TFA Season 3, Episode 2: Cream of the Crop

Original Air Date: August 18, 2017

After coming into an unexpected surplus of cash, Deezus, Charge, and Martin go on a spending spree, where they attempt to re-write backyard wrestling history, and also come up with a unique idea to end Turbo’s streak. They should’ve never gave these idiots money. Also featuring “Wise Eats” (Bastard Biker Banana Bread), and “Fully Charged” (Merging into Traffic). 

Lord Deezus                       Darin Roberts            
Justin Charge                     Justin Thorne    
Ref Martin                           Martin Shaouni
Brittany                               Brittany Grabowski
Will                                      William Grabowski
Tommy Nitro                       Tommy Paslaski
Johnny Turbo                     John Thorne
Wes Daddy                        Wesley Wise

Make ‘Em Say Ugh          Master P
Whole Lotta Rosie            AC/DC
Rule the World                 Tears for Fears
Written in the Stars          Tinie Tempah ft. Eric Turner

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