TFA Season 7, Episode 2: Cold Pressed

Deezus and Charge get jobs at a local coffee shop that is engaged in some suspicious activities. Also featuring more “Stories on the Road” (Vaping Banned, Tobacco Industry, Deezus’ Truth, People’s Opinions).

Season 7, Episode 2: Cold Pressed

Original Air Date: November 2, 2019


Lord Deezus                                       Darin Roberts         
Justin Charge                                     Justin Thorne  
Coffee Shop Owner                        Johnny Love, Jr.
Female Coffee Patron                   Ashley Nelson
Male Coffee Patron                        Torres “Shy” Melendez
Female Coffee Patron 2                  Rachel Brooks
Male Undercover Agent               Scott Schrage
Female Undercover Agent          Jennifer Schrage


nWo Theme Music                          Artist Unknown
Lovely Swindler                                Amarià
El Perro Loco                                      GoSoundtrack
Unused Shop Loop (2013)            Steven O’Brien
ChaCha Fontanez                             Jimmy Fontanez
I Walk Alone (Batista)                     Saliva
Rockhouse UPPM                            FCD – Focus Music

Script Director/White Claw Director: Rachel Brooks

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