TFA Season 6, Episode 1: Lifted

When a mysterious contact threatens to expose Deezus and Charge’s involvement in Cousin Al’s death, the duo turn to cannabis to relieve their anxieties. Also featuring a Season 5 recap and “Wise Eats” (Koko BeWise Brownies).

Original Air Date: April 20, 2019

Lord Deezus                       Darin Roberts
Justin Charge                     Justin Thorne
Keista                                    Kenny Jones
Wes Daddy                         Wesley Wise
Lawyer                                 John Mikhou
Fake Lord Deezus             Paul Desilets
Fake Justin Charge           Sabrina Rose
Johnny Turbo                     John Thorne
Ref Martin                           Martin Shaouni

Save Tonight (BUNT Remix)         Eagle-Eye Cherry
The Chemist                                       Kronicle
2 Minutes                                           Kronicle
XIXX – For Love                                 Casey Neistat
Unknown Track                                 Jeff Kaale
Mr. Pink                                               Topher Mohr & Alex Elena

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