Episode 18: Weight Loss, Saying No & Weight Lifting with Mrs. Wise Eats

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In Episode 18, we’re dishing up our first ever interview! My wife, Giovannina, joins the show to share her 39lb weight loss experience and many lessons she learned along the way. It’s a HO-HO-HO edition of the Wise Eats Podcast! Merry Christmas and Make Wise Choices!

Episode Timestamps

  • Intro! Merry Christmas everyone! (0:00)
  • Wise-Eats.com/Coaching (2:30)
  • Introducing “Mrs. Wise Eats”, my wife, Giovannina (2:50)
  • How she lost 39lbs and how long it took (3:20)
  • The biggest factor leading to her weight loss: Learning how to say no (3:45)
  • Why she prefers weight lifting and walking over cardio nowadays (2:45)
  • Gio’s 9-year struggle with sustaining weight loss and why this time it’s different (5:30)
  • Her history with crash diets, fad diets, and Whole 30 (5:50)
  • The chicken and broccoli diet is not the answer! (7:20)
  • Why she no longer uses restrictive diets to lose weight (7:50)
  • The importance of sleep and reducing stress (8:30)
  • Why reducing stress was her biggest factor for losing weight (9:10)
  • Reducing stress through cannabis and saying no (9:40)
  • Taking care of yourself first and being selfish about it (10:10)
  • The impact that weight lifting has had on her fitness (11:05)
  • Her new favorite form of exercise and flexibility of working out at home (12:00)
  • Doing deadlifts in the driveway and the power of leading by example! (12:15)
  • The results from weight lifting are amazing and it’s more fun than cardio! (13:00)
  • How often Gio lifts weights and how she incorporates cardio (13:40)
  • Why physical changes from building muscle has become a huge source of inspiration (14:30)
  • When did health and fitness first become important? (14:50)
  • Have you found a lifestyle/regimen that you feel will be sustainable? (15:35)
  • Her current fitness goals and a John Cena Christmas blurb (16:10)
  • #GOALS Gio wants to deadlift 200 in 2020 and how much she can lift right now (16:15)
  • Making gains! Tracking workouts and getting stronger (16:30)
  • Will Ferrell Elf blurb (17:15)
  • Biggest motivating factors for transformation: Pregnancy, being your best self, beating genetics (17:20)
  • You are in control of your health! (17:50)
  • Lessons learned from Rachel Hollis: Don’t break promises to yourself (18:30)
  • Randy Orton Christmas wrestling blurb: HO-HO-HO! (20:10)
  • How her brother’s struggle with drugs motivated her to improve her health (20:10)
  • Scrooged blurb: Getting greedy for the Christmas miracle! (20:45)
  • How measuring food for her cannabis plants inspired her to change her diet (20:55)
  • Scrooged blurb: It’s time to party! (21:45)
  • Quick Bites: Rapid fire questions! (21:55)
  • Her favorite form of exercise and favorite specific lift? (22:00)
  • Favorite music to work out to? (22:25)
  • Current exercise routine/program? (22:55)
  • Favorite Wise Eats recipe? (24:10)
  • Favorite Un-Wise Choice? Wally’s Custard! (24:40)
  • One healthy food in our kitchen you can’t live without? (24:55)
  • Golden retriever blurb: Our dog Cohen sharing apples (25:15)
  • Something you love diet-wise now that you never thought you would? (25:15)
  • Sharpshooter Breakfast Salad shout out. Awesome recipe! (25:45)
  • Her favorite source of inspiration & Rachel Hollis’ Girl Wash Your Face (26:00)
  • What do you want for Christmas? (26:30)
  • Stone Cold Steve Austin stuns Santa! (26:55)
  • Favorite Christmas song? (27:00)
  • Favorite Christmas movie? Another Elf blurb (27:05)
  • Favorite thing about Christmas? Lights & Starbucks! (27:30)
  • Chinese food around Christmas time? (28:10)
  • Closing thoughts & Gio thanks Wes for being an example (28:30)
  • Contact Gio via Instagram @wisegalsgrow or @wise.wifey (29:10)
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  • BLOOPER REEL (30:00)

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Interview Transcript


Ho ho ho wise guys and gals and welcome to Episode 18 of the Wise Eats Podcast. I’m former fat guy and Santa’s helper Wes Wise and we’ve got an extra special episode for you today. It is my very first podcast interview with none other than my wife, Giovannina. We shot this in our living room and had a blast doing it. It was a little uncomfortable a little awkward at first but a ton of fun and I really hope you enjoy the conversation.

You know, she has been through a tremendous amount of adversity in her life, but we kept it focused on health and fitness for this episode because she has lost 39 pounds in 2019 and I’m extremely proud of her for doing that.

So, we’re gonna dive into exactly how she did it. One of my goals for 2020 is to take on my first coaching client. She mentions at the end of the episode like hey, “I am a reflection of you and this is one of your goals” and I wasn’t sure at first what she meant but inadvertently I did kind of become her coach. She has struggled with weight loss for 10 years, and she wanted me to put her on a regimen. She’s like, you know put me on a program and I’m like I’m not a professional. I’m not a personal trainer yet. But I’m working out every day, so I share my my tactics and my lifestyle and my workout routine with her and

she kind of just started doing it on her own and she had some great success and it’s amazing.

It just shows it shows the power of when you show up for yourself every day the positive effect that that can have on other people so like I said, I’m so proud of Gio for taking the time making the time to get her health in order and achieve her goals. So, I hope you find some value out of her story and if you are interested in the coaching, you can find more information about that at Wise-Eats.com/Coaching

Without further ado, I present to you Mrs. Wise Eats. Have a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and it’s time to wise up.

Interview with Mrs. Wise Eats!

Wes: So I’m sitting here with my beautiful wife Giovannina. Thank you for being on the Wise Eats Podcast. Welcome

Gio: Thank You Wesley for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here .

Wes: I appreciate it because I know this is not the most comfortable scenario in history. This show is all about leading by example so I wanted to have you on to talk a little bit about your transformation over the last year because I’ve seen it, I know other people have seen it. We’ve been getting some questions here and there about it. So, I guess we’ll just start by explaining. You know, how much weight have you lost and about how long has it taken you?

Gio: I started at the beginning of this year. I’ve lost 39lbs since January.

Wes: That’s amazing.

Gio: Thank you.


Gio: Thank you.

Wes: What has been the biggest factor For your weight loss so far this year?

Gio: Several things I think one of them would be saying saying no. That’s probably one of my biggest weight loss factors because that that helps me stick to my routine. Stick to the things that I know that I should be doing to keep myself healthy mentally and physically. So, saying no is probably one of the biggest factors. Learning how to say no and not the not feeling bad about it. I still know how to do that but saying no.

Wes: Saying no to?…

Gio: Yeah saying no to food, saying no to people, different relationships. Saying no to routines that I used to think we’re healthy for me that are not. Saying no to some of my favorite stuff, you know, but saying no to some things that I thought I’d never have to say no to but it’s worth it in the end.

Wes: Mm-hmm. Yeah, I mean it can be hard to say no to things, for sure. Have you had any significant changes with your diet or exercise routine?

Gio: Yes, lifting has become part of my weekly routine

Wes: Lifting weights? Yeah!

Gio: First I actually I really love walking. I used to think I had to run to lose weight, but walking has been one of my very favorite things. If I can walk every morning, that’s how I like to start my mornings is with a fasted walk because I would rather not do crunches

Wes: Yeah, I remember early on in our relationship you’d be just be running around town all the time. That was like your main source of exercise.

Gio: It’s the only thing I thought that would I could lose weight significantly this when I ran it off.

Wes: I was the exact same way. I’d just run every single day just run all the calories off.

Gio: It’s so boring and hurts the knees.

Wes: Yeah, boring and ineffective.

Gio: Yeah, it really never kept the weight off

Wes: Right, because this isn’t the first time that you’ve lost weight.

Gio: No, this has been a battle I would say for about nine years. I’ve lost and gained the same twenty to forty pounds over and over again. So, when I say I lost 39 pounds, it’s exciting, but it’s like, you know, this is the first initial breakthrough though. I think in the first one that seems like it’s stuck and it’s really changed this time. I mean I hit a goal that I hadn’t hit before in the last ten years, so…

Wes: And it’s not like you’ve lost you changed your diet two months ago and you’ve lost 39 pounds in like three weeks this has been over the course of a year.

Gio: Yep. I started the year with the whole 30 because I knew we were going to Hawaii in February and I wanted to just be clean of sugar, so I started with the whole thirty you just you know started up but even just that I mean that was one of the first times I really tried a diet. I never was really a huge like diet person. I feel like I always talked about needing to lose weight and trying these different things but diets never lasted for me. I mean, I guess that’s a lie, scratch that I’ve tried them all: the grapefruit diet The hardboiled egg diet, the cabbage soup diet. Not for long, but you know the first three days of any diet, so the whole thirty was one of my first favorites because you could still eat all whole real foods. Just took out the sugar which is the really the worst thing. That’s one of my worst things, the hardest thing I fight is sugar

Wes: I think at all the different fad diets whole 30 is probably one of the better ones. If you’re gonna follow a regimented diet plan like that, I think whole 30s for my experience one of the better ones

Gio: I mean whole thirty I think they just say whole thirty just meaning like it takes 30 days to get the sugar and then whatever out of your system. But whole thirty all that whole thirty is eating just whole foods. That’s it .

Wes: Yeah, I can’t I can’t disagree with eating Whole Foods

Gio: Yeah, whole foods, nothing processed.

Wes: I remember you used to talk the chicken and broccoli diet a lot – you just eat straight chicken and broccoli

Gio: Oh just I did that for what this trainer that I was working with a trainer who wanted to put me on a regimen. So, for two weeks, I chicken and broccoli and I lost 14 pounds

Wes: And that was this was back in

Gio: 2014.

Wes: Yeah, okay, so temporarily lost 15 pounds eating that restrictive type of diet and then and

Gio: Then it was fourth of July here at my house and I broke the diet with watermelon and I was back up 30 pounds up before you knew it! That was a great day. Aunt Margaret brought Danish.

Wes: Oh boy. So you’re not following any kind of restrictive diet to lose this 39 pounds?

Gio: No, this 39 pounds has been the most significant indifferent 39 pounds. I’m not following a restricted diet. I do still keep Whole Foods incorporated into my life. We also use protein so I don’t think that’s considered exactly Whole Foods, but it’s close, but I think it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle change is why this 39 pounds is so different, looks so different, feels so different. It’s just a lifestyle change, you know? I try to get eight hours of sleep even though I used to think that was so stupid when you talk about it, but it’s kind of a big deal. That was annoying but eight hours of sleep, saying no to things that I didn’t used to say no to say no to friends setting boundaries with people and relationships that for my mental health that’s been a big part of it. Stress will keep it on you know, so I’ve lost twenty or thirty pounds before but it didn’t look the same as these 39 pounds weight lifting has helped I think changed the shape of my body entirely. So, that I think looks different and you know, not just 39 pounds but inches.

Wes: You just touched on two huge things there. So, you think that stress has been a big factor in this weight loss

Gio: Major one of the biggest.

Wes: Would you say it’s the biggest?

Gio: I would say it’s the biggest. Yeah, I guess if you ask me the biggest I would say stress was the biggest

Wes: Wow.

Gio: Yeah I mean, like I said, I’ve lost the 20 to 30 pounds before it didn’t look like this and didn’t feel like this you know?

Wes: And this is stress brought on by personal relationships by your job…So, what’s been your biggest way to reduce stress would you say?

Gio: Cannabis

Wes: Ok. Well, that’s that’s a benefit of that. I mean, that’s one way to reduce stress, obviously

Gio: Obviously yeah, also morning walks. I mean obviously not having a nine-to-five job right now helps a lot being with my dogs every day

Wes: Being a stay-at-home mom to our two dogs, which is amazing.

Gio: Yeah, being happy, which that means you know healthy relationships with people friends healthy boundaries learning to say no not feeling bad about it. Not really not thinking that this that having this lifestyle change is selfish that was hard because people look at it like it’s a selfish thing that you have to make sure that you get your workout time in every day, you know? Or you can’t go out after 8 o’clock or 9 o’clock because you don’t want to be out past whatever because it’s past your bedtime and you don’t won’t get your eight hours. It looks so funny to other people but it’s what’s worked for me.

Wes: Being selfish is about your health is…You have to be you know? You can’t be anything for anybody else if you don’t take care of yourself

Gio: That was a big motivator. I want to be the best version of myself for me and for others because I really love to give to others and trying to figure out how I can do that has always been like one of my main goals in life and the best way I can do that is be an example to them and be the best version of me. I can’t give to them with my cup empty.

Wes: Absolutely. So, speaking of being the best version of yourself. You talked about weight lifting earlier, so that’s been my favorite part of this change cuz I mean, I’m obviously lifting weights three to six days a week and you definitely were not at first and then you started lifting weights and people I think people mistakenly think that I’ve been like pushing you or you know driving you. I tell people like no she’s completely doing this on her own.

Gio: It’s something I never thought I would want to do lift weights and I’m not trying to say I thought it was like whatever “just for guys”

Wes: Mmm-hmm. Most people most people probably do

Gio: Yeah, I didn’t think it’d be anything I would ever be interested in honestly, I really didn’t, not that I was ever really interested in running, but you just gotta run, but yeah, I never thought it would be something for me but now it’s my most favorite thing.

Wes: It’s your favorite form of exercise?

Gio: Yes, I love it. I get really upset when I don’t.

Wes: I don’t think I’ll ever forget watching you do deadlifts in her driveway. That was uh, just watching you do deadlifts at the gym the other day it was almost like an out-of-body experience for me just cuz it’s like it’s never been you but over the last year you’ve been doing it consistently. Then you’ll send me pictures of you just working out here by yourself and I’m just so proud every time every time you do it.

Gio: This is thanks to you.

Wes: I wouldn’t say that.

Gio: I think your example look at what you gave to me, you know, it’s a big deal

Wes: I think you know obviously living with me, you know  like you said “if you’re not gonna beat them join them” or whatever, but I don’t think I’ve ever tried to force it on you oppress it on you it just kind of Naturally evolved.

Gio: Well, then the results from it. I think after the results when they finally came that’s what did it, you know, it takes a minute though to see them but it’s just it’s so much more fun than running or any type of cardio, not that I should not add some cardio in but

Wes: Yeah, you see lasting changes with the weight lifting.

Gio: Different than 30 pounds  I lost before or 20 pounds that I’ve lost before 10 pounds of weight lifting weight loss looks a lot different and the workouts are so much easier when you’re lifting weights versus doing the cardio. I mean, I do love my morning walks. That’s cardio to me. You know, that’s my favorite. That’s like my mental clear my mind, you know?

Wes: So, how many days a week are you at least trying to lift?

Gio: I stick to like a 3 to 4 day a week lift, you know, um, I usually get 3 if it’s 4 that’s a really good week. But 3 to 4 works for me and that’s it. Took me a while to get there. I thought  that I had to weight lift every day. No, I don’t have to wait lift everyday.

Wes: Some weeks you don’t hit three three or four days a week.

Gio: No, sometimes I get to you know, I mean, there’s been some weeks I didn’t hit any depending on the weather since our gym is at home, but three to four days seems to be something I can and keep you know keep forever. I wanted to pick something that I can do for the rest of my life. I don’t want to pick something that you’re gonna get sick of running three miles every day. I mean some people might not that might be four so it’s not gonna be for me here in Michigan. Yeah, that’s not gonna be it’s just it’s just not that I like lifting weight better

Wes: I used to be nothing but cardio now

Gio: I love that you don’t have to lose weight just by cardio like, you know

Wes: Yeah, there’s there’s a much easier way to do it and enjoyable. I mean running can be enjoyable too, but when did health and fitness first become important you?

Gio: When I stepped on the scale and I seen 259 pounds in 2011. Some major life changes happen then you know? I would I felt unhealthy I felt pains and places I shouldn’t feel pains already and that’s when I started to research, you know the foods I was eating I started doing shakes in the morning. Trying to park further in a parking spot that and walk a little bit more get steps in whenever you could but nothing really lasted. I was always trying to find something, you know, that would work for my lifestyle.

Wes: So, it’s kind of been a back and forth struggle all this time?

Gio: Instead of a lifestyle change because it was normally just like a diet or some kind of routine, you know, that never stuck.

Wes: So, do you feel like you found something this time that’s sustainable?

Gio: Yeah, it better be I really really like it. I’m bummed that I can’t work out in my garage because the time of the year

Wes: Michigan is awful right now.

Gio: Other than that, yeah, I don’t see where I ever wouldn’t want to do this

Wes: Well, what are your current goals?

Gio: Current goals is another 20 pounds before the end of the year. It’s gonna be a struggle with the holidays, but I’m gonna do my best. If not, you know beginning of January and then another 20 pounds in in 2020. I also would like to deadlift 200 sometime in next year, so that’s one of my current goals right now.

Wes: How much are you dead lifting right now?

Gio: 125 as of this week.

Wes: And I would still classify you as a beginner.

Gio: Yes, I’m still I’m very much a beginner. But I’m okay with that. A beginner for a little longer than some.

Wes: But, you’re progressing you’re you know, each workout yours you’re tracking your exercise?

Gio: Yes. I’ve gone down when there’s been weeks I’ve skipped or whatever. I’ve had to go down in weight which that is a heartbreaker when you’re keeping track and do not make gains. Never thought I would say that.

Wes: But the key is you’re keeping track and you’re trying to get stronger every time?

Gio: Every time, even if it’s just by one rep.

Wes: And it’s a feeling of accomplishment when you when you see that you’ve gone up in weight or you’ve gone up in reps .

Gio: Yeah, I would say that was the first feeling of accomplishment when I seen I was getting stronger by numbers, you know. And I didn’t see results right away. Yeah that helped

Wes: You keep track and you keep showing up and you’re gonna make progress at some point, right? I mean unless you’re really slacking somewhere in your sleep or your diet or your stress. What have been your biggest motivating factors for this transformation?

Gio: The want to be the best version of me. The want to see an actual permanent change and break the cycle of “this is hereditary”. Pregnancy may be a thing for me in the future, so I want to be in the best version of myself. That way I can have the best delivery and be the best mom that I possibly could be What else?

Wes: I think the hereditary thing is huge.

Gio: Yeah, I really like to be around for a really long time. And also I think you deserve that, you know? You’re giving that to me. I would like to give that back

Wes: Yeah, I think a lot of people would use as an excuse. “It’s in our family genes that I’m gonna be 50 pounds overweight or whatever”

Gio: And keep these.

Wes: Yeah, keep them hamhocks

Gio: I like them but I just like to narrow them down

Wes: Yeah, I mean genetics plays a part, but you’re for sure in control if you want to be, so

Gio: And that’s exciting. That’s how hard part is learning that you can be in control and it’s not a selfish thing. That you’re controlling you and you’re doing the best you can from you the hardest part I think I’ve had to learn this year is that I can’t give, which I love to give, if my cup is only half full you know? That’s one thing Rachel Hollis got in my head this year so hard when she said that she worked out after a going out with her girlfriends. She wanted to work out and didn’t get a chance went out with their girlfriends instead, but still came home and did the treadmill. She told one of her girlfriends and they’re like really why couldn’t you wait till yesterday and she’s like because I told myself I would do it today. Wouldn’t you hate it if you had a girlfriend that said they were gonna show up and didn’t? Like saying it to yourself like wouldn’t you hate it? If you had someone that said they were gonna show up every day at certain time and never did. What would your relationship be like with that person? Yeah, so I gotta quit saying no to me. I’m the most important but like trying to tell myself that when I don’t like then that’s think of it as a selfish thing? Huge struggle. Mental, huge struggle.

Wes: Yeah, making that time and sticking to it

Gio: I mean it was it’s hard so hard anything and everything could take it up and I let people I like to let things I can’t help it. You know.

Wes: Yeah, that’s still something that you struggle with

Gio: Yeah struggle, but I’ve done the way better with it. I mean way better because and I think of it as breaking a promise to myself and I don’t want to do that. I was two and a half hours late to myself the other day at the gym. Two and a half hours late? There’s no way I would stayed waiting around for that person. You know what I mean? And I did that to myself. I wouldn’t do that to nobody else. I’m gonna do that to me every day? No, it’s not nice. So, learning to be a better to just to myself honestly. Duh self-love it’s 2019. I’m sorry. Sorry.

Gio: And honestly if I had to be completely honest the biggest motivator is in 2017 my you know some lifestyle or some life-changing events happened for our family. And I knew that if my brother could get through some of the things that he could get through that I could overcome this one ff the biggest things that I’ve had to overcome and it’s this weight loss has been a ten-year battle. So, if you can overcome drugs and addiction then I can overcome this addiction. This sugar and lifestyle changes that needed to happen. So, that was probably one of the biggest motivators.

Gio: One of the biggest things – I didn’t talk about is measuring your food and the reason why that really stuck with me this year is I’ve measured my food before and I did the whole scale thing.  But when I realized how important it was to measure my food for my cannabis plants and how significant that was for their life and the whole situation, why wouldn’t I be doing that for myself? Why wouldn’t I be giving myself the right exact amount of food in the right water that I need? How about doing it for myself and not just my plants?

Wes: Wow. Yeah, that’s see that’s a huge thing. Our dogs only get dog food and water, you know? They get just what they need to survive and treats here and there.

Gio: But yeah measuring my food eating the serving eating the serving size of things. You can really have anything you want if you eat the serving size and you move your butt.

Wes: All right, so let’s do some rapid fire quick bites you good with that? All right. What’s your favorite form of exercise?

Gio: Lifting

Wes: Amazing, what what’s your favorite specific lift?

Gio: Deadlifts.

Wes: All right. Second favorite?

Gio: Incline dumbbell chest press

Wes: You said that like I’ve told you to say it beforehand. That’s your second Favorite? All right. What’s your favorite song to work out to right now?

Gio: Anything by post Malone. I like Wow right now I like Goodbyes and anything.

Wes: That’s the new album. I like Hollywood is bleeding. We just seen him in concert a couple months ago.

Gio: So I like him a lot. My favorite song is psycho. That was the beginning.

Wes: Yeah, I like all his music, honestly. Concert was awesome. Mm-hmm. Your current exercise routine or program?

Gio: At minimum I try to do two to two to three days of lifting a week and the program is by a thinner leaner stronger Michael Matthews

Wes: Yeah, and then obviously you modify it wherever you need to?

Gio: Yeah, if I can’t do assisted pull-ups then I do those when I’m at the gym. It just depends on what my day is sometimes I’ll do half a workout and do the rest later the next day, you know, just depends.

Wes: Are you throwing cardio in at all?

Gio: I was doing walking everyday. Fasted walks were part of my everyday routine this year, but being that the weather has changed in this wonderful state that we live in my walking has come to a minimum and I really hate that. So no, I need to add some cardio. But that’s what I would do in between sets even was walk, walk, walk.

Wes: But if you only have a couple hours a week to work out it’s gonna be walking and lifting weights, right?

Gio: That’s it for me. Those are my two very favorite things, but if it’s permitted to a gym then lifting weights and I don’t know what I would do for cardio that I would like better. I haven’t really been doing cardio. No, not really other than walking.

Wes: What’s your favorite wise eats recipe? You don’t even know what any of them are. That’s okay, we can go to the next question

Gio: I like the rice one, hunny.

Wes: The rice one? Right…we make rice every day

Gio: I do, the wise eats rice one

Wes: Chicken wise rice

Gio: That one and I do like the salads with the eggs

Wes: Yeah? Oh, you like the salads with the eggs? Huh? Just feeding me a line of bull right now I know you are. What’s your favorite unwise choice?

Gio: Wally’s custard

Wes: Wally’s custard out in I don’t know what city that is

Gio: St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Wes: Shout out. All right. What is one healthy food in our kitchen you can’t live without?

Gio: Apples

Wes: Apples, pretty simple. Apples are an awesome snack put them with some almond butter forget about it.

Gio: I like them and Coney likes to share them, so

Wes: What is something diet-wise you love now that you never thought you would?

Gio: Breakfast salads with eggs in them

Wes: You actually like that?

Gio: I do! Remember that one you made when you were here shooting wise eats that morning and you gave it to me? I liked it a lot and I would look at them every day when you eat them I think it’s so weird. But until you actually taste it’s so good.

Wes: So what is that? What is that recipe?

Gio: Not sure.

Wes: It’s the Sharpshooter breakfast salad.

Gio: Yeah, that’s it. That’s how I remember it is the Sharpshooter breakfast salad.

Wes: Yeah haha.

Gio: And if I was gonna tell somebody that was my favorite, that’s exactly what I would say ‘the Sharpshooter breakfast salad”. Yep.

Wes: What’s your favorite source of inspiration?

Gio: Worship music

Wes: Anything else? You like listening to podcasts, or?

Gio: Rachel Hollis helped a lot this year.

Wes: What was her first book? I think I listened to it

Gio: Girl wash your face

Wes: I listened to that one. Yeah, that was good. So the holiday season is among us what do you what do you want for christmas?

Gio: I want to lose 20 pounds and get more muscles. I want abs for Christmas, but that’s gonna have to come next summer. And I want you to support me while I continue.

Wes: Well, you definitely got that 100% I mean, I’ll do my best. What’s your favorite Christmas song?

Gio: Maria Carey All I Want for Christmas Is You!

Wes: Favorite Christmas movie?

Gio: You know, I’m newer at this. Oh man, I’m gonna get crap. What’s his name the elf one?

Wes: Oh, with Will Ferrell?

Gio: Yeah. Yeah.

Wes: Oh, that’s a good one. What’s your favorite thing about Christmas?

Gio: Christmas is newer to me. I love the lights. I love tradition for some things. I don’t like keeping all traditions, but I like to look at the lights. My favorite thing probably is when Starbucks decorates for the holidays and puts out their Starbucks cups. That’s probably one of my favorite things the music and the time of year. It’s cozy and warm and people seem to be nice which they should be all year. That’s why it’s my favorite

Wes: That’s a new tradition for me is listening to Christmas music all month round or geez. It’s already been on since November first and I love it now. I love listening to Christmas music. And then going on a drive to look at the lights,

Gio: And Chinese food, just kidding

Wes: Yeah, right that’s the thing you’re still eating out here and there

Gio: Yeah, about once a week.

Wes: Not gonna lie we went out to eat for breakfast today but hey, crushed it all week. Made gains. It’s all good. So I think that’s gonna do it. I appreciate you being on

Gio: I want to thank you for all of your help and support I couldn’t have done this without You.

Wes: Oh, it’s been my pleasure

Gio: Thank you for this gift

Wes: I hope it’s the gift that keeps on giving

Gio: Seems like it will. Your example is incredible.

Wes: Well, I can’t say enough how proud I am of you and

Gio: I’m a reflection of you.

Wes: Oh boy, just showering me here.

Gio: I’m not trying to but this is a reflection. Coaching was one of your goals and now you’ve accomplished it. You didn’t maybe think it would come in this form, but here I am!

Wes: Well, I hope you keep it up and I’d love to have you on again later on too, you know check your progress and see how it’s going. Because obviously this is gonna keep going for you. Do you have an Instagram handle you want a shout-out?

Gio: @Wise.Wifey or @WiseGalsGrow

Wes: Uou can also go to Wise-Eats.com/Episode18 to get the show notes and transcript for all this and that’s gonna do it. Thanks a lot for watching and listening. Thank you, Giovannina. Thanks again for watching and until next time make wise choices!

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