TFA Season 2, Episode 7: The Split

Original Air Date: April 7, 2017

In the fallout of their heated argument, Deezus and Charge have gone their separate ways. Charge looks to build new friendships, while Deezus moves in with his sister and brother-in-law. Meanwhile, Johnny Turbo adjusts to life without the constant threat of his adversaries. Also featuring “Fully Charged” (User Videos). Filmed by Scott Schrage.

Brittany                               Brittany Grabowski
Will                                      William Grabowski
Lord Deezus                       Darin Roberts           
Maximus                             Trevor McCullough
Justin Charge                     Justin Thorne  
Sunglasses Kid                   Ethan Saif
Eyeglasses Kid                   Lucien Wakefield
Youngest Kid                      Logan Wakefield
Johnny Turbo                     John Thorne
McDonald’s Worker            Derrick

Now We Are Free                                            Lisa Gerrard
No Surrender                                                   Bruce Springsteen
Save a Prayer                                                  Duran Duran
The Shining (Theme)                                       APM Music
4am                                                                  Our Lady Peace
The Brood (WWE Theme)                                Frank Shelley (Zombie Thirteen YouTube)
Drive All Night                                                   Bruce Springsteen
A Change Is Gonna Come                                Seal
Everybody Wants to Rule the World                 Tears for Fears
No Chance (WWE Theme)                               Frank Shelley (Zombie Thirteen YouTube)
Pulling Mussels                                                 Squeeze

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