TFA Season 4, Episode 3: Let’s Get Viral

Season 4, Episode 3: Let’s Get Viral

Deezus and Charge make viral videos in an attempt to finally get over. Also featuring “Wrestling Terms” (Heel) and “Fully Charged” (Relationships).
Original Air Date: April 7, 2018

Lord Deezus              Darin Roberts
Justin Charge            Justin Thorne
Big Mike (Dog)          Stapphire Terrier/Pitbull
Little Girl                    Artist Unknown
Camera Man             Derek Berggren

Courtship of Eddie’s Father Theme           Silver Screen Symphony
What A Rush                                             Jimmy Hart & JJ Maguire (Cover by Zombie Thirteen)
Rule the World                                          Tears for Fears
Livin’ In A Circus                                        It’s Only Us
All That She Wants                                    Ace of Base
High Energy (Owen Hart Theme Song)    Jimmy Hart & JJ McGuire (WWE Wrestling Theme)

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