TFA Season 4, Episode 1: Hard Sell (Part 1)

Deezus and Charge attempt to recruit fellow Back Yard Brawl members in an effort to stop BYB ’17 from happening. But wait a minute, isn’t it 2018? Also featuring a Season 3 recap and a special behind-the-scenes episode Wise Eats.

Original Air Date: March 24, 2018

Lord Deezus                                       Darin Roberts
Justin Charge                                     Justin Thorne
Wes Daddy                                         Wesley Wise
Set Director                                         Jen Block
Boom Mic                                            Calen Gibbs
Camera Man                                       Derek Berggren
Ref Martin                                           Martin Shaouni
Johnny Turbo                                      John Thorne
Eazy Motha Reffin’ E                          Eric Fennell
Tommy Nitro                                       Tommy Paslaski
BYB Promoter                                     Ethan Saif

Sky Diver                                     Steve Cooper and The Avantis
You Worry Me                              Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats
Shoot to Thrill                               AC/DC
Ultimate Warrior Theme               Zombie Thirteen (YouTube)
Instrumental #1                            The Golliwogs

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