TFA Season 5, Episode 2: Car Trouble

When their car is repossessed, Deezus and Charge must resort to drastic measures in order to procure a new automobile…and place to live. Also featuring “Wrestling Terms” (Buried), and “Fully Charged” (Millennial’s). Filmed by Dan Alger.

Season 5, Episode 2: Car Trouble

Original Air Date: October 20, 2018

Lord Deezus                      Darin Roberts
Justin Charge                    Justin Thorne
Johnny Turbo                    John Thorne
TV Guy                             Shayne Thomas
Camera Man                     Dan Alger
Scotter                              Scott Kershaw
Flat Earth Leader              Evan Kershaw
Ref Martin                         Martin Shaouni
John Thorne Sr.                Himself

Everybody Wants to Rule the World         Tears For Fears
Buff Daddy (Buff Bagwell Theme)             WCW Wrestling Themes
Follower (Acolytes WWE Theme)              Jim Johnston

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