TFA Season 2, Episode 8 (Season Finale): Home Sweet Homeless

Original Air Date: April 14, 2017

With the backyard wrestling duo reunited, Deezus and Charge face a new stable of misfits that threaten to take over their coveted dwelling in the local park, and must compete in the homeless olympics in order to defend their territory. The quest to end Turbo’s streak culminates in an epic final showdown. Also featuring “Wise Eats” (Super Infused Coffee) and The Following Announcement Cast promo.

Lord Deezus                       Darin Roberts           
Justin Charge                     Justin Thorne  
3-Sweet Member 1             Robert Arens
3-Sweet Member 2             Jared Thorne
3-Sweet Member 3             Kenneth Beckett
Johnny Turbo                     John Thorne
Ref Martin                          Martin Shaouni
Eazy Motha Reffin’ E         Eric Fennell
Wes Daddy                         Wesley Wise
Park Sunglass Kid              Ethan Saif
Park Cop                             Frank Schmid

Cumbersome                                    Seven Mary Three
N.I.B.                                                 Ozzy Osbourne
A.M. 180                                            Grandaddy
Hey Man, Nice Shot                          Filter
Ty Cobb                                             Soundgarden
The Safety Dance                             Men Without Hats
Medal (Kurt Angle Theme Song)      Jim Johnston (WWE Wrestling Theme)
Random Instrumental                       Artist Unknown
Mr. Blue Sky                                     Electric Light Orchestra

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