Top 15 Home Gym Equipment Necessities

Building a home gym made getting fit much more convenient and helped me stay consistent with my routine. You don’t have to waste gas, time, and precious motivation driving to the gym in order to execute a quality workout. Initially, I started with a few sets of dumbbells and P90X or UFC Fit. Now, I’ve built an entire home gym that I’m constantly adding to. Here is a list of items I have that I recommend for your home gym:


  1. Dumbbells
  2. Pull-Up Bar
  3. Adjustable Barbell Rack ($100 on Amazon)
  4. Barbell & Weight Plates
  5. Adjustable Bench
  6. EZ Curl Bar
  7. Jump Rope
  8. Workout Mat
  9. Kettlebells
  10. Foam Roller
  11. Heavy Bag & Boxing Gloves
  12. Ab Wheel
  13. Push-Up Bars
  14. Resistance Bands
  15. Workout Gloves

That is more than enough to get a complete workout and jump start the recovery process.

What’s in YOUR home gym? Comment below!

If you do prefer to work out at a gym, look for one that is close to home or work. Prepare meals and shaker bottles with protein and supplements in advance so you’re well fueled and not tempted to buy junk convenience foods. Pack a bag with everything you need in advance so you have no excuses not to show up.

Outside home and the gym, build movement into your routine no matter where you are. Go outside and get some sun. Go for a walk, ride a bike, or stop reading this article right now and do some push-ups or bodyweight squats. I am not afraid to do bodyweight squats right in the bathroom wherever I’m at if I need an energy boost or want to burn some calories. Bring some weights and a mat to work so you can exercise on your lunch break. Any time you’re feeling stressed, find a place to do some quick push-ups or pull-ups. You’ll work that anxiety out and be feeling like a new person in no time! Just because you don’t have 30-60 minutes to dedicate to a workout, doesn’t mean you have to do nothing. 1 minute of effort is all you need to get started. Make progress from there.

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