YMCA Bench Press Test – Upper Body Strength Assessment

What’s up, wise guys and gals? Today, we’re doing a fitness assessment known as the YMCA Bench Press Test. It is used to measure upper body strength and endurance.

The goal is to perform as many clean repetitions of the bench press as you can to a metronome set at 60 beats per minute. Once you’re no long able to stay on beat, the test is over.

Use a 35lb barbell for women and an 80lb barbell for men. Finding a 35lb barbell may be a bit difficult. Personally, I would either use an EZ bar or just use a 45lb barbell. You must use either 35lbs or 80lbs in order to compare with the norms chart, however.

Make sure you have a spotter for safety, unlike I did in the video. Safety first!

Begin in the down position with the bar touching the chest and hands gripped at shoulder width

On beat one, fully extend the elbows to the up position. On beat two, lower the barbell until it touches the chest.

Stop the test once you can no longer stay on beat with good form.

I ended up with 49 reps which is considered “excellent”. See how many you can do and then compare your score with the norms chart below:

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Please Note:
– Consult with your doctor before engaging in physical activity such as this fitness test
– Fixed loads may be too heavy for older or deconditioned individuals to lift repeatedly
– This test is meant for use by people who have experience lifting weights

Enjoy the assessment, have a great day, and make wise choices!

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