TFA Season 1, Episode 7: A-Holes Anonymous

Original Air Date: November 26, 2016

Having nowhere left to turn, Deezus and Charge seek rehab, where they realize everyone else but them has a problem. Elsewhere, Jake can’t even enjoy a simple breakfast cereal with Wes Daddy running around the neighborhood. The blood feud between Deezus, Charge, and Turbo climaxes in an epic massage parlor showdown. Featuring critically acclaimed reviews of the show, and more “Stop the Damn Match”.

Lord Deezus                       Darin Roberts           
Justin Charge                     Justin Thorne  
Parking Lot Turbo Fan        Christie Cairo
Maximus                             Trevor McCullough
Chef                                     Frank Pinkham
Eazy Motha Reffin’ E           Eric Fennell
Frank                                   Frank Schmid
Harlan Creed                      Harlan Creed
Faceless Addict                  Scott Schrage
Wes Daddy                         Wesley Wise
Jake                                    Jake Fuchs
Ref Martin                           Martin Shaouni
Johnny Turbo                      John Thorne
Massage Therapist             Scott Schrage

The House of the Rising Sun        The Animals
Medal (Kurt Angle)                        Jim Johnston (WWE Wrestling Theme)
For Your Love                                The Yardbirds
Hey Tonight                                   Creedence Clearwater Revival
All That She Wants                        Ace of Base

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