Episode 16: Dolce Diet Certification Review, Just Say NOOOvember, Giving Up Whey Protein & More!

In Episode 16, I review my recent experience with the Dolce Diet Certification in Belmar, New Jersey. Here’s what we’re dishing up:

  • Dolce Diet Certification Review and Biggest Takeaways
  • Just Say NOvember Fitness Challenge
  • Why I’m Giving Up Protein Powders
  • This Day in Diet History – November 2019
  • My Dermatologist Says NO LIFTING for 2 Weeks!
  • Word to the Wise: Reading YOUR Comments/E-Mails
  • Recipe of the Week: Sharpshooter Breakfast Salad
  • And much more!

It’s a Dolce Diet Approved edition of Wise Eats! Enjoy and make wise choices.

Episode Timestamps

  • Mike Dolce Blurb: Eat Really Well Throughout the Day! DON’T DIET (0:00)
  • I hope everyone had a good Halloween! My Beetlejuice Wig…Coming up on today’s episode…(00:15)
  • Our Halloween shopping experience with Costco & Trader Joe’s (1:00)
  • Dolce Diet Certification & Nutrition Conference Blurb (2:00)
  • My recent experience with the Dolce Diet Certification and Nutrition Conference! (02:15)
  • My thoughts on the east coast/Belmar, NJ (2:15)
  • My history with Mike Dolce and what the Dolce Diet is (2:30)
  • Dolce is proud of me! (3:30)
  • How the Dolce Diet Certification course was run (3:30)
  • Size of the class and types of individuals who took part (4:00)
  • Mike Dolce says THIS IS THE MONEY SHOT (4:30)
  • What the Dolce Diet principles are! (4:40)
  • Running down the 10 Dolce Diet Principles (5:00)
  • Simple but effective things that you need to do to change your life! (6:00)
  • Stick to the basics and you will achieve your goals & Wisdom blurb from Dolce (6:00)
  • Biggest Takeaway #1: Goal Setting (6:30)
  • Dolce’s 5F’s: Fitness, Family, Finance, Future, For Me (6:45)
  • How I use goal setting and journaling (7:00)
  • How the DDC changed this for my wife and I (7:20)
  • Dolce Blurb about Goal Setting between husband and wife (8:00)
  • Biggest Takeaway #2: The Power of Networking (8:10)
  • I feel really good today and have really good energy! DOLCE (8:40)
  • Biggest Takeaway #3: The Importance of Integrity (8:45)
  • Dolce says DON’T BE A D—KHEAD! (9:10)
  • My feelings walking away from the event (9:15)
  • Dolce says see yourself as the God that you really are! (9:45)
  • I’m officially a Dolce Diet Certified Coach! What This Means (9:55)
  • I want to help you change your life (10:30)
  • If you’re ready to improve your health or physique, message me at wiseeatspodcast@gmail.com or @weswisefitness (10:45)
  • 8-Week Personalized Diet Program (11:00)
  • “When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use. When diet is correct, medicine is of no need” (11:15)
  • Just Say NOOOvember Fitness Challenge! (11:30)
  • Why I’m giving up protein powder for the month of November (12:00)
  • How I’ve replaced protein powder in my diet (12:30)
  • Not missing protein powder at all! (12:45)
  • Why I’m consuming too much protein (and you may be too!) (13:00)
  • What I’m probably going to give up in the month of December (13:30)
  • Dolce says maybe you should try it his way just for a week! (13:50)
  • This Day in Diet History: My Diet, Fitness Goals for November 2019 (14:00)
  • My current workout program: MAPS Anabolic (14:20)
  • Why a recent visit to the dermatologist left me unable to lift heavy for two weeks (14:30)
  • What I’m doing instead of lifting weights…for now (16:00)
  • My lean bulking plan for December (16:40)
  • My exact diet from this day in November 2019 (17:00)
  • My version of Mike Dolce’s breakfast bowl (17:10)
  • Meals, macros, and workouts available at Wise-Eats.com/Episode16 (18:00)
  • Word to the Wise: Responding to YOUR questions, comments from social media (18:10)
  • Instagram shout outs to @crittyroc13 @ja_jib11 @1jess2bob & @this_show (18:20)
  • YouTube shout outs to Angel Poblano & Misteredit1 (19:25)
  • Coconut Oil Chocolate Recipe Wise-Eats.com/Coco (19:50)
  • HBK Shawn Michaels Sweet Chin Music Blurb (20:10)
  • Recipe of the Week: Sharpshooter Breakfast Salad (20:25)
  • Season 7 Premiere of The Following Announcement: The Automator (20:35)
  • Salads for breakfast: The only pre-workout you need! (21:00)
  • Get real foods in wide variety over at Wise-Eats.com/Recipes (22:00)
  • Another Dolce blurb about feeling energized (20:10)
  • Thanks for listening to a Dolce Diet Certified Edition of Wise Eats! (22:15)
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Welcome to Episode 16 of Wise Eats!

Hello again, wise guys and gals, and welcome to another special, fun-filled, action packed episode of the Wise Eats Podcast. I’m your host! Former fat guy, turned fitness enthusiast, and now Dolce Diet Certified Coach, Wes Wise. I hope everyone had a good Halloween. Ours was terrific despite the disgusting Michigan weather – it rained for 3 days straight. But, we made the best of it, saw some amazing decorations, and stocked up on some Wise Eats with a little Costco and Trader Joe’s grocery shopping.

Speaking of Halloween, I appreciate all of the feedback on the Halloween Spooktacular episode of Wise Eats, which is available at Wise-Eats.com/Episode15 for anyone who didn’t get a chance to see it. I threw in a whole bunch of clips from some of my favorite scary movies and tried to make it as entertaining as possible! Hope you enjoy…

Today, we’ll be dishing up several topics including my recent experience with the DDC certification and my Just Say NOvember fitness challenge. We’ll also dive into This Day in Diet History and a Word to the Wise, so let’s get to it!

Why is Dolce trying to dress like me?

I’m Dolce Diet Certified!

Recently went to Belmar, NJ for the 3-day Dolce Diet Certification. It was a 10.5 hour drive from Mount Clemens, Michigan over to Belmar, which wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected. The drive through Pennsylvania was gorgeous!

This was my first time to the east coast and I loved it! Belmar, NJ is a beautiful beach town and I couldn’t resist jumping in the ocean even though it was freezing! Bradley Beach has a vast boardwalk where you can sip a coffee and go for a nice, long walk on the beach. I absolutely took advantage of this!

I packed a weekend’s worth of food to have on the trip so I didn’t eat out at all, but Dolce did treat the entire class to a lunch at the Stay Gold Café, which had amazing coffee and delicious, healthy food. Shout out to Stay Gold!

It was a thrill meeting Mike Dolce and taking his certification course. He has been a mentor of mine for the last decade or so and very influential in my own health journey. His philosophy is based on principles to increase longevity and prevent disease, and Mike’s results speak for themselves. He’s one of the most successful fitness coaches in the world. He knows his stuff, and I have a tremendous amount of respect for him. He’s a super nice guy, energetic, knowledgeable, and eager to help, nothing but good things to say about Dolce. He’s the man!

The Dolce Diet Certification

The class itself was run similar to a college-level nutrition course and Q&A with Dolce. Tons of amazing information. It covered nutrition, principles, business, branding, monetization, and more. Plenty of open and honest communication. He encouraged everyone to ask anything and everything.

As far my classmates, it was a very diverse group of about 14 individuals: gym owners, fighters, a podcast host, a lawyer, physical therapist, veterans, coffee barista, and even a pest control technician. All highly motivated and successful in their own respects.

The Dolce Diet Principles

Before I get to my biggest takeaways from the experience, I’ll just share with everyone, for those who don’t know, exactly what the Dolce Diet principles are. I’ve been following these myself as closely as possible for many years.

  1. Eat real foods in wide varieties from fresh and natural sources
  2. Eat every 2-4 hours based upon activity
  3. Eat until satisfied, not until full
  4. Drink mostly water, fresh brewed tea, and black coffee
  5. Exercise 30-60 minutes, 3-5 days per week doing something you enjoy
  6. Sleep 7.5-9 hours per night
  7. Minimize stress by simplifying your life and relations
  8. Laugh often with friends and family
  9. Love deeply and unconditionally
  10. Mind your neighbor’s space and help those in need

Biggest Takeaways

  1. Goal Setting

Dolce calls goal setting the end to which all efforts are focused. Time to eliminate distractions and put all effort into this one thing!

Mike Dolce’s “5Fs”: Fitness, Family, Finance, Future, For Me

Setting goals in each of these categories each day and physically writing them down.

I’ve kept a journal for the last 10 years, but about 6 months ago started a journal that is specifically geared toward goal setting

My wife and I are now sitting down each week to go over our 5F’s, compare, support one another, create joint goals, and get better together. I already know that this is going to be a game changer!

2. Networking

  • I made some terrific connections with people I hope to stay in contact with for a long time. I relish the opportunity to do more of this in the future. You’re the average of the people you surround yourself with!
  • Being surrounded by a group of likeminded people was highly motivating and forced me to step my game up, think critically, and reflect on my own performance.

3. Integrity

  • Dolce preached that integrity is crucial to your success. Deliver results on time every single time. Over deliver whenever possible. And basically don’t be a scumbag, which I think I have nailed down already, I hope.

Final Thoughts

  • I came away from the certification highly motivated and energized.
  • Day 1 was adrenaline. Meeting Dolce in his own gym, getting a feel for the course, meeting classmates.
  • Day 2 was absorbing information, Q&A, networking.
  • Day 3 was exam day, self-reflection, pictures, Q&A.
  • Attending this event developed a whole new sense of accountability within myself to get moving on my passions. I love to read books, listen to podcasts, write, create videos/articles, but I got something from this that you can’t get from doing any of that stuff. A truly unique event.
  • For anyone considering taking the course, I highly recommend it! It can help you further your business, but best of all, it will be an experience you will never forget!

Now, I’m a Dolce Diet Coach!

So, at the end of it all, I am officially a Dolce Diet certified coach! Does that mean that overnight I have become an expert in fitness and nutrition? No, it doesn’t. What it does mean, however, is that I now have the backing of a globally recognized, world class health and fitness brand and have put myself in a better position to help other people, which is exactly what my goal is.

If I can help someone change one thing about their life that improves their situation going forward, that’s amazing because their life will forever be transformed. Just like I was 90 pounds overweight and got my health in order and completely changed my life, maybe one little thing that someone sees or hears on this podcast could be the catalyst that gets them to make a positive change in their own life and that’s exactly why I’m doing it.

So, I’m here to help. If you’re interested in getting healthy and improving your physique, definitely send me your info and I’d be happy to share some tips and advice based on my personal experience. But if you’re really ready to make a serious commitment and have the backing of the world-class Dolce Diet team and me as your coach, we can look at putting you into the 8-week personalized diet program. If that’s something you’re interested in, hit me up at wiseeatspodcast@gmail.com and we’ll discuss further.

Last thing before I move on, I just want to share one of my favorite quotes from the course:

“When diet is wrong, medicine is of no use; when diet is correct, medicine is of no need.” – Ayurvedic Medicine

Just Say NOvember Fitness Challenge

I accepted Mike Dolce’s challenge to give something up for the month of November. The idea is to delay gratification; not to give something up that you already shouldn’t be doing like drinking alcohol, doing drugs, eating junk food, being lazy, etc. We already shouldn’t be doing these things. Give something up that you actually enjoy in order to strengthen your willpower and learn something about yourself in the process!

Legitimately took this picture prior to the challenge. I own way too much protein powder!

Why I’m Giving Up Whey Protein Isolate for the Month

Dolce is going without coffee for the month of November, which I actually thought about doing myself, but instead decided to give up protein powder. This is something I’ve wanted to challenge myself on for quite some time. I’m the first one to preach that you should get your nutrients for whole sources as much as possible, and openly admit that I rely on protein powders too much, sometimes as many as 3 meals per day! This is way too much and I know better, so am going the entire month with no protein power. I will miss my delicious protein shakes! The fully charged chocolate smoothie, the chocolate muscle milk, berry muscle milk, and other superfood concoctions. I can still enjoy them, just without the protein powder!

I also relish the chance, however, to challenge myself to get my protein from nothing but whole food sources and not rely on powders to hit my numbers. I’m already halfway through and have been shocked at how easy it’s been. Rather than added powders, I’m just having more of the normal foods I would be eating like eggs, chicken, fish, beans, and nuts to get my protein intake. Changing my diet in this way has also helped suppress my appetite whereas a shake would normally just leave me craving more food. This is perfect because I’m also cutting weight right now! More details below in “TDDH”:

This Day in Diet History

Another Dolce challenge I’m underdoing right now is the #15DOWNCHALLENGE to lose 15lbs by Thanksgiving and get a headstart on the holiday weight gain most people experience. I’m already pretty lean, around 12% body fat I’d guess, so 15lbs  in 3 weeks might be a stretch, but I’m giving it my best effort!

My current workout program is MAPS Anabolic, a foundational muscle building program that I started over the summer and absolutely love!

I’m in the last 3 weeks of the program and will re-run it back in December when I switch from going 15lbs down to a lean bulk where I will try to put on more muscle heading into the new year.

Can’t lift weights for two weeks!! Dermatologist story

Here is the breakdown of my diet and macros for “This Day in Diet History” November 2019:

My actual diet, as discussed in “This Day in Diet History”
Here’s my most recent workout after my stitches healed for a few days 🙂

Word to the Wise

As always, I will share and respond to my favorite comments/messages from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, E-Mail, wherever you guys contact me. Send any questions or comments to any of these social media outlets or by e-mail at wiseeatspodcast@gmail.com.

A big thanks to those who submitted the Instagram/YouTube comments below. Good luck with giving up added sugars, nachos, Hot Cheetos, and Kit Kats!

Here is the recipe Angel Poblano was referencing: Wise-Eats.com/Coco

To see the latest recipe video from Wise Eats, the Sharpshooter Breakfast Salad, check out Season 7, Episode 1 of the Following Announcement: The Automator.


  • @crittyroc13 @da_jib11 & I saying NOvember to added sugars 🤪 thanks for your inspiration & motivation for “wise” choices @weswisefitness 🖤 & Happy Halloween 🎃 👻
  • @1jess2bob I am gonna give up my nachos. It’s my most naughtiest but fave food in this world…I don’t get out much. Haha
  • @this_show Does half a bag of hot Cheetos and 15 mini kit Kat bars count as real food?


  • Angel Poblano: Recipe of the week looks amazing. Definitely going to make these for the family. I’m sure my little one will love it. #eatrealfood 💪🏾
  • Misteredit1: If I ever eat a salad for breakfast, I will super kick myself.

Recipe of the Week: Sharpshooter Breakfast Salad

Misteredit1’s comment leads us into the recipe of the week, which is the Sharpshooter Breakfast Salad. The name for this recipe was inspired by one of my childhood heroes, Bret “Hitman” Hart.

Featured on Season 7, Episode 1 of The Following Announcement: The Automator. Wise-Eats.com/Automator

I still believe breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day, and this is one of my favorite recipes to supercharge my metabolism and give me energy for the day. Typically, I’ll have this for breakfast, then 2-3 hours later I’m having a black coffee and hitting the gym for a workout. Who needs a pre-workout supplement when you’ve got real food?

Breakfast is one of the best times to get some green vegetables in your diet, and this a delicious way to do just that.

The key to consistency is having wise choices on hand at all times. Make large batches of rice, potatoes, and scrambled eggs so you can quickly throw together a healthy, delicious meal at any time.

Making wise choices is all about eating normal, whole foods in wide variety, and that’s what you’re going to get with all of my recipes. See this recipe and many more at Wise-Eats.com/Recipes


Thanks for tuning into another fun-filled, Dolce Diet Certified edition of Wise Eats. The holiday season has arrived, so enjoy the good times, decorations, Christmas music, delicious food, and all of the other amazing things ahead. Be good to yourself, be good to others, and make wise choices.

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