TFA Season 8, Episode 2: YouTube Famous

YouTube Link:

Original Air Date: August 1, 2020

Deezus and Charge attempt to gain more fan following by infiltrating Brittany’s highly successful YouTube show. Also featuring “Fully Charged” (Skip Bo) and “Biker at Law” (Traffic Ticket).


Justin Charge                                     Justin Thorne  
Lord Deezus                                       Darin Roberts      
Brittany                                               Brittany Grabowski
Will                                                      William Grabowski
Traffic Ticket Victim                         Derek Berggren
Bastard Biker                                     Rob Grieser

Untitled Conspiracies Theme                      Artist Unknown
Untitled Circus Theme                                  Artist Unknown
Everybody Wants to Rule the World         Tears For Fears
Tombstone Shuffle                                         Artist Unknown
Born to Raise Hell                                          Motorhead

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Complete Episode Guide at

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