Backyard Wrestling

Professional wrestling was a major part of my childhood and early adult life. In fact, it was my entire life during that time. Nothing inspired or entertained me more. I cried when Hulk Hogan lost to the Ultimate Warrior at WrestleMania 6. I was terrified of Papa Shango’s dreaded curse. I learned morals from Hulk Hogan, hard work from Bret Hart, machismo from Razor Ramon, respect of authority from Stone Cold, and how to be cool from Big Daddy Diesel. I wanted to look like them, be like them, become them.

In 2006, I got my chance, when I participated in a backyard wrestling event called Back Yard Brawl. It was a local show put on by my close friend and consistent main eventer Jose “Paco” Rodriguez, and its reputation in the Metro Detroit area is legendary. Throughout middle and high school, I participated as a referee, but in 2006, made the switch to actual wrestler. My lifelong dream of performing in front of a live audience was fulfilled. Over the next 10 years, BYB put on six more shows, with the final event taking place in 2016. Some say it’s over for good, while others believe it will continue on. One thing is for sure, it’s legend will live on forever.

While most early video footage of BYB from 1999-2005 has been lost, its stories have become part of fabled history in the big little city of Mount Clemens, MI. From 2006-2016, BYB put on 6 events. All recorded matches and highlight videos are available on YouTube and listed below. Most are produced and edited by Darin “Lord Deezus” Roberts (Misteredit1 on YouTube). Please like and subscribe!

I grew up being taught to train, say my prayers, take my vitamins, and believe in myself. Today, I want to inspire the world to make wise choices. IT’S TIME TO WISE UP.



BYB 2006

  1. Johnny Turbo vs Richard (No Video)
  2. Lord Deezus vs Paco w/ Special Guest Referee Wes Daddy

BYB 2007

  1. Lord Deezus vs Papi Chulo (Paco in a Mask)
  2. Wes Daddy vs Johnny Turbo
  3. Paco vs Dan Guzman

BYB 2013

  1. Tomas Rodriguez vs Suavecito Supremo (Paco in Mask
  2. Lord Deezus vs Johnny Turbo vs Wes Daddy (Triple Threat)
  3. Jose “Paco” Rodriguez vs Donovan Danhausen

BYB 2014

  1. Harlan Creed vs Tommy Nitro
  2. The Filthy Frenchman vs Wes Daddy
  3. Lord Deezus (w/ Justin Charge) vs Johnny Turbo
  4. Jose Rodriguez vs Tomas Rodriguez vs Donovan Danhausen

BYB 2015

  1. The Filthy Frenchman vs Ameriken
  2. Tommy Nitro vs Harlan Creed
  3. Johnny Turbo vs Justin Charge
  4. Lord Deezus vs Wes Daddy
  5. Team Rodriguez vs Team Immortal (10-Man Tag)
  6. Jose Rodriguez vs Kate Reiter (Match Made in Heaven – BYB Style)

BYB 2016

  1. Code Enforcement w/ Richard Wilkins and Harlan Creed
  2. Lance Wheeler & The Bastard Biker vs Elliott Quinn & Ameriken
  3. Johnny Turbo vs Justin Charge 2
  4. Tomas Rodriguez vs Jose Rodriguez
  5. Wes Daddy vs The Filthy Frenchman: Ladder Match
  6. Lord Deezus vs Tommy Nitro


  1. Wes Daddy Career Highlight Video
  2. BYB 2015 Paid Announcement 1
  3. BYB 2015 Paid Announcement 2
  4. BYB 2015 Paid Announcement 3
  5. BYB 2015 Paid Announcement 4
  6. BYB 2015 Paid Announcement 5
  7. BYB 2015 Paid Announcement 6
  8. BYB 2015 Paid Announcement Outtakes
  9. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement 1
  10. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement 2
  11. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement 3
  12. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement 4
  13. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement 5
  14. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement 6
  15. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement Outtakes
  16. BYB 2016 Paid Announcement Outtakes 2
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