How Backyard Wrestling Inspired the Creation of Wise Eats

As discussed in Episode 1 of the Wise Eats Podcast

Throughout high school and into my mid-twenties, I didn’t play sports. The most athletic thing I did was compete in a backyard wrestling organization known as the Back Yard Brawl. I know, it sounds crazy, but I grew up a huge pro wrestling fan. As a kid, I was a Hulkamaniac through and through. I wanted to train, say my prayers, take my vitamins, and have 24-inch pythons just like my hero. I would imitate my favorite superstars constantly and have fantasy wrestling matches with my brothers, my friends, even by myself. At one point, I published my own wrestling newsletter with over 6,000 subscribers, which is pretty impressive for a 13-year old I think. So, when a good friend of mine, Jose Rodriguez, started the Back Yard Brawl in 1999, of course, I was hooked immediately. And for a bunch of high schoolers, it was actually a pretty legitimate organization. This was not the janky backyard bbq wrestling you may have been exposed to in the past. Jose built a homemade wrestling ring in his parents’ backyard, recruited talent, choreographed matches, and promoted events. He would put on live wrestling shows equipped with DJ’s, live music, foamy keg beer, pyro, and entrances. At first, I was just a fan, then a referee, and in 2006, made my debut as a wrestler. I never truly thought I would ever be a pro wrestler, but the idea of performing in front of a live crowd was a huge boyhood dream, and an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. From 2006-2016, I wrestled in six of these annual events under the name “Wes Daddy”. I can’t say I love that nickname, but it evolved naturally from my friends and over the years I got stuck with it. So, in some of my YouTube videos, you’ll hear me refer to myself as Wes Daddy. It’s just my backyard wrestling persona. I don’t actually think I’m anyone’s daddy. Maybe one day when I actually have kids, but for now, Daddy’s just a nickname.

Backyard wrestling was super fun and a major adrenaline rush. Aside from one freak accident resulting in a broken leg, no one was ever seriously injured. The parties were always a blast, and the Back Yard Brawl became infamous in Mount Clemens, MI. Wrestling in front of a crowd also inspired me to get in better shape. I remember looking back at the video from my debut in 2006 and hating the way my body looked. This motivated me to lose weight for the 2007 show and shape up even more for future shows. You can see my physical transformation through wrestling along with a complete archive of BYB matches, highlights, and videos over at In August 2016, BYB put on its final show, where I wrestled my last match. And where BYB ended is where Wise Eats begins.

At the end of the last BYB event, two of the wrestlers, Lord Deezus and Justin Charge, launched a YouTube show called The Following Announcement. It’s the story of a bunch of retired backyard wrestlers who are now trying to make it in the real world. If I had to compare it to something from TV, I’d call it pro wrestling mixed with a live-action Beavis and Butthead cartoon. I admit the show is not for everyone. It’s controversial and may be inappropriate for some viewers. Even I watch sometimes and think to myself man these guys need to Wise Up! But, other times it’s also very clever, funny, well-produced, and entertaining. One day, we’ll take a deeper dive into the show and get some behind the scenes info. What’s important now is the producer of the show, Lord Deezus, wanted me to have a segment on his show. We decided to do a healthy cooking show called Wise Eats since fitness and healthy eating were already a major part of my life. Through the Following Announcement show, we created comedic, wrestling-inspired cooking segments and skits featuring some of my favorite healthy recipes. This provided me with an outlet to share my passion for food, fitness, and desire to help others. All of the Wise Eats videos are available at There you can also find links to the Following Announcement show and its complete episode guide. If you enjoy watching, please don’t forget to click thumbs up on the videos and subscribe.

My cooking segment on The Following Announcement is a fun piece of entertainment that we do for the show, but the recipes are real, the philosophy is real, the results are real. I’m sharing real recipes, viewpoints, and techniques that I use every single day to stay in excellent physical and mental shape. After two seasons of filming Wise Eats for TFA, I decided it was time to take the show to the next level. I realized this wasn’t just a spin-off cooking show, that it could be its own brand. I knew I had a real story to tell, and Wise Eats was how I was going to do it. That’s when I decided to start up a website, YouTube channel, and podcast.

Wise Eats is more than food; it’s food for thought. It’s a mindset: It’s about making healthy choices, developing positive habits, living an optimized lifestyle, and setting an example for your peers. It’s a mentality. It’s about strengthening your body and mind. It’s about eating smart but also making Wise choices in all aspects of life.

Why I Started Wise Eats and What the Podcast is All About

As discussed in Episode 1 of the Wise Eats Podcast:

I must give a disclaimer.

I’m not a licensed personal trainer or nutritionist, yet. I’m a normal guy who lost 90lbs, got in great shape, and learned a ton along the way. Every day, I’m educating myself with some sort of fitness related material, whether it’s reading, a podcast, watching videos, coaching others, or experimenting on my own body. I’m extremely passionate about the role that health and fitness play in achieving success, and want to provide inspiration for you to develop a similar attitude. The primary goal of Wise Eats is to help people improve their well-being so they can pursue their ultimate mission in life. I want to motivate you to ask yourself, “Is This a Wise Choice?” Is this choice going to make me better? Is what I’m doing going to help my body, my mind, my family, my passion? Is it going to elevate and bring me toward something greater or is it going to drag me down? Whether it’s diet, exercise, performing on the job, hanging with family, pursuing a passion project, or whatever else, I want you to be at your best. That’s what this show is all about.

I want you to live the life you were meant to live by empowering you to improve your performance, well-being, and fitness. Your health is your greatest asset, and without it, you are nothing. I used to be 90lbs overweight, eating the worst foods imaginable on a daily basis, abusing alcohol, smoking cigarettes, and being content with a shortened lifespan. I used to actually tell people I didn’t plan to live past 40 with all the lifestyle-related choices I was making, and it was a reality I was entirely content with at the time. I was lazy, sick, unproductive, unmotivated, and not pursuing any passions in my life. But, I turned it all around by deciding to focus on my health. I wouldn’t be the man I am today if I hadn’t realized I was on a one-way path to nowhere, gotten serious about my health, and decided to make a change before it was too late. Don’t wait until it’s too late to get serious about your lifestyle habits. Don’t wait until you’re fighting sickness, relying on medication, battling a disease, or laid up in a hospital bed before you decide to make a change to better your health. Make a commitment to improve your lifestyle habits, and don’t let anyone or anything stand in your way, because no one else can do it for you. It’s entirely up to you. Hopefully, Wise Eats can help you along the way.

After every episode, I want you to come away with something useful to maximize your potential. My promise is to deliver quality information that is authentic, entertaining, and positive. You’ll never hear me talk about something on the show that I’m not implementing in my own life. Just good tips you can apply to your own life immediately.

Now, for some details on the structure of the show. In the beginning, I’ll be sharing my personal journey of fat loss and physical fitness. Each episode will have a specific message on something that made a major change in my life that I believe can impact your life, as well. Once I’ve delivered the most relevant aspects of my journey, I will turn the focus of the show onto others who can share inspiring stories of success and failure in the areas of health, fitness, and personal growth.

In addition to motivating you, I see this as a journey of development for myself. Of course, I want to help you, but at the same time want to become wiser, more experienced, more of an example for my peers, and more able to help others. I will interview experts on the podcast to share their journeys and tips for making Wise choices. We will examine things that make them successful both in and out of the gym, their personal habits, favorite recipes, workout regimens, and much more!

One unique segment I will also include on the show is a moment I like to call “This day in diet history.” As you’ll learn in episode two, I’m a big fan of journaling and have been doing so since my fitness journey began in 2009. I have recorded every meal, every day, for the last 9 years. During this segment, I will share my diet for that particular day a decade ago and compare with today’s regimen. This will give a glimpse into my personal life, illuminate the transformation I’ve undergone, and offer some nutrition tips in the process. I hope this peek into my history will give a humbling glimpse of my former self as well as inspiration for you to start positive habits in your own life.

My initial plan is to release 2-3 episodes per month, but the goal is quality over quantity. Every solo episode will be thoughtfully prepared to provide the listener or viewer with as much value as possible. A YouTube video will be released with each episode that allows you to see me recording the show in person and providing a little entertainment in the process. The newsletter, Wise Choice Nation, provides further details, additional content, Q&A, and more. will be the home base for everything.

So, that’s what Wise Eats is all about, and what you can expect from the show going forward. I want you to take control of your health, because once you have control of that, you control every aspect of your life. When you give your body and mind the raw materials it needs to perform at its best, you are capable of accomplishing anything. No matter what your goal is, Wise Eats will be providing useful tips that can advance you to the next phase of your journey. If weight loss is your goal and you’re not sure where to start, I encourage you to learn from my fat loss experience in episode 2, or by going to If you’re already a fitness fanatic, we’ll be dishing out plenty of articles, recipes, tips, and interviews to help take your game to the next level.

This is a fitness and nutrition show, but it doesn’t end there. It’s a show about success, business, love, achieving goals, finding your passion, realizing your potential, and improving your life! My physical transformation provided me with the willpower, energy, and focus to improve every aspect of my life. I became way more productive, finally graduated college, got married, and found a job that I loved, all while getting into the best shape I’d ever been in. Getting fit improved my way of thinking, sparked my creativity, and allowed me to undergo a complete mental transformation, as well. I was able to overcome addiction, anxiety, and depression through healthy lifestyle.

I spent the first 26 years of my life burying myself in a deep hole with alcohol and junk food, but have finally escaped that pit of despair, and am ready to inspire the world with Wise Eats. Back in the day, I would’ve been too lazy to even listen to a podcast, let alone produce one. Now, I truly believe I’m on a journey towards helping others Wise Up like I did, and if this show helps you improve your life even 1% then it will be well worth the effort.

Questions? E-Mail Also, be sure to join our free mailing list. I look forward to hearing from you. Thanks for reading and, until next time, make Wise choices!

Back Yard Brawl & The Following Announcement Character Bios

For a complete list of Back Yard Brawl videos, including matches and highlights, click here.

For a complete Following Announcement episode guide, click here.

Bastard Biker    

  • Hometown: Sturgis, South Dakota
  • Shoot Name: Rob Grieser
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Bastard Biker Banana Bread
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2016
  • Signature Move: Jack Daniels Drop
  • Real World Persona: Attorney at Law

Biker made history in 2016 when he participated in the first ever documented BYB tag-team wrestling match against Ameriken & Elliott Quinn. He also became the first BYB wrestler to be pinned by a girl, but rumor has it he was paid $400 bucks to do the job. When he’s not wrestling in the ring or battling in the courtroom, Biker roams the streets on his motorcycle, eager for the next challenge. Whether it’s opening a can of beer or opening a can of whoop ass, the Biker stays ready.


  • Shoot Name: Frank Pinkham
  • Hometown: Hershey, Pennsylvania
  • Favorite Weapon: Stainless Steel Platter
  • Debut: Following Announcement S1 E6: “Seeking the Third Man”
  • Signature Move: T-Bone & Meat Cleaver
  • Favorite Quote: “One cannot think well, love well, or sleep well, if one has not dined well.” – Virginia Woolf
  • Favorite Kitchen Utensil: Meat Tenderizer
  • Special Power: Card Tricks
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Chef Salad
  • Favorite BYB Moment: When The Filthy Frenchman devastated Ameriken with the loaf of French bread
  • Favorite BYB Experience: Defeating Deezus and Charge in an impromptu ladder match (TFA S4, E8: Wrestling with Resolve)

Chef is a master of the mischievous. With a record of 0-4 and 11 total disqualifications, he’s the most sadistic backyard wrestler to never step foot in a BYB ring. When not battling in the squared circle, he can be found leading criminal masterminds, cooking at Bob Evans, or mentoring the world’s top heel wrestlers. With a focus on sharpening his knife as well as his physical abilities, Chef always strikes first, strikes fast, and strikes effectively.


  • Shoot Name: Derek Berggren
  • Instagram: derek_berggren
  • Real World Persona: Videographer
  • Following Announcement Debut: Season 3, Episode 4: It’s Been a Grip

Derek. Camera man. Artist. Actor. International man of mystery.

Eazy Motha’ Reffin’ E

  • Hometown: Mount Clemens, MI
  • Entrance Music: Final Countdown by Europe, Hate Me Now by NAS
  • Shoot Name: Eric Fennell
  • Favorite Weapon: 10 Count
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2014
  • Signature Move: Yelling at Justin Charge
  • Real World Persona: Budweiser Representative
  • Favorite Music Artist: Elton John
  • Favorite Quote: “Yeah, Bro”
  • Special Power: Carbing Up
  • Favorite Nintendo Games: Mike Tyson Punch-out, Legend of Zelda
  • Favorite Beer: Bud Light
  • Favorite Horror Movie: Friday the 13th

Eazy E made his refereeing debut in 2014 when he called Wes Daddy vs The Filthy Frenchman. In doing so, he became the first referee to have not just one, but two entrance songs in the same event. When he’s not studying perfect referee technique, he can mostly be found fishing, drinking beer, listening to country music, playing video games, or watching TV. With his unique style and take charge attitude, E will go down as one of the most prolific referees in BYB history. Eat your heart out Earl Hebner.

Elliott Quinn

  • Hometown: Shelby Township, MI
  • Entrance Music: Cherry Bomb – Joan Jett & The Blackhearts
  • Shoot Name: Megan Pribble Kubinski
  • Favorite Weapon: Girlish Charm
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2016
  • Following Announcement Debut: Season 2, Episode 4: Getting Things Cookin’
  • Signature Move: Pedigree & Curb Stomp
  • Real World Persona: Sales & Marketing
  • Favorite Quote: “Potential is interesting. Performance is everything.”
  • Favorite Wrestler: AmeriKen
  • Favorite BYB Moment: AmeriKen hoisting AmeriBaby at BYB ’16.
  • Favorite BYB Experience: Scoring the Pin Fall over Bastard Biker at BYB ‘16

Elliott Quinn is fun for the whole family. Full of smiles, charm, and crowd-pleasing personality, Quinn made double history when she debuted in BYB’s first ever mixed gender tag-team in 2016. Along with hubby Ameriken, the duet defeated the Bastard Biker and Lance Wheeler. When this feisty mom isn’t changing diapers at home or closing deals in the office, she’s dealing out punishment in the wrestling ring. Cunning, versatile, and deceivingly lethal, Eliott Quinn knows exactly what she wants and is always up to the task.

Filthy Frenchman

  • Hometown: Strasbourg, France
  • Entrance Music: Paint It Black by Marie Laforet
  • Shoot Name: Blake Miller
  • Favorite Weapon: Loaf of French Bread
  • Signature Move: French Bulldog
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2014
  • Real World Persona: Plumber
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Filthy French Toast

How can you be expected to follow the rules when you don’t even speak English? The Filthy Frenchman made his backyard wrestling debut in 2014. Although France fell on that day, he redeemed himself with consecutive victories in 2015 and 2016 over Ameriken & Wes Daddy, disrespectively. The masked vigilante is not afraid to utilize the filthiest of tactics in order to best his opponent, whether it be in wrestling or in real life. With his devastating bulldog and gigantic loaf of French bread, Filthy is one of BYB’s most notable villains. When you need some dirty deeds done dirt cheap, The Frenchman is your man.

Harlan Creed

  • Hometown: Detroit, MI
  • Entrance Music: Enter Sandman – Metallica
  • Shoot Name: Harlan Creed
  • Favorite Weapon: Kendo Stick
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2014
  • Signature Move: F5
  • Real World Persona: Hermit
  • Favorite Music Artist: Black Label Society
  • Favorite Quote: Hard work pays off. Dreams come true. Bad times don’t last, but bad guys do!
  • Special Power: Can Consume Unlimited Calories
  • Favorite Wrestler: The Undertaker
  • Favorite BYB Moment: Snapping His Own Manager’s Leg
  • Favorite BYB Experience: Snapping His Own Manager’s Leg
  • Favorite Protein Powder: Dymatize Iso 100
  • Favorite Bodybuilding Meal: Steak and Sesame Quinoa

Harlan Creed is into lifting heavy things and putting them down hard…namely other backyard wrestlers. He burst onto the BYB scene in 2014, scoring back-to-back victories over Tommy Nitro. His style is so vicious that he delivered an F5 to his own manager and legitimately shattered his leg in the process. With his silent, ruthless aggression, Creed is BYB’s most formidable big man. Devastating and powerful, he remains undefeated as a wrestler. When he’s not breaking bones in the ring, Creed can be found crushing weights at the gym, making gains, and ingesting endless amounts of protein. There is no opponent, or dietary restriction, that can come between Creed and his progress.

Jim “The Voice” Fennell             

  • Hometown: Mount Clemens, MI
  • Shoot Name: Jim Fennell
  • Favorite Weapon: Microphone
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2013

Johnny Turbo

  • Instagram: Turbo780
  • Hometown: The Clem
  • Entrance Music: Written in the Stars by Tinie Tempah
  • Shoot Name: John Thorne
  • Favorite Weapon: Folding Chair
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2006
  • Signature Move: Turbo Tamer
  • Favorite Turbo Fuel: Pizza & Carbs
  • Real World Persona: Being Undefeated
  • Favorite Wrestler: HBK Shawn Michaels
  • Favorite Book: Extreme Ownership
  • Favorite Life Philosophy: Be Undefeated
  • Favorite BYB Moment: Filthy Frenchman’s Exploding Bread
  • Favorite BYB Experience: “Turbo” Chants from the Crowd
  • Craziest BYB Moment: Almost Throwing Down with Old G at the Rec Bowl

He puts the turbo in turbo crust. He puts the WIN in winning. He’s Johnny Turbo, BYB’s most notorious baby face. With a victory over Richard Boykin in his 2006 debut, Turbo hasn’t looked back since, rattling off win after win after win. His undefeated streak is that of legend. Many have attempted to conquer it but all have fallen. It has been said that Johnny Turbo can kill two stones with one bird.  When Turbo reads self-help books, the books get better. He once defeated Lord Deezus, Justin Charge, Tomas Rodriguez, Harlan Creed, and The Filthy Frenchman all in one night. A little motivation and a large Jet’s pizza is all Turbo needs to get the job done. Whether in life or in the wrestling ring, he’s always going over.

Jose Rodriguez

  • Hometown: Mount Clemens, MI
  • Entrance Music: Headup by Deftones, Little Red Corvette by Prince
  • Shoot Name: Jose Rodriguez
  • Favorite Weapon: Boombox on Wes Daddy
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 1999
  • Signature Move: Flying Elbow Drop
  • Real World Persona: Paco
  • Favorite Music Artist: Stevie Wonder
  • Favorite Mexican Food: Beef Enchiladas
  • Favorite Quote: “Everyone has a price!” – Million Dollar Man
  • Special Power: Thick Headedness
  • Favorite Beverage: Foamy Keg Beer
  • Least Favorite TV Show: The Following Announcement
  • Favorite BYB Moment: 10-Man Tag Match 2015
  • Favorite BYB Experience: Macho Man-style proposal to Kate at BYB 2015

Nobody embodies the heart and spirit of backyard wrestling quite like Jose “Paco” Rodriguez. After creating BYB in 1999, Jose gave everything he had to the organization, putting on countless shows and fulfilling multiple roles in the process: promoter, main eventer, referee, talent coordinator, masked jobber, technician, construction worker, stuntman, and production worker; basically whatever it took to keep the show running. After 16 years of BYB, Jose declared 2014 his farewell event, and literally rode off into the sunset on his motorcycle, but surprisingly returned in ’15 and ’16 to wrestle back-to-back matches against his own brother Tomas. Whether promoter or wrestler, Jose IS the Back Yard Brawl, and without him, it never would’ve been a thing.

Justin Charge    

  • Instagram: thornej4
  • Entrance Music: Money for Nothing by Dire Straits
  • Shoot Name: Justin Thorne
  • Favorite Weapon: Kendo Stick
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2014
  • Signature Move: Diamond Cutter
  • Real World Persona: Social Worker, Yoga Instructor, World Traveler
  • Favorite Color: Pink
  • Favorite Cartoon Hero: Care Bears
  • Favorite Sign of Affection: Hug
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Fully Charged Smoothie

Co-creator and co-star of The Following Announcement, Justin Charge got his start with BYB in 2013 as an animated spectator, where he cheered his brother Johnny Turbo on toward victory. That admiration would turn to jealousy when Charge turned on his brother by cornering Lord Deezus vs Turbo at BYB 2014. Since then, the rivalry between Charge and Turbo has only intensified, as the brothers wrestled one another in back to back BYB events, with Turbo coming out victorious both times. When he’s not trying to end his brother’s undefeated winning streak, Justin Charge is teaching yoga, traveling the world, styling, profiling, and letting the world know how he feels about everything in his Fully Charged segment.

Kenny Keista    

  • Hometown: Mount Clemens, MI
  • Shoot Name: Kenny Jones
  • Wrestling Debut: BYB 1999
  • Following Announcement Debut: Season 2, Episode 4: Getting Things Cooking
  • Signature Move: Keista Bomb
  • Real World Persona: Finance, Music Teacher
  • Special Power: Playing Saxophone
  • Favorite Board Game: Black Americans’ Achievement: The Game
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Keista Kale Chips

Although all of the late 90’s/early 00’s footage of the Back Yard Brawl has been lost, the legend of the early days lives on through OG’s like Kenny Keista. Kenny wrestled in the early days of BYB until it went on hiatus for five years, but never returned to action when the show started back up in 2013. He now works in finance, teaches music, and guest stars on The Following Announcement.

Lance Wheeler                

  • Shoot Name: Peter
  • Entrance Music: Wherever I May Roam by Metallica
  • Real World Persona: World’s Sexiest Vegan
  • Favorite Weapon: Super Kick to Face
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2016
  • Signature Move: Shake, Rattle, and Vegetable Roll
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Vegan Sour Cream

Lord Deezus      

  • Instagram: Deezus999
  • YouTube: MisterEDit1
  • Hometown: Saint Clair Shores, MI
  • Entrance Music: M83 vs Beastie Boys
  • Shoot Name: Darin Roberts
  • Favorite Weapon: Creative Control
  • Debut: 2006
  • Finisher: Blockbuster
  • Real World Persona: Producer/Asshole
  • Favorite Music Artist: Soundgarden
  • Favorite Quote: “Imagination…its limits are only those of the mind itself.” – Rod Sterling
  •                                 “It’s not gay if it’s wrestling”
  • Special Power: Answering Prayer, Talking Shit
  • Favorite Horror Movie: Night of the Living Dead
  • Favorite Billiard Game: Pool
  • Favorite Beer: Anything but IPA’s
  • Favorite Pro Wrestler: Bret Hart
  • Favorite BYB Moment: 10-Man Tag Match BYB ‘15

Following a backyard wrestling career which spanned 10 years, Lord Deezus found his true calling when he became our Lord and savior. When BYB was declared dead in 2014, Deezus helped keep the show going for another two years, then turned the franchise into a hit YouTube show called the Following Announcement (don’t forget to like and subscribe). A legend in his own mind, Deezus can be found lighting up social media on a daily basis as he flaunts his other worldly good looks, impressive physique, and superior intellect (@Deezus999 sub for sub). When he’s not living the gimmick, Deezus can be found dominating pool halls, watching horror movies, or taking in a good night of MMA fights. Whether in the wrestling ring or the editing studio, Lord Deezus is always a thing.


  • Shoot Name: Trevor McCullough
  • Hometown: Caceres, Spain
  • Favorite Weapon: Lance and Spear
  • Debut: Following Announcement S1 E6: “Seeking the Third Man”
  • Favorite Music: Soothing Instrumentals
  • Favorite Quote: “What we do in life… echoes in eternity.”
  • Favorite Movie: Gladiator starring Cuba Gooding, Jr.
  • Favorite Wrestler: The Berserker
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Maximus Moringa Smoothie
  • Favorite TV Show: The Following Announcement
  • Favorite BYB Moment: When Jose was reunited with his family…Tomas…at BYB ‘15
  • Favorite BYB Experience: Battling Johnny Turbo during the BYB ’17 live stream

While he never officially competed in the Back Yard Brawl, Maximus Decimus Meridius made his presence known when he debuted in season 1 of the Following Announcement. Recruited by Deezus and Charge to add some muscle to their alliance, Maximus has become a staple character on the show. In season 5, he was involved in an epic clash with Johnny Turbo during the impromptu “BYB’17” event. When he’s not commanding the armies of the North or searching for the man who murdered his family, Maximus stays ready for battle. In this life or the next, he will have his vengeance.

Money Mike

  • Favorite Weapon: Microphone
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2016
  • Signature Move: Reading Off Cue Cards
  • Real World Persona: Announcer
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Chicken Wise Rice

He’s money on the mike…he’s Money Mike. One and done as BYB announcer, Mike was the MC at the Back Yard Brawl’s final show 2016. His current whereabouts are unknown.

Ref Martin         

  • Instagram: mshaouni
  • Hometown: Warren, MI
  • Shoot Name: Martin Shaouni
  • Entrance Music: “Martin” by Steve Keitt
  • Favorite Weapon: Impartiality
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2014
  • Signature Move: 2-Count
  • Real World Persona: Physical Therapy Doctorate Student

When you’re in desperate need of a quick 1-2-3 count, rely on Martin. Impartial and reliable, he always calls it right down the middle. As one of BYB’s most prominent referees, Martin also became a staple character on The Following Announcement, assisting Deezus and Charge in their pursuit of ending Turbo’s winning streak. When he’s not refereeing or performing in hit YouTube shows, Martin is studying to become a medical doctor. If his bedside manner is anything like his ringside manner, he’s the doctor you wanna call.

Richard Wilkins

  • Following Announcement Debut: Season 1, Episode 1: The Pilot
  • Shoot Name: Frank Schmid
  • Special Power: Code Enforcement
  • Favorite Wrestler: Doesn’t Understand What Wrestling Is
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: False Finish Eggs

Suavecito Supremo aka Papi Chulo

  • True Identity: Unknown
  • Hometown: Parts Unknown, Mexico
  • Entrance Music: “Bad Boy” by Jim Johnston
  • Favorite Weapon: Steel Briefcase
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2006
  • Signature Move: Eye Poke
  • Favorite Luchador Wrestler: Ultimo Dragon
  • Favorite TV Show: The Following Announcement
  • Favorite BYB Moment: Throwing tacos into the crowd BYB ‘13

Tomas Rodriguez

  • Entrance Music: Lord by A$AP Ferg
  • Shoot Name: Tomas Rodriguez
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: BYB 2013
  • Signature Move: Tombstone & Clothesline from Hell
  • Real World Persona: Lobster Gang Member

Tommy Nitro    

  • Instagram: @tnitro88
  • Hometown: Rochester, MI
  • Entrance Music: Bullet For My Valentine – You Want a Battle? Here’s a War!
  • Shoot Name: Tommy Paslaski
  • Favorite Weapon: Shoot Boot
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2014
  • Signature Move: Swanton Bomb
  • Favorite Wrestler: The Filthy Frenchman
  • Real World Persona: Vicarious Rockstar
  • Favorite Bands: Metallica, Slipknot, Stone Sour
  • Favorite Quote: “Be the Hero of your own movie.” – Joe Rogan
  • Favorite BYB Moment: Breaking Jon Silver’s leg in my debut
  • Favorite BYB Experience: Headlining the last ever BYB match in 2016 against Lord Deezus

Tommy Nitro made his backyard brawl debut in 2014, but suffered back-to-back losses to Harlan Creed. Luckily for him, losing never gets in the way of having a good time. Full throttle both in and out of the ring, Nitro lives his life one adventure after the next. He can also be credited for helping to keep BYB alive in 2015-2016, after many thought it was finally done for good. The ultimate babyface, Nitro pours his blood, sweat, and tears into everything he does, earning the respect of his fans, as well as his adversaries. Win or lose, you’re gonna want to have a beer with him after it’s over.

Wes Daddy

  • Hometown: Mount Clemens, MI
  • Entrance Music: Back in Black – AC/DC
  • Shoot Name: Wesley Wise
  • Favorite Weapon: Steel Chair
  • Backyard Wrestling Debut: 2006
  • Following Announcement Debut: Season 1, Episode 3: Body Mechanics
  • Signature Move: Wes Sider’s Edge
  • Real World Persona: Fitness & Nutrition Enthusiast
  • Favorite Quote: “Saying yes to one thing means no selling another”
  • Special Power: Making Wise Choices
  • Favorite Wrestler: Hulk Hogan
  • Favorite BYB Moment: Scoring first singles match victory over the Filthy Frenchman in 2014
  • Favorite BYB Experience: Hearing the crowd explode during the Wesaro Spin vs Deezus at BYB ‘15
  • Worst BYB Experience: Being struck repeatedly in the back of the head with a ladder

Wes Daddy got his start in BYB as a passionate spectator then as a referee in the early-2000’s. In 2006, he finally debuted as an in-ring performer. 90lbs and 56 choke slams later, he is the daddiest daddy BYB has ever seen, dedicating 10 years of hard work, clean eating, abs, and buckets of sweat. In 2016, Wes officially announced his retirement from back yard wrestling then started his own website and YouTube cooking show called Wise Eats. From breaking necks in the wrestling ring to transforming lives on the internet, all Wes Daddy wants to know is, “are you ready to make a wise choice?”

Whitney Reddy

  • Instagram: empowered_people_yoga
  • Website:
  • Following Announcement Debut: Season 2, Episode 6: The Botchler
  • Shoot Name: Whitney Reddy
  • Real World Persona: Yoga Instructor
  • Favorite Quote: The greatest thing you can ever do for another human being is to work on yourself and find your spiritual heart.
  • Special Power: Spiritual Healing
  • Favorite Wrestler: Justin Charge
  • Favorite Wise Eats Recipe: Stone Cold Cashew Milk

Whitney fought for Justin Charge’s heart on Season 2, Episode 6 of The Following Announcement. She also inspired the Wise Eats “Stone Cold” Cashew Milk recipe. Check out her website at

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