TFA Season 4, Episode 5: Electric Lindsay

The relationship between Lord Deezus and Justin Charge is threatened when a new love interest enters the picture. Remember when Mary came between Lloyd and Harry? It’s kinda like that. Faced with losing his only friend, Deezus must intervene in order to keep Charge focused on the most important things in life, like finally ending Johnny Turbo’s win streak. Also featuring “Biker at Law” (Lover’s Quarrel) and “Fully Charged” (Inspirational Quotes).

Season 4, Episode 5: Electric Linday

Original Air Date: April 21, 2018

Lord Deezus                              Darin Roberts
Justin Charge                            Justin Thorne
Derek’s Dad                               Michael Berggren
Electric Lindsay                         Lindsay Parrish
Uptight Girlfriend                       Jen Block
Boyfriend                                   Derek Berggren
Biker at Law                               Rob Grieser

Born to Raise Hell                       Motorhead
Rule the World                            Tears for Fears
ECW Theme                               Frank Shelley (Zombie Thirteen YouTube)
How’s It Going to Be                   Third Eye Blind

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