TFA Season 8, Episode 3: Losing My Religion

Together with Flat Earth Evan, Deezus and Charge attempt to rescue Scotter from the clutches of Christianity and help him rediscover his true belief system. Also featuring “Wise Eats” (All-American Burger Bowl) and “Biker at Law” (Basketball).


Justin Charge                                     Justin Thorne  
Lord Deezus                                       Darin Roberts     
Flat Earth Leader                              Evan Kershaw
Scotter                                                 Scott Kershaw
Lady Priest                                          Jen Block
Sister Mary                                         Sabrina Rose
Basketball Player #1                        Jake Fuchs
Basketball Player #2                        Derek Berggren
Bastard Biker                                     Rob Grieser
Johnny Turbo                                     John Thorne

Who Made Who Instrumental    Artist Unknown
Crush (Cover)                                    Dave Matthews Band
Conspiracy Instrumental               Artist Unknown
Born to Raise Hell                             Motorhead
What If God Was One of Us         Joan Osborne

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