The Pull Up Test – Fitness CHALLENGE for Upper Body Strength & Endurance

Back in 2009, I was 90lbs overweight and couldn’t do a single pull-up. Over time, I was able to build my strength, lower my body weight, and now pull-ups are one of my favorite exercises!

How many sets did it take YOU to hit your target number of pull-ups? Let me know in the YouTube comments!

What’s up wise guys and gals? Today, we’re doing the pull-up test. This is a fitness assessment you can use to measure your upper body strength and endurance and it’s perfect because pull-ups are one of the most simple and effective exercises to transform your fitness.

This test can be done no matter what your current level of fitness is. Your score is based on the number of sets required to achieve your target number of pull-ups. To determine how many pull-ups you need to perform for this challenge, first you need to know how many pull-ups you can get in a single max set:

  • 1-3 Pull-Ups in a Single Max Set: 15-Rep Challenge
  • 4-8 Pull-Ups in a Single Max Set: 30-Rep Challenge
  • 9-14 Pull-Ups in a Single Max Set: 40-Rep Challenge
  • 15+ Pull-Ups in a Single Max Set: 50-Rep Challenge

In my case, I already know that I can get about 10 pull-ups in my best set, so I need to perform 40 pull-ups for this challenge. My score is the number of sets it takes me to get 40 pull-ups.

Rest time in between sets should be equal to your partner’s or no more than 30 seconds if performing individually. As you can see, I rested a little bit more than 30 seconds in between each set, but I did my best!

Form must be perfect

Fully extend your arms at the bottom and get your chin over the bar every time. Partial reps do not count!

Also, if you struggle to do pull-ups currently, I feel your pain. Just keep gaining strength with alternative exercises like lateral pull-downs, assisted pull-ups, or other back exercises, and you’ll have enough strength to start doing pull-ups in no time!

For more details and information about this challenge, go to There, you’ll also find more great fitness assessments.

My Score

It took me 7 sets to reach my goal of 40 reps, which is considered Elite. How many total sets did it take to hit your target pull-up number? Let me know in the YouTube comments.

  • 5 or less sets: Super Fit
  • 6-8 sets: Elite
  • 9-11 sets: Pro
  • 12-15 sets: Amateur
  • More than 15 sets: Time to Wise Up!

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Once you’ve completed the challenge, strike a pose for a job well done, and try to score even better next time. Until then, thanks for watching, have a great day, and make wise choices.

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Please Note:
– Consult with your doctor before engaging in physical activity such as this fitness test

Another Note: I discovered this test on the Athlean-X YouTube channel, which you can check out here: Jeff Cavaliere’s Pull-Up Challenge.

Enjoy the challenge, have a great day, and make wise choices!

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