The Leg Burner – Extreme Kettlebell HIIT Cardio Session #3 (Wise Lifts)

There are few things I enjoy more than getting in the sun and throwing some heavy weights around. One of my favorite ways is with high intensity kettlebell cardio. If your primary goal is muscle building, I recommend traditional weight lifting using compound movements, but kettlebells are excellent for active recovery, mobility, and full body strength and endurance.

Here are a series of workouts you can do whether you’re new to kettlebell training or just looking for something different to challenge yourself. They’re adopted from Keith Weber’s Extreme Kettlebell series. I’m a big fan of these workouts and they kick my butt every time. They were first introduced to me and popularized on the Joe Rogan Experience. I will be adding many more workouts to this section, so subscribe on YouTube to stay plugged into all the newest stuff!

The workouts in this series include:

1 – The Man Maker
2 – Upper Body Blast
3 – The Leg Burner
4 – Hot Potato
5 – The Slingshot

I perform all 5 of these as part of one entire full body routine lasting about 35 minutes, but any one of them can be repeated several times for an amazing workout on its own. When I first started, I was using a 25lb kettlebell, now I use anywhere from 35-60lbs. Focus on quality form before heavier weight. Execute the movements as best you can and increase the weight as you get better. My form is far from perfect, but I’m constantly improving!

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Workout #3 – The Leg Burner

10 Overhead Squats – Each Side
10 Squat Kicks– Each Side
10 Overhead Lunges – Each Side
10 Tactical Lunges – Each Side
10 One-Handed Swings – Each Side
20 Bodyweight Squats

This is the third workout in Keith Weber’s Extreme Kettlebell series and is killer leg routine. It takes about 6 minutes to complete and can either be repeated several times or combined with other routines. 

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