Super Infused Coffee (Wise Eats Bulletproof Coffee)

Original Air Date: April 14, 2017

Wes Daddy makes a super infused cup of black coffee. It’s like your coffee… but more infused. Need a boost of energy? Look no further than a cup of hot, delicious, superfood-infused coffee. Live a life of positive, frothy infusion with Wise Eats. As seen on Season 2, Episode 8 of The Following Announcement YouTube show: “Home Sweet Homeless“. Added sugars and dairy can contribute to weight gain and disease. Before you reach for that half & half or sugar, optimize your coffee with some essential fats from MCT oil, coconut oil, or grass fed butter. This is great for fasting in the morning, as a cup of infused coffee will help sustain your energy levels while your body remains in a semi-fasted, fat burning mode. MCT oil mixes very easily in coffee. With the coconut oil or butter, you can stir with a spoon, but an immersion blender will really give you that frothy texture and take your drink to latte standards.

Super Infused Coffee:

  • Black Coffee
  • 1 Serving of Coconut Oil OR
  • 1 Serving of Grass Fed Butter OR
  • 1/2 Servings of Each

Blend with an Immersion Blender or spoon
Leave room in your mug for the infusion process!

What Kind of Coffee?

Organic is best. I must admit, my absolute favorite coffee right now is Starbucks Via Instant Colombia Blend, which is not organic, but it’s an area I sacrifice because I love the taste so much. Here’s a quick list of my favorites coffees:

  1. Starbucks via Instant Colombia Blend
  2. Mount Hagen Organic Instant
  3. Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee w/ Chaga & Cordyceps

I’m never afraid to try a different organic whole bean blend, and usually get those at Costco or Trader Joe’s.

What’s YOUR favorite coffee blend? Contact and let me know!

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