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All Wise Eats recipes are made with REAL FOOD.

All recipe videos are listed in order of their original release date.

Some recipe videos have two versions: one from The Following Announcement show, and one I made myself, offering different ingredient and preparation methods. Enjoy both!

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Always Workin’ Water
Eazy Reffin’ Eggs
False Finish Fried Eggs
Filthy French Toast
Razor’s Edge Scramble
Super Infused Coffee
Wise Eats Energy Bowl

Lunch & Dinner
Chokeslam Chicken Salad
Healthy Fried Chicken
Slammin’ Sweet Potato
Chicken Wise Rice

Keista Kale Chips

Meal Replacements
Wes Sider Smoothie
Sidewalk Slam Smoothie
Muscle Milk – Vanilla Berry
Muslce Milk – Chocolate Blast

Bastard Biker Banana Bread
Body Slam Sweet Potato Brownie
Blueberry Yogurt Bowl
Fully Charged Chocolate Smoothie
Clothesline Coco Cups

G.I. Jack Segments (Healthy Food Comedy Skits)
“Chipping Away” (Kale Chips)
“Cereal Killer” (Kale Shake)
“The Warrior” (Blueberry Yogurt Bowl)
“The Invasion” (Cashew Butter Planets)

“Un-Wise” Eats (Highly Delicious But Non-Healthy Recipes)
Dad’s Famous Pizza

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