TFA Season 4, Episode 7: Heavily Meditated

Deezus and Charge lead a yoga class at Entouch Yoga & Massage, LLC, where they address many of the great mysteries surrounding The Following Announcement. Who allowed them to teach Yoga? Are they qualified to do anything? Will they ever be able to stop living in a park? Can Lord Deezus take anything other than his pale white physique seriously? What color pants will Justin Charge wear? Why is Wes Daddy always sweating? Is there a spiritual deity higher than Lord Deezus? It’s Dharma on Demand, and all of your questions will be answered, but you probably won’t learn much about yoga. Everything Zen? I don’t think so. Also featuring “Wise Eats” (Hydration), “Wrestling Terms” (Sell), and “Biker At Law” (Intruders)

Season 4, Episode 7: Heavily Meditated

Original Air Date: May 5, 2018

Lord Deezus                                     Darin Roberts
Justin Charge                                   Justin Thorne
Yoga Guru                                        Daniel Carpenter
Entouch Owner #1                           Scott Schrage
Entouch Owner #2                           Jennifer Schrage
“Right Knowledge” Yoga #1             Jen Block
“Right Knowledge” Yoga #2             Stacey Hodges
Mimosa Yoga Gal                             Marie Jo Utash
Mimosa Yoga Guy                            Stefan Seelmann
“Boozin” Yoga Guy                           James Kells
“Boozin” Yoga Gal                            Sabrina Rose
“Verbal Delusion” Yoga Guy             Brian Monticue
“Verbal Delusion” Yoga Gal             Kelly Monticue
“Suing You” Yoga Guy                     John Waggoner
“Suing You” Yoga Gal                      Candice Waggoner
Deadpool Yoga Guy                         JAC3D G33K (wbowen05 YouTube)
Wes Daddy                                       Wesley Wise
Overslept Yoga Gal #1                      Annie Falgui-de Luna
Overslept Yoga Gal #2                     Whitney Reddy
Girlfriend                                           Jen Block
Boyfriend                                          Derek Berggren
Biker at Law                                      Rob Grieser

Special Thanks to Entouch Yoga & Massage

Who Made Who                              AC/DC
Untitled Yoga Music                        Artist Unknown
Sexy Boy (HBK WWE Theme)       Jimmy Hart
Untitled Yoga Music                        Artist Unknown
Born to Raise Hell                          Motorhead

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