TFA Season 6, Episode 2: Romaine Calm

On the search for their mystery suspect, Deezus and Charge’s hunt is cut short when they inadvertently summon a group of vegans. Also featuring “Fully Charged” (Ordering Pizza).

Original Air Date: April 27, 2019


Lord Deezus                      Darin Roberts
Justin Charge                    Justin Thorne
Angry Female Vegan         Jennifer Schrage
Hippie Male Vegan            Scott Schrage
Peaceful Vegan                 Meredith Roose
Wes Daddy                        Wesley Wise
Chef                                   Frank Pinkham
Cohen                                Golden Retriever


Suspenseful Instrumental                           Artist Unknown
Everybody Wants to Rule the World          Tears for Fears
Bottomless Cup                                          Silent Partner
The Next Episode Instrumental                  Artist Unknown
Coexist Instrumental                                   Artist Unknown
Jeopardy Theme Music                              Artist Unknown

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