The Ab Shredder –15-Minute Core & Ab Workout + 5-Minute Mobility

This is a workout I have loved for years and wanted to share because it’s highly effective, equipment-free, and can be done anywhere, which many people are needing right now in these crazy times.

I never thought I would have six-pack abs, but this workout along with proper diet and weightlifting helped me get there!

In addition to the 15-minute ab routine, there is a 5-minute bonus mobility, stretching, and flexibility drill at the end. If done all the way through, it takes about 20 minutes total and is very challenging. I performed this workout nonstop all the way through for the purposes of the video shoot, so you will see me struggling on many of these exercises!

Exercise List

Perform Each Movement for 25 Repetitions

  1. Seated Leg Extensions (00:40)
  2. Bicycles Forward (1:20)
  3. Bicycles Reverse (1:45)
  4. Wrapping Crunches (2:25)
  5. Reaching Sit Ups (3:10)
  6. Ab Switches (5:00)
  7. Hip Thrusts (6:30)
  8. Reverse Crunches (8:00)
  9. Roll-Up/V-Up Combo (10:50)
  10. Oblique V-Up Right Side (11:00)
  11. Oblique V-Up Left Side (11:45)
  12. Leg Climbs (12 Reps per Side) (12:40)
  13. Russian Twists (30-50 Reps) (14:20)

Cool Down & Mobility

  1. Upward Dog (15-30 Seconds) (15:35)
  2. Child’s Pose (15-30 Seconds) (16:10)
  3. Upward Dog (15 Seconds) (16:30)
  4. Lizard with Rotation (15-30 Seconds) (16:50)
  5. Pigeon Pose (15-30 Seconds) (17:50)
  6. 90-90 (15-30 Seconds) (19:20)

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Exercise Form Tips

  • Don’t forget to breathe and take breaks if needed!
  • Seated Leg Extensions – Rest your hands on the floor for support or raise them in the air if you’re more advanced.
  • Bicycles – Keep your chest up and make big circles with your legs. Support with your hands on the floor or raise them in the air for advanced!
  • Wrapping Crunches – Arms spread wide, wrap tight and open. Flex your feet and extend legs straight out, flexing those quads.
  • Reaching Sit Ups – I always do wide leg. Sit cross-leg style if you want more challenge. Stare straight up and don’t tuck your chin. This is a long one so be sure to keep going.
  • Ab Switches – This is the hardest move in my opinion. Always a challenge. This is slow paced, so don’t get ahead of the count. Fight to keep your legs straight. Heels up!
  • Hip Thrusts – Use your core – not momentum – to power your legs skyward. Tighten your core and use it to kick those feet high in the air.
  • Tailbone Thrusts – Legs straight, heels in the air, pulse straight up in the air, get some elevation, and flex that booty!
  • Roll-Up/V-Up Combo – Hands point up to the ceiling. Keep the legs as straight as possible. As your lower back reaches the floor you come up for a good crunch or “pulse up”.
  • Oblique V-Ups Each Side – Keep your legs straight. Keep feet from touching the floor and do a solid crunch at the top. Do these with intensity and get your elbow to your thigh if you can!
  • Leg Climbs – There are multiple variations – One grab, two grabs, no grabs. I usually do multiple grabs because it feels most natural. Plus, at this point, I’m exhausted and just want to get up my leg as quickly as possible!
  • Russian Twists – If you’re a beginner, the goal is 30 reps, but we count up to 50 in the video. Hang in there and do as many as you can. I can usually get 30-40 without stopping. Do as many as YOU can and get better every time! And if you’re some kind of superman or woman that can do more than 50, keep it going until you can’t go anymore. And leave a comment down below on YouTube or email me at because I love meeting superheroes.
  • I appreciate you hanging in there! This is a tough workout! I’m working right along with you, you’ve got this!


If this workout is beyond your skill level, you can cut the reps in half and do 10-15 reps per exercise instead or modify the movements to your capability. Better to do some of it than nothing at all! Just get better every single time. Usually, I do the entire routine, but some days, I’ll just pick a few of the movements and do those on their own. Or, I’ll do one half of the workout today and the rest tomorrow. Do as much as you can handle and GO FOR IT!

You’re doing over 300 total repetitions in this workout. I recommend that you take breaks to ensure that you’re able to perform the movements safely and with maximal effort for the greatest result (ABS BABY!)

Personally, I train abs 1-3 days per week and keep it separate from my normal weightlifting sessions. I’ll usually do it first thing in the morning, especially if I have another hard work out later in the day. And I ALWAYS prefer to do this outside in the sun, when possible (that goes for all exercise, actually). The beauty of this workout is that it doesn’t require equipment, so it can be done anytime, anywhere!

Here are some of my other favorite ab exercises:

  • Captain’s Chair Leg Raises
  • Ab Rope Pull-Downs
  • Decline Sit-Ups
  • Ab Blaster / Kettlebell Routines (Pull-Overs, Mason Twists, etc.)
  • Planks
  • Ab Wheel Rollouts

Why I Love This Workout

This is one of the workouts that originally got me to fall in love with exercise back in 2009. At that time, I was 90lbs overweight and extremely unhealthy. The truth is, this ab routine is great, but if you really want to make progress, you need to focus on your diet and living a healthy lifestyle overall. Once you start to make healthy diet choices, exercise regularly, and reduce your overall body fat, those abs will be popping in no time! And this workout will definitely help.

For more on my transformation story, head over to

Enjoy the workout, have a great day, and make wise choices!

Note: I did not personally design this workout. It is a very popular, mainstream routine that I have enjoyed for years and wanted to share because it’s been very effective for me in developing great abs!

Music Used in Video (YouTube Audio Library)

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  • Rock Your World
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  • Simon’s Song
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