The Push Up Test – Fitness Assessment for Upper Body Strength and Endurance

What’s up, wise guys and gals? Today, we’re doing a simple fitness assessment known as the Push-Up Test. Its purpose is to measure upper body strength and endurance.

The goal is to complete as many full range of motion push-ups as possible. Once your form begins to break down, the test is over.

Begin in the “up” position, hands shoulder width, back straight, head up, using toes as the pivot point for men or knees as the pivot point for women (This can be modified but if you do you will not be able to compare to the norms chart).

Lower the body until the chin (but not the stomach) touches the floor.

Exhale on the way up, inhale on the way down.

Your score is based on the number of max repetitions you get without rest.

Terminate the test when you can no longer perform another “clean” rep with good form.

My score in the video was 27, which puts me in the “very good” category. Normally, when I do push-ups, I can get closer to 40-50, but when your focusing on perfect form and full range of motion, push-ups get to be much more challenging!

This test is meant to evaluate your current level of upper body strength. Take the test again in the future and see how much progress you’ve made!

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Please Note:
Consult with your doctor before engaging in physical activity such as this fitness test

Song used: Search and Rescue by Dan Lebowitz

Enjoy the assessment, have a great day, and make wise choices!

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