TFA Season 1, Episode 5: Taking A Stand

Original Air Date: November 12, 2016

Having moved on from corporate American life, Deezus and Charge open a lemonade stand in order to sustain their existence. Then they answer fan questions live from the local park where they live. Turbo encounters a backseat surprise on his drive to work. Also featuring "Stop the Damn Match", and "Wise Eats" (Chokeslam Chicken Salad).

Lord Deezus                       Darin Roberts           
Justin Charge                     Justin Thorne  
Ref Martin                          Martin Shaouni
Johnny Turbo                     John Thorne
Wes Daddy                         Wesley Wise
Jake                                    Jake Fuchs
Jake’s Friend                      Kile Zimmerla
Family Park Thief                Cameron “Killer Cam” Ramsey
Amerikid                              Logan Kubinski

Tomorrow                          Silverchair
New World Order              WCW Theme
Degeneration X                 WWE Theme
Shoot to Thrill                    AC/DC
Written in the Stars           Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner

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