episode 27

Welcome to Episode 27 of the Wise Eats Podcast!! Today, we’re diving into my favorite segment, This Day in Diet History, where we compare my awful diet journal entries from the past and compare them with today’s new and improved diet habits. If you want to submit questions, e-mail WiseEatsPodcast@Gmail.com, @WesWiseFitness on Instagram, or drop a comment in the YouTube video. Let’s get to it!

This Day in Diet History: September, 2009

We’re going back 11 years to when I first started my 90lb weight lost journey. I initially started losing weight in March 2009 at 270lbs. By this time in September, I was already down 50lbs, which is pretty surprising given how horrible I was eating at the time. My full week of journal entries from back then is listed below. It just goes to show that calories in, calories out does work for weight loss. Today, I know so much more and how important it is to prioritize building lean muscle instead of losing a bunch of weight.

If my 2009 diet looks like your diet right now, it’s time to wise up! Learn from my mistakes. Don’t overindulge on junk food and binge on alcohol on the weekends. You’ll really destroy any progress that you’ve made and really slow down your fitness success. It does take baby steps to transform your health, but try not to go completely off the rails so often like I did!

In 2020, it’s a much different lifestyle for me. No more alcohol, no junk food, just real food cooked at home most often. Here’s a look at my complete diet journal entry from September 12, 2020:

Wise Eats Chicken Mix

One of the best ways to stay on track with your diet is to cook at home and prepare meals ahead of time. One of the staples in my kitchen is the Wise Eats Chicken Mix, really creative title I know! Take a big serving of steamed vegetables, chicken, hemp seed, olive oil, white jasmine rice or quinoa, any other wholesome ingredients you can think of, add some of your favorite spices, mix it all together, and voila! You have an amazing batch of meals ready to go whenever you need them. I weigh out anywhere from 300-600g each and take then to work for my lunch. By staying accountable and prepared with healthy meals at all times, you can keep your diet on track!

Frozen Banana Chocolate Protein Pudding Recipe

Craving chocolate but don’t want to make an unwise choice? Look no further than this delicious protein pudding dessert that will leave you feeling satisfied and energized!

This is the perfect snack and one of my favorites to have late at night. Low in calories, high protein, and absolutely delicious! You will need some bananas frozen ahead of time. I highly recommend keeping bananas frozen in your freezer at all times (we break them up into small chunks and store in a freezer-friendly container). They make for a great, healthy snack and are incredible in smoothies/shakes.

If you’re looking to burn body fat, build lean muscle tissue, or improve overall health, getting enough protein is critical to making progress, and this recipe will help get you there!

  • 100g Frozen Banana
  • 6oz Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • 2 Servings of Protein Powder (54g)
  • 1 Serving Naked Peanut Butter Powder (12g)
  • Ice
  • Dash of Cinnamon

1) Combine banana, almond milk, ice, and cinnamon in a blender. Blend until smooth and consistent. You may need to do some stirring because it will be super thick!

2) In a separate bowl, combine protein powder and peanut butter powder.

3) Add the banana concoction, stir, and enjoy!

Optional nutrient-dense, real food ingredient ideas: Shredded coconut, hemp seed, chia seed, cacao nibs, cacao powder.

In the mood for a sweet, chocolately treat? Ditch the milkshakes and Wendy’s frosty’s. Get in the kitchen and make a wise decision.


I hope that by sharing how horribly I was eating in my mid-late 20’s and how I’ve completely transformed my life since then can inspire you to make positive changes if your health, as well. I truly appreciate everyone who is listening, watching, and submitting questions. I’m available at WiseEatsPodcast@gmail.com, in the YouTube comments, or at @WesWiseFitness in Instagram. Reach out with any questions or suggestions for the show! Now, be good to yourself, be good to others, have a great day, and make wise choices!

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