TFA Season 4, Episode 4: A Certain Creed

Deezus and Charge audition for movie roles but encounter some strong competition in the process. Also featuring “Unforgettable Memories” (BYB House Party), “Wise Eats” (Chicken Wise Rice), and the debut of “Biker at Law” (Auto Accident).

Season 4, Episode 4: A Certain Creed

Original Air Date: April 14, 2018

Lord Deezus                              Darin Roberts
Justin Charge                            Justin Thorne
Female Talent Coordinator        Ann Kuecken
Harlan Creed                            Harlan Creed
Male Talent Coordinator            Derek Berggren
Dog Walker Guy                        Artist Unknown
Dog Walker Lady                       Artist Unknown
Wes Daddy                                Wesley Wise
Truck Driver                               Derek Berggren
Female Car Victim                     Jen Block
Biker at Law                               Rob Grieser

Two Hearts                          Phil Collins
Who Made Who                  AC/DC
Born to Raise Hell               Motorhead

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